Chuck Wiki

Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Mircea Monroe
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Spy
Relationships: Sarah Walker (team mate)
Zondra Rizzo (team mate)
Carina Miller (team mate)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Cat Squad

Amy is a former government spy and former member of the elite CAT Squad who appeared in Chuck in Chuck Versus the Cat Squad Four years prior, the group falling apart due to suspicions of a traitor. The CAT Squad, consisted of Amy, Sarah Walker, Carina Miller and Zondra.

The CAT Squad was shown to be a very successful spy team, known for taking down many enemies of the US government, however, they never succeeded against Brazilian crime lord, Augusto Gaez, the arch nemesis of the group.

The squad started falling a part after a failed mission during which an electronic bug was found on one Zondra's boots by Sarah. Suspicions that a member of the squad was a traitor arose. Sarah was convinced that it was Zondra, but Zondra believed that it was Sarah who planted it there.

The team split up and went their separate ways, leading Sarah to eventually be assigned to Team Bartowski.


When Sarah got engaged to Chuck, he invited the Squad to the party, as they were the only friends of Sarah's he could uncover. The tension that still existed between Sarah and Zondra led to a bout in the dojo which allowed them to work out the fact that the only possible leak had been Amy.

Amy then attacks them and knocks out Zondra, she reveals herself to have been on Gaez's payroll for years and asks Sarah to join her, when Sarah tells her to go to hell, she responds that she knows where Sarah lives, and there is a target on her, on Chuck, and on "the sister with the baby" if Sarah ever tries to come after her, and then knocks her out.

Chuck locks Amy and Gaez into the Buy More as they try to escape and takes down Gaez, but when Amy jumps him, he admits he doesn't like fighting girls, so she puts him down and takes his keys, only to be tripped up by Zondra, and held at gunpoint by the rest of the Squad.