Chuck Wiki

Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Igor Jijikine
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Henchman
Relationships: Alexei Volkoff (employer)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Push Mix

Armand is a henchman who functions as an adviser to Alexei Volkoff.

In Chuck Versus the Push Mix, he was told by Volkoff to protect Frost, and watch their new agent Sarah, aboard The Contessa, where Volkoff is staying mobilized to protect his Hydra Network from Orion, whom he though was and had been alive all this time and in communication with Frost. A message alleged to have been sent by Orion said in no uncertain terms he wanted his wife (Frost) back, sending Volkoff into a fit of paranoia.

Volkoff later uncovers newer messages from Orion through the Hydra network's interface, "Whatever system Orion used to contact you is untraceable. I need to figure out if he's working with someone on the inside." Volkoff assures him he is aware of Orion's connections inside his organization.

Armand then suggests that Volkoff should test Frost's loyalty to him, to find out if she really has been in contact with Orion. Frost and Sarah were then caught in the Hydra database deep inside the ship, trying to transfer the files to the CIA. Once Mary holds off Volkoff and Armand, Sarah, Chuck, and Morgan escape and Volkoff shows Mary the messages Armand had found, "...this message led Armand to hundreds more. You've been talking to Orion every day for years. Night after night, behind my back!" The messages from Orion, had actually been planted as a part of Chuck's plan, something Armand did not figure out.

He was then sent by Volkoff to kill Casey and Ellie at Westside Medical while Volkoff went to kill Orion. Armand then assumes that he had successfully smothered Casey with his own pillow when his monitor flat lined, his victim was just playing dead, however, having taken off his pulse monitor. Casey then knocked out Armand with a potted bonsai tree.

Armand was taken into custody and never seen or mentioned again.