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MyNameIsJeffNImLost MyNameIsJeffNImLost 8 days ago

Progress on Chuck Timeline

I've been updating Chuck Timeline before starting a canon-compatible fanfic in the next month or two ("Chuck vs the In Between"). That story will take a few years to write, so seasons 3-5 of the timeline may not be completed until I get to those points of the story (unless someone else steps up to fill those in).

Jan 10, 2022 Status

Summary: episodes - 91 | done - 53 | some events - 19 | air dates - 19

< 2007: Checked and marked with footnotes. Some may or may not be correct because the origin of the date is unknown. Their footnotes say "Unknown" because they are unverified.

(Expand post to see table.)


  1. Possible canon issues are marked with footnotes.
  2. 13 days are marked "time compressed" because there too much in canon to have happe…

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Chuckgirl Chuckgirl 23 July 2021

chuck and sarah

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ChuckandSarahmyotp ChuckandSarahmyotp 17 April 2015

Chuck Soundtrack Finally Released!!!

OMG!!!!!! I can't believe it myself yet!!! I am very happy, and excited to say that April 7th, 2015 the long anticipated soundtrack was finally released!!!!!! The Track listing is as follows:

Unfortunately, as you can see, not all of the songs from chuck are on here, like "The Dark Side", and "Chuck and Sarah's Theme" is called "A Question and a Spy", but most of them are there, even a few "Jeffster!" songs!!! xD!!

Here is a link that will lead you to two wesites that sell it for the cheapest amount of doe!!! It even comes with a digital booklet!!!!


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ChuckandSarahmyotp ChuckandSarahmyotp 13 February 2015

Chuck Music to Listen to During you Day!:D

Hey Everybody! I thought, since there is no soundtrack for the CHUCK instrumentals in the backgrounds of their show(like the chuck action theme[alll the songs are created by Tim Jones!!]), I decided I would make one! Here it is! Hope you enjoy it!:D

(somebody made this on youtube, I'm just posting it here!! Should have all 22+ Tracks!)

Listen to this music, and enjoy your day!!:D

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ChuckandSarahmyotp ChuckandSarahmyotp 13 February 2015

So You Call Yourself a Chuck Fan??

So, you call yourself a CHUCK fan?? I bet you can't beat this Trivia!! Look at the following Questions, and Post your answers in the comments below. Then see if you got the questions by looking at the answers at the bottom of the page. How many can you get??

First up, We can't have a quiz about CHUCK unless we know who we're talking about, so see if you can answer these full name questions.

1. What is Chuck's FULL name?

2. What is Morgan's FULL name?

'3. 'What is Ellie's FULL name?

4. What is Devon's FULL name?

5. What is Jeff's FULL name?

6. What is Lester's FULL name?

7. What is Alexi Volkolf's REAL name??

8. What is Sarah Walker's REAL name??

9. What is John Casey's REAL name??


10. What is the name of the first CHUCK Episo…

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DavidTennantismyAngel DavidTennantismyAngel 1 May 2014

Why You Love Chuck

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I just thought it would be interesting to know what you all think makes Chuck special, and what you like most about him. I'm telling you right now, I love Chuck because of his big, sweet, sincere grin, it really reveals a lot about his character, especially the inviting and friendly part. His smile is what I think makes him special, and what I like most about him. :)

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Jiskran Jiskran 2 June 2013


If no-one has any objections, I was thinking of going through and trying to standardise the pages, above all the episode pages, to make them similar in style and (hopefully) detail. Little things like a single format for the dates, a consistent manner of linking names (first reference on the page only - in general), things like this.

I'm also putting together categories for the major characters, groups and story arcs; not only those episodes in which they appear, but also the ones in which vital information about them is revealed, or upon which they have a powerful impact even though they are not present. A good example of the last would be Chuck Versus the Wookiee, where, although Bryce is never seen, he and his relationship with Sarah gre…

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Katniss987 Katniss987 23 June 2012

Sarah's Hair s1-4 vs. Sarah's Hair s5

I think Sarah's hair is MUCH better seasons 1-4. I don't like it short in season 5. I think long hair is generally more pretty. What about you? It doesn' really matter Sarah is SO pretty either way!

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AlexMcpherson AlexMcpherson 12 April 2012

My idea on where the Buy More is in Chuckverse.

