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Leaflet advertising the apartments.

Buena Burbank Apartments are a complex situated in Burbank, CA, which play a minor part in the sub-plot of Chuck Versus the DeLorean.

Relevance to Plot[]

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When Anna complains that she and Morgan, only "hook up" at work, Morgan is at a loss as to where else they can go to be alone since she has three roommates and he lives with his mother. Anna suggests that they get an apartment together, which horrifies Morgan,  oblivious, she shows him the brochure for Buena Burbank and claims that the apartments consist of "really cute one bedrooms".

Upon discussing the situation with Devon Woodcomb, Morgan is offered a loan of $2,500 for his share of the apartment, on condition that he pays it back with interest. Morgan agrees, however, when a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 appears in the audio install bay of the Buy More, he acts impulsively and uses the money to buy the car.

Deeply disappointed and quite angry, Devon demands that Morgan return his money by the next day, or he will be plucked. Morgan asks to borrow the money from Chuck, who agrees to lend him the whole amount, even thought his total bank balance is $2,520 which would leave him only $20 to his name. It was when he opened the account, however, that he discovered that the $10 million of the Sheik's money has been deposited in his account.