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Alexis White

Alexis White

Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Katrina Law
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Fulcrum operative
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Beefcake

Alexis White was a Fulcrum operative, part of the Fulcrum team which attempted to recover a data chip containing the identity of the Human Intersect that had been taken from Brad White's body by Mi6 agent Cole Barker.

She had been a CIA operative assigned to the Special Forces, fluent in English, French, Russian, and German. Cole Barker was going to meet with Alexis and her team to obtain the playback device needed to access the storage device he had taken from Brad White's body.

Sarah, Cole, and Casey make the meeting, but are captured when Chuck, who is examining the real chip at the Buy More, accidentally sets off a homing device. When they are all in White's custody, Chuck quietly reveals to his team that the chip contains a video of him, and the Fulcrum agents are after the identity of the Intersect.

The Fulcrum agents then threaten to torture members of the team, and to prevent that, Chuck confesses he is the Intersect. To protect Chuck, Barker immediately counters that he is the Intersect, and who in their right mind would trust someone like Chuck with such secrets. Alexis displays a syringe filled with poison to Chuck. Chuck, tied to a wheelchair, tries to move away but leans too far, falls over, and hits his head on the floor knocking himself out.

Casey and the support team then break in to the warehouse, and apprehend the Fulcrum agents. Casey chases down White and at gunpoint tells her, ''you lose," but she injects herself with the poison, committing suicide, saying, "Fulcrum wins."

During Chuck's flash on her, the files show her performing several bloody interrogations on both men and women, suggesting that torture may be her particular specialty.


Alexis was briefly mentioned by General Beckman before a review of the Intersect project by a military panel to counter claims by Daniel Shaw that Chuck was losing control due to the Intersect damaging his brain. Shaw flashed on Alexis's name, and although Chuck witnessed and recognized that Shaw had flashed, was unable to prove that Shaw was also an Intersect.

Alexis was the third Fulcrum agent with the surname White, the first two being Brad and Vanessa from the Meadow Brook Initiative. Such a coincidence pushes the bounds of probability and it must be assumed the name White is a possible team or initiative designation, but certainly not their real names.