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Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Matt Winston
Status: Active
Occupation: Assistant Manager Beverly Hills Buy More
Relationships: Austin (employee)
Troy, Jr (employee)
Seth (employee)
Winthrop (employee)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Predator

Barclay is the assistant store manager of the Beverly Hills Buy More and appears in Chuck Versus the Predator. He is portrayed by Matt Winston.

He leads a group of neat and tidy Buy More employees, whom Chuck calls a “incredibly colorful and well coordinated team” in a TP mission against the Burbank Buy More. While Barclay refuses to admit to the deed, saying only, "some tried to clean up this store," it's clear he is gloating over the successful foray against Burbank.

When Big Mike arrives on the scene, he explains the attack was no doubt a result of Burbank branch is getting the new Roark Instruments R7 gaming laptop computer before Beverly Hills. Barclay responds bitterly, "We're the flagship store. We should get those computers." Mike tells them to leave, threatening them with the likes of Morgan and Emmett.

After the Beverly Hills group departs, Big Mike says there will be no retaliation, they will remain “calm and collected, the Buy More way."


After Lester, Jeff, and Morgan mistakenly take possession of an Orion's laptop, they assume it's the gaming computer and direct a Predator drone at Barclay's store. The missile is diverted by Chuck at the last minute. Eventually, the Buy Morons invade the Beverly Hills Branch late in the evening, to get their revenge. Emmett find the store wonderful, "so clean and fresh." Life size cardboard cut outs of Barclay and the staff greet the intruders upon entry. Emmett is given a bat, and he hits Barclay's cutout which falls over into shelving creating a domino effect. The would be pranksters then flee the store.

Barclay and his crew return to Burbank the following morning and he tells Big Mike they know that what happened, that Mike went too far and he was going to call the cops. Mike called his bluff, saying it wasn't the Buy More way. Barclay moves to leave but says, "speaking for my store and the city of Beverly Hills as a whole, we do not approve of your methods." To which Morgan responds, "Well, you're not from Burbank."

Barclay knocks a few pieces of merchandise of a shelf, then he and his crew leave the store.

Barclay is not seen again.


Barclay's crew includes men named Austin, Seth, Winthrop, and Troy, Jr.


Chuck: So, Bar Clay, you guys did this, huh?