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Anna Melinda Wu

Anna Wu

Seasons: 1, 2, 3
Portrayed by: Julia Ling
Status: Alive (last seen in 2010)
Occupation: Former Nerd Herder
Relatives: Mr. Wu (father)
Mrs. Wu (mother)
Relationships: Morgan Grimes (ex-boyfriend)
Jason Wang (ex-boyfriend)
Residence: Los Angeles
Appearances: List of Appearances
If you don't tell me what's up, I'm going to tickle you until you pee.

Anna Melinda Wu is a support character in Chuck. She worked at the Buy More, as part of Chuck's Nerd Herd team, along with Lester and Jeff. She often dresses in "inappropriate short skirts" and has been known to use her appearance in order to get what she wants, such as distracting Harry Tang so she could steal the keys to his locker.

Character Profile[]

Near the end of Season One, Anna begins dating Morgan after the rest of the Buy More staff made fun of him for unsuccessfully hitting on her. They are no longer together as of Season Three. In a webisode, she and Morgan were warned by Big Mike to stop having sex in the Buy More's home theater room, as there are cameras in there.

Her parents, who are quite wealthy, live in Taiwan. She does not talk to them often, and shows reluctance in letting Morgan meet them, because she does not like who she becomes when she's around them.

She is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. She has also been shown to be quite proficient in martial arts and using a staff weapon. Her prowess was enough for John Casey to recommend a background check for her contemplating field work with the NSA.

A recurring character in the first season, Anna was was added to the opening credits in Season Two. In the opening of the third season, however, Morgan states that Anna "took off with the prep chef."

She returns to the Buy More in Chuck Versus the Tooth, to give back some things Morgan had left behind, but found herself wanting him back after he told her he was too busy to talk to her... twice. Morgan chooses not to take her back, realizing she only wanted him back because he has moved on.

After her departure at the end of the episode, she is not seen or discussed again.


In the season two episode Chuck Versus the Best Friend, it is made clear (although never directly mentioned by any characters) that Anna feels a lack of female friendship in her life, perhaps due to having no apparent friends outside of the other Nerd Herders, who are all male. When Sarah says that she considers Anna to be a friend, Anna appears very touched and later confides in her about her uncertainty as to whether she should get back together with Morgan.



  • She showed experience in stick fighting, indicating that she might have trained for an unknown period. Even Casey was surprised at this and ordered a background check, contemplating recruitment.
  • She does not make any appearances after her guest role in Season 3.