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Agent Greta

Agent Greta is a code name shared by a number of CIA agents who went undercover at the Burbank Buy More in Season Four, after it was turned into a fully operational CIA sub-station by General Beckman.

It was revealed in Chuck Versus the A-Team that the Greta program was a way for the NCS to train agents for their Intersect project. Greta 2 and 3 were assigned for the project, their real names were revealed as Richard Noble and Victoria Dunwoody.


At Comic-Con 2010, Chris Fedak announced that for season four, the Buy More will be run by the Central Intelligence Agency as a base of operations much like the Orange Orange was in the second and third seasons, with an agent named Greta working undercover as a Buy More employee and "badass green shirt."

Greta 1[]

Greta (Olivia Munn) refers to the first Agent Greta assigned to work undercover in the Burbank Buy More by the CIA who had taken over the store at the start of Season Four.


Greta 1

She appears in Chuck Versus the Anniversary, and is replaced by the second Greta, Richard Noble by Chuck Versus the Suitcase. It is later revealed in Chuck Versus the A-Team that the purpose of the Greta program is as a way for the NCS to select agents for their Intersect project.


Greta 1 is first seen in the episode when she greets Chuck and Morgan as they return to the Burbank Buy More. She informs Chuck that the Buy More isn't open yet but they are accepting resumes, and sends him to talk to the new manager. She was, therefore, the first sign that things at the Buy More had changed, since she was far more attractive, competent, and helpful than any of the former staff, with the obvious exception of Chuck.

After Chuck walks off she asks Morgan if he wants a tour of the new Buy More and gives him a classified tour of the base and acknowledges her awareness of his and Chuck's status as operatives. After rejecting various attempts at flirting from Morgan, she sent him to Castle.

She eventually left for a mission in Thailand.

Greta 2 and 3[]

The second and third agents code named "Greta" are introduced as Casey's NCS team, Captain Richard Noble (Isaiah Mustafa) and Captain Victoria Dunwoody (Stacy Keibler), whom Chuck and Sarah nickname "Rick" and "Vicki." Sarah worries that she and Chuck will be replaced with Casey's extremely efficient team, but Chuck considers himself irreplaceable, as the only human Intersect.


Greta 3

Chuck and Sarah then decide they need to know what Casey's team is up to and break into his apartment, tranquilize Morgan, and take Casey's hand print from his framed photograph of Ronald Reagan, gaining access to the NCS area of Castle. They find Stephen Bartowski's laptop, before Rick and Vicki appear and try to remove Chuck from the area. When Chuck flashes to defend himself, after a short confrontation, Chuck realizes that they are all using the same technique and therefore the same program; Rick and Vicki have uploaded the Intersect.

DirectorJane Bentley (Robin Givens) reveals that the Greta field test at the Buy More were proving grounds for prospective Intersect candidates. Bentley wants Team Bartowski disbanded. Relegated to support roles on the next mission, the new Intersects, Rick and Vicki, shoot the target's bodyguards, before he reveals that he is carrying a suitcase nuke and has possession of a remote arming device. As he flees, Sarah and Vicki pursue him.

Greta 2

Greta 2

Sarah finds the target, Pichushkin, who informs her that the arming device is wired to his heartbeat to activate when he dies, before drawing a gun on Sarah. Even as Sarah warns her, Vicki shoots Pichushkin, thereby arming the nuclear device. Rick declares that the bomb is too complicated for the Intersect to disarm, but Chuck thinks it is possible. After flashing on the detonator, Chuck realizes the bomb is from a Chinese submarine and was  designed to deactivate in the presence of salt water in case of hull breaches. He then uses a juice box, which contains sodium, to defuse the bomb.

After the botched operation, Beckman gives Chuck full control of any Intersect operations and has the Intersect removed from Rick and Vicki, after which Rick said: "What a relief to have that outta my head. That poor bastard, Bartowski."

Greta 4[]


Greta 4 (Summer Glau) was almost compromised by Jeff Barnes and Lester Patel in Chuck Versus the Fear of Death after they noticed that the string of new employees all were named Greta.

The CIA assassin seemingly disappears from sight and reappears unexpectedly, drawing suspicion from the two. When they begin stalking her, Greta becomes annoyed with them, and complains to Morgan, requesting that he stop them from prying, and threatening to take care of them herself if he doesn't.

Morgan goes to Casey for help, but he initially refuses. When Jeff and Lester then lure Greta to the storage cage, and she begins threatening them with a knife. Casey covers with a story that Greta has been stealing from the store, ending the duo's investigation.

As Greta packs up, she complains that the operation at the Buy More is too unprofessional and expresses disappointment with Casey. Casey retorts that Team Bartowski is the finest spy team he has ever served on, and, after they exchange several monosyllabic grunts, he sends her on her way.


Greta 4 has less tolerance for the 'quirkiness' of Buy More employees, and a greater readiness to display and employ violent skills to ensure her privacy than the other Gretas.

Nerd Notes[]

Summer Glau co-starred with Adam Baldwin in the television series Firefly and its film adaption, Serenity. In dismissing her character from the CIA base for being unprofessional, Casey tells her he doesn't "care what crew you've been working with", which is, of course, an in joke reference to the Firefly crew they both were members of.