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Brad White

Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Andy Richter
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Fulcrum Scientist
Aliases: Brad White
Residence: Meadow Branch
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Suburbs

Brad White, born June 21, 1966 in Wallace, Georgia. He was one of ten Fulcrum operatives placed in the Meadow Branch housing tract as part of the project to develop the Fulcrum Intersect. As part of his cover, he befriends Chuck and Sarah, who were undercover as a young married couple new to the area, while investigating the neighborhood. He apparently intended to use them in the Intersect experimental subjects.

He is a former conman. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in psychology. He holds a master's degree in instructional design and development from Florida State University, and he earned a doctorate in instructional systems from Florida State University. He joined Fulcrum in 1997.

Brad revealed that Fulcrum chose to build its own Intersect after the CIA abandoned the project, expressing disgust with their decision to rely on Cold War-era counter-intelligence techniques. He was killed when exposed to the Fulcrum Intersect, as his brain couldn't handle the vast amount of data.

Later, his grave is exhumed by an MI-6 agent, Cole Barker, to retrieve information on the Fulcrum Intersect concealed in his belt buckle.