So, Burbank Boulevard has no malls, or addresses for that matter, in the 9000s.


Here's my idea for '9000 boulevard'.

yes, I did the car park.

And if you think plot itself (not it's placement in burbank) wrong, well, aside from one or two liberties with simplifying the damn road part of the car park, I just screenshotted the actual place used for exterior shots of the BM/OO, and did the MS Paint stuff over it... then redid the car park because it's layout is confusing.

yes, the parking spaces are diagonal.

And if you think the orientation is wrong blablabla, the store is south-facing anyway, and supposedly to be visible from the road itself so store is on northside of the road.

so.. how about castle?


Small one - season 2, and larger o…

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RahulL RahulL 15 December 2011

Chuck:Orion's Story

Note:This is a Fan Fiction Story.No Copyright.

Chuck:The Orion Files


Zachary Levi-Stephen Bartowski

-Mary Gautner

-Ted Roark

-Hartley Winterbottom


Before Chuck's Story was told about The Intersect,Sarah Walker,Operation Bartowski,Fulcrum,Ring and Volkoff so far.It started when his father Stephen assume the name of ORION as the spy.With the help of his Best friend Hartley (Orion's version of Morgan) and Mary (Orion's version of Sarah).It tells the story of his Spy adventures to the Creation of The Intersect.



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Kate.moon Kate.moon 20 September 2011

Chuck vs. Luke Skywalker

Chuck vs. Luke Skywalker? There's a title you probably never though you would see (but secretly hoped for) on Chuck.

Well come this fall, you're going to get the next best thing, because Mark Hamill of Star Wars will guest star as a rich thief named Jean-Claude for Chuck's Season 5 premiere (October 21)!

Spy vs. Jedi Knight. Who will win?

TV Guide

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Porterfield Porterfield 15 September 2011

Rebecca Romijn to Guest Star

It's official, Rebecca Romijn is signed on for a guest star spot in Chuck's fifth and finale season. She will be playing Robin Cunnings, an apparently "cold, calculating, and cunning CIA agent known for her rather abrasive interrogation technique", according to Entertainment Weekly. Rumor also has it that she will be part of a group that attempts to frame Chuck Bartowski for a horrible crime. The nerve of these people!

Her first appearance will occur in episode six of the latest cycle, which begins airing on October 21st.

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 7 September 2011

New Chuck Promos

The fifth and final season of Chuck is right around the corner and they are pulling out all the stops. Check out these sexy new pictures of Chuck and the gang! Morgan is looking especially debonaire...

Now that Chuck and Sarah have their own private spy shop, what do you think will happen? More missions? More secrets?

TV Line

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 31 August 2011

The Office, Community and The Shield Actors to Guest Star on Chuck

Say hello to new guest stars--from some of your favorite shows on television! Chuck will be welcoming some very popular guest stars soon, including Danny Pudi, otherwise known as Abed, from Community, David Koechner, otherwise known as Todd Packer from The Office, and Catherine Dent, also known as Officer Danny Softer in The Shield.

Pudi's role in Chuck is still under wraps, but it has been revealed that Koechner will play a jolly Buy More manager named "Crazy Bob", and Dent will play Jane Robinson, another Buy More manager close friend of Crazy Bob. Excited to see these new actors on Chuck? Comment below and tell us what you think!


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Pig&gleecrazy Pig&gleecrazy 16 May 2011

Chuck Season 5?

So Is there going to be a Season 5 for Chuck?!??!?!?!?!?! Cause if you go to Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger it says Next Episode: Coming Fall 2011. But I heard they weren't making a season 5!!! I hope they are!!!! Any sources for yes or no?!

Pigandgleecrazy! "Break a Leg" "I love you" 22:56, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

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Dbdbzdbgtwoo Dbdbzdbgtwoo 23 October 2010


Omg wow. They have a wikia for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

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Birdman5589 Birdman5589 27 September 2010

Monday sadness

This year I have a class on Monday nights from 6-9pm. This means I'm going to have to catch the entire new season the next day online. I also miss The Event too which is another show I'm excited about.

On the bright side, my new laptop has a Blu-ray player in it. Now I can watch season 1-3 on the go instead of being restricted to my home theater.

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