Carmichael Industries is the freelance spy organization founded by Chuck and Sarah, under the aliases of Sarah and Charles Carmichael. The only other permanent staff to date at Carmichael Industries are Morgan Grimes and John Casey.

The firm is a central setting throughout the final season of Chuck,  replacing the Team Bartowski joint ops that were sanctioned by the CIA and NSA throughout the first four seasons.

Carmichael Industries was possible thanks to Volkoff Industries, whose founder, Hartley Winterbottom, had made a wedding present of all of the Volkoff assets to Chuck and Sarah to the tune of 877 million dollars. The government left the stripped Castle behind when they withdrew the CIA substation from Burbank; Chuck used his new fortune to buy it and refurbish it.

Carmichael Industries' rival companies are Verbanski Corp, and Quinn's Firm.

Address: Carmichael Industries P.O. Box 5237 Burbank, CA 91506 as seen on a package.

History Edit

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The name first appears in "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger". Carmichael Industries is discussed in "Chuck Versus the Zoom", where Sarah is concerned about their start up costs having spent some 42 million dollars already: "Rockets, bullets, the private jet, servicing the private jet, the fresh shrimp that Morgan likes to eat on the private jet." Casey also complains the he "gets antsy taking cases with moral ambiguity."

After the semi-successful mission retrieving a Ming vase and microchip from Jean-Claude and having their operation against Roger Bale hacked by Clyde Decker, they lost the bulk of their money when their assets were frozen by Decker's team.

The status of the funds remained unresolved by the series end.

Known Staff Edit

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