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Augusto Gaez

Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Lou Diamond Phillips
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Criminal
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Cat Squad
I need immediate extraction - anyway you can - plane, boat, car!

Augusto Gaez is a South American criminal, head of the 'Gentle Hand' mercenary organization, and the nemesis of the CAT Squad.

Gaez is presented as arrogant and brash. After the CAT squad infiltrates his club, he captures them and tries to recruit them. Sarah declines for the squad, and he nonchalantly brings up a weapon - her other option. Sarah cuts through her restraints with a hidden knife and turns the tables, holding Gaez at knife point. She demands to the identity of the double agent on her team, and although it is unlikely he would have answered, Chuck falls through the window before he can. Chuck tranquilizes several guards and Gaez is taken into custody.


Casey and Amy hold Gaez in interrogation, and upon questioning, he denies all involvement with the Gentle Hand. Amy pulls out a compact to Casey's irritation, and then blows the powder in his face. He is incapacitated and Amy helps Gaez escape the cell.

in the dojo, Zondra and Sarah convince each other of their innocence; neither of them was ever the mole in the unit. They then determine that Amy is the real double agent; Gaez had subverted Amy and she informed on their every mission, and between them, they had orchestrated the mistrust between team members, manipulating Zondra and Sarah into suspecting one another to divert their attention from Amy.

Amy and Gaez then head up to the Buy More, where Chuck locks the store down to prevent their escape. Sarah stays on the monitors in Castle to spot for him. Between them, they take down Amy and her boss, Gaez. They are then taken into custody.


Beckman: Augusto Gaez is the arch nemesis of the CAT Squad and leader of the Gentle Hand.
Chuck: Excuse me, General... the Gentle Hand? Are these bad guys, or a massage parlor?

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