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Carina Miller


Seasons: 1, 3, 4
Portrayed by: Mini Anden
Status: Alive
Occupation: DEA Agent,
Former CAT Squad member
Aliases: Maria Elena Alberdi (alias, Intersect flash)
Relatives: Unknown
Relationships: Karl Stromberg (mark/ex-fiance)
Morgan Grimes (Ex-lover)
Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Wookiee
Chuck Versus the Three Words
Chuck Versus the Cat Squad
Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger
This place is like if a yawn could yawn.

Carina Miller is a DEA agent who has past history with both John Casey and Sarah Walker. She is portrayed by Mini Anden.

A classic femme fatale, she was once a member of the spy team known as the CAT Squad, which also included Sarah Walker, Zondra Rizzo, and Amy.

She is known for using her beauty to get what she wants. She takes unnecessary risks, and incautiously improvises, the combination often gets her, and her partners, into trouble. She loves taking risks and is not seen as particularly trustworthy.

When Carina and Sarah speak in Chuck Versus the Wookiee, Carina asks Sarah what her current cover is and Sarah returns the question, which implies that Carina is probably not her real name. During Chuck's flash on her, an ID with her picture and signature of the name "Maria Elena Alberti" another possible cover, is revealed.


Wookie 187

She first appears in Chuck Versus the Wookiee, when she arrives in Burbank to request Sarah's help in recovering a stolen diamond for the DEA. Team Bartowski is then ordered to assist Carina with the recovery of the diamond from Peyman Alahi, whom they believe intends to use it to finance drug smuggling operations. Chuck spots her, flashes, and asks, "Guys, did you know that there's an undercover DEA agent out in the courtyard?"

Sarah introduces Carina to her team, though Casey and Carina are already acquainted. Carina is immediately curious about Chuck, but Sarah tries to deflect her interest. Before they can leave, Morgan sees, and is smitten by, Carina. He asks Chuck to set him up with her, and Chuck asks Sarah, thinking it a horrible idea. She, however, thinks its a good cover move, and arranges a double date. Carina agrees to it, but Morgan interests her so little, she never gets his name right, calling him "Martin." During the date, she picks up on a comment of Chuck's and realizes he must have at least a level six security clearance.

The next day, Team Bartowski and Carina, infiltrate Alahi's compound for reconnaissance. Carina immediately plays on Chuck's trusting nature, and casually asks about the best way to steal the diamond, he floats a possible method which she immediately implements and then makes off with the diamond, leaving Chuck and Sarah on the beach, and under attack. Though they are rescued by Casey, Sarah berates Chuck who defends himself by telling her that remote control jet skis are not usually an option one has to consider in real life.

Casey is then sent to retrieve the diamond, but ends up in his underwear, cuffed to the hotel bed by Carina, who had already planted the diamond on Morgan to keep it out of Casey's hands. She tracks Morgan to Chuck's apartment and tries to steal back the diamond while masked, but Chuck recognizes her, and tells her the diamond is needed to rescue Sarah whom Alahi has taken. He reminds Carina that she is only alive because Sarah once rescued her.


Carina and Chuck then confront Alahi to trade for Sarah, while Casey escapes confinement. A fight breaks out, and while Sarah and Carina take on Alahi and his men, Chuck flees with the diamond and locks himself in the mail room. He quickly addresses a package and, when one of Alahi's henchmen breaks in, threatens to drop it in the mail slot saying he doesn't know where it will be going. Casey arrives and disables the thug, and Chuck accidentally mails the diamond.

Beckman and Graham congratulate Team Bartowski and Carina on stopping Alahi. As the briefing ends a package is delivered to Graham, containing the diamond. The team and Carina say their farewells, and Casey tells her, "Working with you has been... Well, let's never do this again, hmm?" She then propositions Chuck one last time. When he asks her why, she says "Well, you're sort of cute-ish, but, the real reason is, I love taking what Sarah wants....she probably doesn't even know it herself yet, but I do."

Season Three[]

Carina returns in Chuck Versus the Three Words. She meets with Sarah at a club, after she and Chuck had broken up. Chuck and Morgan also coincidentally visit. She realizes that Sarah has fallen for her asset, and Sarah immediately deflects the conversation. Carina then introduces them to her 'fiancé,' Karl Stromberg. Chuck flashes on him, an arms dealer and Chuck tries to tell her about his record, only to be told that he is her assignment. When she later catches Chuck off mission, trying to reconnect with Sarah, she tells him harshly, "You idiot. The reason Sarah's cold is because she loves you. Now, get your head out of your ass and go be a spy!"

