Allan Watterman


Seasons:Season 1
Portrayed by:Grant Thompson
Status: Unknown
Relatives: Shelly (wife or girlfriend)
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Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Tango"

Allan Watterman is an old schoolmate of Chuck's from Stanford, who recognizes Chuck when he's "undercover" for the first time at a party in "Chuck Versus the Tango".

Watterman is the epitome of the successful guy that Chuck envies -- he graduated from school, got a great job, and just sold his software company for a fortune. "I'm too young to retire; I'm too rich to work," he mock-complains.

Chuck feels inferior to Watterman, until he gets flashes that tell him that Watterman is involved in insider trading, and has offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands. Watterman hears Chuck's mumbling and panics, fearing that Chuck works for the SEC and they are on to him. He grabs his card back and flees.

Allan's paranoia is later exacerbated when La Ciudad makes her escape from Team Bartowski by crashing through his room, leaving him basically gibbering in her wake.