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The Awesome storyline (Graphic Novel) refers to a set of mini stories featuring Devon Woodcomb which appears in the Chuck graphic novels along side the main storyline of the novel.

Origins of Awesome[]


The story opens with Devon sitting in a chair by the fireplace where he greets the audience. He says that over the years many people have asked him "Who is Captain Awesome" which he responds with some vague story about natural selection and regular colonic. But the truth is that he wasn't always the man we see before us today. He wasn't always awesome. We see a title card naming the story "Captain Awesome, chapter one, volume one" - "A new beginning or how I stopped being just 'okay' and started being totally freaking awesome".

A flashback ensues - Devon was only ten when it happened. The scene is a ten year old Awesome in 1987, some where outside of Providence, Rhode Island, returning to his house. Once inside he calls out to his parents but finds a note which says "Devon, your father and I went on a 300 mile bike ride. Back on Sunday. There's food in the fridge. Mom".

That night Devon is sitting up in bed looking scared. The present day Devon says that the creaks in the empty house terrified him but he tried to tell himself that they were nothing until he heard a noise coming from the kitchen. Devon got out of bed and makes his way to the kitchen where we see that there is a raccoon eating from the trash bin. The V/O says that a great beast had invaded his home and it was up to him to defeat it but he was frozen in fear.

The raccoon, which had red glowing eyes, turns around and spots young Devon and growls. It then leaps from the bin and knocks Devon over, scratching his face in the process. Awesome narrates that as he lay there barely conscious, sure that he would be finished off like a discarded burrito, he saw something... his destiny. Floating over him he sees four ghostly figures, described as an awesome rocker, awesome b-baller, awesome foxy mama and a awesome macho 70s movie icon. The figures give Devon words of encouragement which spores him to get back up. The raccoon gulps. And Awsesome was.