Chuck then endangers her cover when he openly tells his feelings Sarah, when trapped in a vault filling with gas. He is caught on surveillance saying, "I'm not like Carina, some cold-hearted spy who throws around words like 'love.'" Karl viewed the footage, and immediately began looking for Carina who had disappeared right after their engagement party along with his briefcase.


Karl breaks up with Carina

She was later taken by Karl as he tries to reacquire the briefcase. She takes them to Morgan's housewarming party, which he had desperately wanted her to attend. She, however, was only present hoping for Chuck and Sarah to arrive. Carina attempts to escape from Karl and his men by drugging their drinks, which Jeff and Lester then drank. They fall on the floor unconscious, and Karl notices she had modified the engagement ring he had gotten her, and is even more unhappy with her.

Morgan is eventually pushed past his limits by her indifference and thoughtlessness. He tells her, Karl, and his men to leave. To Chuck's dismay, he hands Karl's briefcase over to them without realizing its import. He then picks up one of the drinks, downs it, and falls unconscious. Carina is stunned, "No one's ever said no to me before."

Moments later, Team Bartowski manages to clear the courtyard of party goers, Chuck talks Karl down; "I get it, man. I get it, okay? You took a chance. You loved someone, maybe for the first time in your life. All you've ever done before is shut off your feelings. You bury them deep down because, in your profession - in your line of work - it's a liability, right? It can certainly be a liability. And I know that you think that you messed up your life because you opened up your heart, but maybe you helped her open up her heart in the process. Maybe because you loved her, she's learned how to love, too." Karl begins to soften and Carina picks up on Chuck's tale and runs with it. Until she manages to cold cock Karl and put him down. She then disdainfully comments, "Yeah, right, stupid. Spies don't fall in love."

Carina is then seen in bed with Morgan, "No one's ever said no to me before. It's sexy." She then tells him she'd had better, "But not many."

Before she leaves, she invites Sarah on her mission to Saint-Tropez, but when she is refused, she gives Sarah the copy of the surveillance tape that has Chuck explaining his actions and telling Sarah he loves her, and tells her "A little going-away present. You should take a look at it."

Season Four[]


CAT squad

Carina returns again in Season Four episode; Chuck Versus the Cat Squad. In the episode, Chuck finds out that Carina and Sarah were members of the CAT Squad. The CAT squad lead-in describes her as "Cold-hearted Carina."

Carina is seen sharing a tidbit of her personal life with several men she was dispatching, when she tells them that a former team mate, is getting married, "My old spy partner's getting hitched. Her fiancé wants to get the old team back together." After taking Sarah out for a night of partying, she crawls into Morgan's bed to sleep it off without waking him, freaking him out when he finally did wake up the following morning, "Something is different about you. The confidence, straight spine. It can't be true, but you're behaving like you're having regular sexual intercourse."

Carina is then injured in an explosion and is sidelined, Morgan is put on duty as her aide. She continues to flirt with Morgan and try to discern the depth of his involvement with Alex, as well as try and refocus his attention on her. When Alex spots lipstick on Morgan's collar, he tells her, "She obviously rubbed it in to sabotage our date. She has the soul of a bridge troll." When Morgan finally confronts Carina, she seems surprised, "Wow, you're so worked up. I guess you really do love her, huh?" She even offers Alex an apology for her behavior.

Carina is last seen in Season 4 in Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger. She and Zondra arrive to help Morgan and the rest of Team Bartowski play the magnet in order to get Chuck past Clyde Decker and into the hospital with the antidote that will save Sarah's life. They both then appear at Chuck and Sarah's wedding as brides maids.


Carina is presented as 'the road not taken', or at least no longer taken, for Sarah. Carina seems to share her performer's Swedish background. She takes life head on, and appears professionally fearless, although her somewhat convoluted relationship with Morgan suggests Carina is aware of certain yearnings, like Casey, for the 'normal life' but equally ruthlessly locks them down.


Carina: You analysts don't know what it's like for us field agents. But it's our job. We shed identities like people shed clothes.
Chuck: In your case, that's quite often.

Trivia []

  • Her Argentinian cover, Maria Elena Alberdi, had a date of birth 16 June 1978.
  • The e-mail contact she supplied to Morgan was
  • The CAT Squad is an obvious homage to television series, Charlie's Angels.