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Seasons: Season 3
Portrayed by: Andrew Kirsanov
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (former)
Information Broker
Aliases: Ivan Drago
Relatives: Unknown
Residence: Russia
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Final Exam

Zevlovski is an ex-FSB agent turned information broker who is a go between for the Ring and CIA rogue agent, Hunter Perry, who is providing information to the Ring.

For Chuck's final spy test, he is sent to the Cobalt Hotel and Spa where Zevlovski is staying, and has to initiate surveillance on the hotel steam room where Zevloski and two of his men await their CIA contact. Chuck and the three Russians are the only occupants, the mole does not show, instead, a spa attendant delivers a message to Zevlovski, who reads it and comments to his bodyguard, "He's paranoid...wants to meet upstairs in the room." He then crumples up the note, and throws on the floor before leaving with his guards.

Chuck quickly recovers it, but the two goons spot him, and wonder why he's so quick to pick up trash from the floor, so they move against him. Chuck flashes and defeats them in hand to hand, much to Shaw's delight. He then hurries after Zevlovski who proceeds to the seventh floor.

Chuck manages to gain access to the hotel room next door to the mole's room, and slips out onto the balcony where he watches the mole inform Zevlovski that he will be working directly with the Ring in future, and that his services were no longer needed. He then stabs Zevlovski to death.

Chuck manages to get a glimpse of the face of Zevlovski's killer, and Shaw and Sarah, who are watching on a feed from Chuck's glasses, identify him as CIA Agent, Hunter Perry.