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Alex McHugh

Seasons: 3, 4, 5
Portrayed by: Mekenna Melvin
Status: Alive
Occupation: Cafe waitress, student
Relatives: Kathleen McHugh (mother),
John Casey (father)
Relationships: Morgan Grimes (boyfriend, seasons 4-5)
Dale (ex-boyfriend, season 5)
Residence: Burbank, Los Angeles
Appearances: List of appearances
It's okay. He loves me.

Alexandra "Alex" McHugh is the daughter of Kathleen McHugh and John Casey aka Alex Coburn. Not much is apparent about her when first seen, other than her caring deeply for her mother and Casey finding out he had a daughter. However, later it is revealed that she works in a diner specializing in pie, while pursuing a degree in criminal justice. She is portrayed by Mekenna Melvin.

Alex first appeared in the third season episode; Chuck Versus the Tic Tac.


Alex is the daughter of Kathleen McHugh and her fiancé, Alex Coburn. She is named after her father whom both though lost in action. Both Alex and her mother had been led to believe that Coburn died in battle when, in reality, his death had been faked, and he was assigned a new identity; John Casey, when recruited for a special ops team led by Col. James Keller.

Season Three[]

In Chuck Versus the Subway, Casey reveals to her that he is her father, instructing her to take what was hidden in his locker at the Buy More, find her mother, and run, since Casey and the rest of Team Bartowski are being hunted by the Ring, and that left their loved ones in danger.

Morgan Grimes, who realized her appearance at the Buy More was spy world related, escorted her to Casey's locker in the break room as requested, where she found that he had provided her with a great deal of money to finance her flight, as well as numerous fake passports. Morgan helps her get to safety, and she gives Morgan her phone number, which Casey was not pleased about upon discovery.

When Chuck and Ellie later had a gathering of friends in memory of their father, Stephen Bartowski, who was killed in episode, she showed up, pleasing both Casey and Morgan.

Season Four[]

Early in Season Four, she begins a romantic relationship with Morgan Grimes. Casey does not approve of this until Morgan nearly dies saving Chuck, Sarah, and Casey on a spy mission in Chuck Versus the Couch Lock when he sees there's more to the bearded one than meets the eye.

After Casey is seriously injured after a fall when Sarah throws him out a 9-story window at his suggestion, she remains at the hospital as long as she can during his recovery, "I barely even know him, and I already love him so much." She appears to have noticed Casey's love for firearms and his bonsai tree, as she jokingly remarks on wanting to bring the guns along when she brought a bonsai tree to him at the hospital.

Season Five[]

When Morgan grows arrogant and self-involved because a download from the corrupted Intersect Glasses in the season four finale, his relationship with Alex is compromised as of Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips when he then dumps her by text message, which infuriates Casey, who throws him out of the apartment.

Kathleen whispers to Alexandra

Alex and her mother

In Chuck Versus the Business Trip, after Morgan's Intersect has been removed, he has shed the arrogant personality tangent, and decides to talk to Alex despite Casey warning him off. Morgan confesses to Alex about being a spy, and that he briefly had the Intersect. Alex decides to stay as friends with Morgan but tells him they were over as a couple.

As a Christmas present in Chuck Versus the Santa Suit, Casey decides to give Alex a teddy bear as a gesture of apology for missing all of the Christmases of her childhood. At the end of the episode, he tells her that he loves her. Casey also warms up to Morgan and tells Alex that she should give Morgan another chance.

It is revealed in Chuck Versus Bo, that while Morgan and Alex were broken up, she dated another guy, Dale. She described the relationship as purely physical. While Alex was honest about acting out physically, Dale seemed to have feelings for her, so much so that he came to Buy More to talk to Morgan and find out more about how serious their relationship is. Alex, however, barges in during the conversation and tells him to go away, indicating that Dale meant nothing to her.

In Chuck Versus the Bullet Train she is kidnapped by Nicholas Quinn's agents as a bargaining chip in order to force Casey to release Quinn. Alex was rescued with the timely intervention of Jeff and Lester who assisted Morgan and Awesome in freeing her.

The final episode saw Alex and Morgan move in together following Team Bartowski's final mission. They both saw Casey off as he went to meet Gertrude Verbanski in Dresden, a move of which his daughter approves.

Family Traits[]

When Casey abducts Alex from her work with the intention of protecting her from the Ring operative, she is under the impression that she is being kidnapped, as she has no knowledge of Casey being her father at that point. Not believing that Casey is trying to help her, she attempts to escape by attacking him when she exits his vehicle. Here, it becomes apparent that she has fighting skills, she claims that she learned these skills at a self-defense class, in which she earned an 'A.'

In the Season Four episode Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible, Morgan says that Alex is a lot like her father when she is angry.

According to her mother Kathleen, both Alex and Casey cross their middle finger over their index finger and fidget whenever they are nervous.


In Chuck Versus the Subway, Alex is said to be studying "the Criminal Psyche" in college.