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Blaine Hecht is a character who appears in the Chuck graphic novel. He worked on one of the Intersect prototypes at Stanford.

In Issue #1 Dr Hecht is arrested in Disneyland by Casey. He reveals that he attended Stanford, and then went to work for a biotech firm in Singapore.

He was placed in a secure CIA holding facility in which were also incarcerated Riordan Payne, Lizzie Shafai , la Ciudad and Jonas Zarnow agents from series episodes, who's cells he opens during an bid to escape to create confusion.  He then releases Tommy Delgado and the pair escape in a helicopter.

Hecht had established a secret cloning lab in the Amazon from which Team Bartowski escaped. Hecht gave orders to kill them all, save "Carmichael."  He followed them to the Swiss Alps and tried to kill them there, winging Casey with one shot.

His experiments eventually allowed him to integrate enough of his DNA with the presidential candidate's to effect cosmetic changes, making himself resemble the front runner in order to replace him and become the next President.  He was finally cornered beneath Mount Rushmore and taken down by Chuck and the presidential candidate he was impersonating.

Nerd Notes[]

A confrontation with the bad guys at Mount Rushmore is a nod to the classic thriller North By Northwest starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint in which the climax of the action takes place on Mount Rushmore.