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Achmed Gambir

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Seasons:Season Two
Portrayed by:Nicholas Gulak
Status: alive
Relatives: unknown
Relationships: unknown
Residence:an apartment in California
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Achmed Gambir is North African mercenary who appears in "Chuck Versus the Third Dimension". He was first seen placing an IG-88 type bomb in the Buy More, which was an attempt to kill rockstar Tyler Martin. He escapes, but the bomb is successfully locked away before anyone gets hurt. When Sarah and Casey go to check out his apartment, Casey noted that they were dealing with a pro. Later, at the nightclub where Tyler and Chuck are partying, Sarah and Casey run into him again, and he appears wearing a jacket lines with explosives. He states that his co-workers are there, and successfully escapes again. He appeared again when he goes backstage in an attempt to find Tyler. Eventually, with Chuck's help, the two get away and Achmed is captured.

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