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Achmed Gambir

Seasons: Season Two
Portrayed by: Nicholas Gulak
Status: Deceased
Occupation: mercenary
Aliases: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Relationships: unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Achmed Gambir is North African mercenary who appears in Chuck Versus the Third Dimension. He is first seen placing an IG-88 grenade in the Buy More, and is spotted by Chuck. It was the first attempt to kill rock star Tyler Martin. He escapes, and the bomb is successfully detonated safely before anyone gets hurt.

When Sarah and Casey go to check out his apartment, Casey noted that they were dealing with a pro. They discover Tyler's ink is “...the tattoo on his back. It's not... Arabic philosophy. It's actually a very clear message about a private reactor that's being built in North Africa. His manager is bringing in the tattoo artists."

He tracks Tyler and Chuck to Tyler's hotel and is confronted by Sarah and Casey, but he shows them a jacket lined with explosives. He states that his colleagues are there, and after Tyler, they can save the rock star or arrest him, and he escapes again.

He appeared again when he goes backstage at the concert in an attempt to find Tyler. When Gambir appears, Chuck gets him to disarm by telling him “I know about the tattoo. I know what it means. You and your private army enriching uranium, selling it to unstable countries. Using Tyler's manager and his tattoos to pass the info off to your buyers.” and threatens to release the information. Tyler actually manages an untimely and unnecessary moment of courage and throws himself at Gambir, then he an Chuck have to run as Gambir re-arms.

When the two make the stage, Sarah and Casey take out Gambir, it appears that Casey snapped his neck.

Nerd Notes[]


IG88 Grenade

The IG-88 is a reference to the IG-88 assassin droid from the Star Wars universe. An independently programmed IG-88 assassin droid became a notorious bounty hunter.