Bolonia Garcia Bougainvillea Grimes

Bolnia grimes

Seasons:Season 2
Portrayed by:Patricia Rae
Status: Alive
Relatives: Morgan Grimes (son)
Big Mike (husband)
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Residence:Los Angeles, CA
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Suburbs"
"Chuck Versus the Predator"
"Chuck Versus the Ring"

Bolonia Garcia Bougainvillea Grimes Tucker is the mother of Morgan Grimes. Although she only appeared significantly in one episode, she is referenced in many others preceding her appearance. She is portrayed by Patricia Rae.

She first appeared in the Season Two episode, "Chuck Versus the Suburbs".

Series Edit

After Big Mike's wife breaks up and divorces him, Mike starts putting all his effort into the Buy More, forcing the employees to actually work. The Nerd Herd staff did not like this and so convince Mike to try internet dating, where they lie about his height, weight and job. They also had given him the name of "Lando Calrissian". Big Mike gets a date and goes on it, and only lying about his job.

The next day, Mike reveals that he is not comfortable with the lies and has asked his date to the Buy More to confess to her. After confessing to Bolonia, she says that she thought Big Mike had called her here because he found out her son works there instead. Big Mike was hoping it would have been Chuck, but instead Morgan walks over to see Big Mike's date, only to be shocked.

Marriage with Big Mike Edit

Although Bolonia has not made any appearances since Season Two, in the Season Four episode "Chuck Versus the Cubic Z", it is revealed that both Big Mike and Bolonia are still in a committed relationship. In the episode, Big Mike asks for Morgan's permission to marry her.

Morgan tells Mike that he does not mind, and in fact, greatly appreciates that the two are getting married. Mike gives Morgan the engagement ring, telling him to hold onto it until he sees fit that Mike is ready to marry her.

At the end of the episode, Morgan confesses he had lost the ring when handling the horde of customers at the Buy More. Mike forgives him, and tells him that he will propose to his mother regardless of the engagement ring.

In the Season Five episode "Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit", it is revealed that Bolonia and Mike are now married.

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