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Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Stephen Pollak
Status: Deceased
Occupation: CIA Agent
Aliases: Brodster
Relationships: Lewis (fellow candidate)
Josie (fellow candidate)
Damien (fellow candidate)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Muuurder

Brody is a CIA agent who was chosen as one of four candidates to become the next Intersect. He appears in Chuck Versus the Muuurder. Brody was Chuck's first choice to become the new Intersect.

Brody is described as a very similar personality to Chuck's and shares interests with Chuck. As described, Brody is "nerdy, emotional, into his family and friends, disarmingly attractive."

Moments after Chuck texted him with the news he was to be the new Intersect, he was stabbed to death by Damien, another Intersect candidate, when he discovered Damien planting explosives in Castle.