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Alexandra Forrest

Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Tricia Helfer
Status: Active
Aliases: Samantha Miller
Andrea Klemmer
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Broken Heart
Things can now finally be professional.

Agent Alexandra Forrest is a CIA agent sent to evaluate the performance of Agent Sarah Walker on a 49-B protocol in Chuck Versus the Broken Heart. While on assignment, she joins Team Bartowski as Chuck's temporary handler in the investigation of a suspected terrorist, Rashad Ahmad, who was incapacitated by a heart attack and was admitted to Westside Medical, to await a pacemaker.

On their foray to assess Ahmad and see if Chuck would flash on him, "The asset and I will enter the facility, obtain uniforms to assimilate, and attempt to confirm Ahmad's identity," their intel proved faulty as Ellie had picked up a shift and almost crossed paths with her brother. Ducking into a closet to avoid discovery, Chuck became uncomfortable with Forrest when she immediately tranqed a nurse who saw them emerge, thinking she acted precipitously. Once Chuck confirmed to her that Ahmad was the man they sought, they discovered the hospital had upgraded their security to access and Casey could not breach it without notice.

Forrest and Casey decided that they would have to steal a card from a doctor who had access. When they spotted Devon Woodcomb, Chuck's soon-to-be brother in-law, it made their choice of target easy, "Only a couple docs have that card key. Your sister's Ken doll is one of them." Chuck was vehemently opposed to involving Devon in a spy operation, even without his knowledge, but Forrest pulled out a tranq gun and said she would do things her way. Chuck vetoed 'her way' and suggested kidnapping Devon for his bachelor party as he was leaving the hospital. They could get him drunk and quietly take the card and return it without him noticing.

While the party was going on, Forrest made her report to General Beckman, stating that in her opinion, Agent Walker and Chuck were too close, and it impacted negatively on the op; "Based on my observations, Agent Walker is far too emotionally entwined with the asset. Her decisions weren't made with respect to established protocol, she always places the subject's feelings above orders." Beckman then replaced Sarah as Chuck's handler with Forrest. She then disguised herself as a police-themed stripper to get Devon's card off his neck at the bachelor party, but he was trying his best to resist temptation. She then quickly tranquilized him, over Chuck's objections.

Chuck: Whoa, whoa, whoa, have I no rights? You can't just go around willy-nilly knocking out my family members.
Forrest: Looks like we can.
Chuck: Sarah never would've done this. You've gone too far.
Forrest: What are you gonna do about it?
Chuck: I'm calling the General, that's what.
Forrest: Is that so? No one's calling anyone.

Using the key card, they implanted the bug in the pacemaker that Devon would later implant in Ahamad. After surgery, however, Ahmad's own doctor scanned for trackers and found the bug. With Devon's name in hand, they tracked him down. Chuck spotted them coming and posed as Devon. They kidnapped him, after removing his tracker watch. They took him to Ahmad in hiding, and he was ordered to remove the bug.


49B Protocol

Meanwhile, Sarah ignored Forrest's orders to have no further contact with Chuck and goes to his apartment to say goodbye and share the results of her search for Chuck's father, Stephen Bartowski. She found not only Chuck missing, but that he had left his phone behind. Immediately concerned, she returns to Castle. Forrest dismisses her concerns, focusing on the fact she disobeyed orders to say goodbye. She pulls up Chuck's tracking info, and says it indicates he's in the courtyard.

Sarah responds by bringing up courtyard surveillance, showing his watch in the fountain. With Sarah's aide, they then tracked Chuck to a bank vault where Ahmed had been hidden in order to block the tracking signal, utilizing six foot steel walls. Dr. Mohammed Zamir seals the door and discovers Chuck's true identity.

Chuck gasses him with the nitrous oxide on hand, and they both get high on nitrous, which floods the vault. Casey pointed this out after Forrest suggesting blow the door open, saying to do so would killing Chuck. Forrest contact Chuck on the comms and demands that Chuck open the door, but he stubbornly refuses to listen to her, demanding Sarah's return. Sarah, meanwhile is able to get the vault open, and saves Chuck, who has ascertained the hidden location of terrorist, Hassan Khalid without the need of the bug at all.

Chuck later puts forth the argument to Beckman that the emotional connection he shares with Sarah is an asset, it was all that saved his life. Beckman accepts his argument and recalls Forrest. Sarah resumes her position as Chuck's handler.


She is quite similar to John Casey, and they have similar thought processes and interests. Observing this, Chuck said they were a match from a very scary portion of heaven.

Her actions are very by-the-book, and she tranquilizes anyone who gets in the way of her completing the mission, which she claims to be protocol not choice, "I don't decide. Protocol dictates my actions."

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