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The Aegis as seen in Chuck Versus the Kept Man

The Aegis is an automatic smart gun seen in Chuck Versus the Kept Man. The weapon includes a safety feature which prevents friendly fire accidents, it allows the weapon to be coded so that it can't be fired at someone carrying an Aegis with the same code.

Gertrude Verbanski hires Carmichael Industries to escort her to Miami, Florida so she can purchase Aegis weapons from Rocky Falcone. John Casey tested one of the weapons and gave it his seal of approval; "Not bad." Verbanski presented a case containing 3 million dollars for the purchase of the weapons.

Falcone then tried to betray Verbanski. Casey tried to use the Aegis to eliminate Falcone's men, but he learned the safety feature prevented him from shooting anyone else holding Aegis coded to match his.

Later, when Verbanski is captured by Pedro St. Germain, Chuck took an Aegis and used it to shield himself from enemy fire. The team huddled around Chuck so they would be safe from enemy fire.