Carmichael Industries is the freelance spy organization founded by Chuck and Sarah Bartowski, under the aliases of Charles and Sarah Carmichael. The only known staff of Carmichael Industries are Morgan Grimes and John Casey.

The firm is a major setting throughout the final season of Chuck, ultimately replacing the Team Bartowski joint ops that were sanctioned by the CIA and NSA throughout the first four seasons.

Carmichael Industries is the successor to Volkoff Industries, whose founder, Hartley Winterbottom, had made a wedding present of all of the money gained from the arms-dealing era, to Chuck and Sarah. On top of that, Hartley had also given them the Volkoff Industries Headquarters, whereas the government left the stripped Castle completely for Team Bartowski to refurbish, despite being fired from their agencies. As the series ends, its fate is unrevealed.

Carmichael Industries' rival companies are Verbanski Corp, and Quinn's Firm.

Address: Carmichael Industries P.O. Box 5237 Burbank, CA 91506 as seen on a package.

History Edit

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The name appears in "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger", and Carmichael Industries is first seen in "Chuck Versus the Zoom", where they are having money issues due to spending a lot of the money they gained from Volkoff on start-up costs. Many of the team are upset as they have forced to take less-than-honorable clients.

After the failed mission stealing from Jean-Claude and another client, they lose all their money when their assets are frozen by Decker's team.

Known staff Edit

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