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Sarah (left), Chuck (middle) and Casey (right) are briefed by General Beckman.

Castle is the code name for Team Bartowski's base of operations hidden beneath the Buy More. It had an entrance from the Orange Orange shop.

The base was installed in Season Two, was renovated and expanded between seasons three and four and later, after the Season Four finale, it becomes a leftover of the NSA/CIA when the team is fired. Prior to the construction of Castle, in Season One, the team use the home theater room in Buy More for briefings and meetings.

After season four, Castle serves as the headquarters to Chuck and Sarah's freelance spy firm, Carmichael Industries.

It first appeared at the beginning of Chuck Versus the Seduction. Casey in particular was satisfied with the installation, and remarked that it now made them a "first-class operation".


Castle possesses hi-tech computer equipment, various security features, including a weapons room, firing range, gym, an interrogation room with one-way glass observation, and a room dedicated to the servers that support the monitors and satellite links, multiple detention cells, interrogation chambers and "safe" rooms.

It also has an extensive communications and computer database, which with proper knowledge of the systems can be accessed and even controlled from any location in the base. The primary control center is dominated by a large-scale communications grid, including a video uplink, and the facility is able to connect directly with the CIA/NSA. Its main entrance is in the Orange Orange, but an escape tunnel also leads directly to the Buy More across the street.

In Chuck Versus the Cougars, Chuck reveals that the Castle computer systems primarily consist of a DU 97 Supercomputer, which apparently possess "30 teraflop architecture and modules for cryptoanalysis and video processing".

In Chuck Versus the Gravitron the base is infiltrated by Fulcrum members who are subsequently thwarted when Chuck - who read the manual for the base - locks down the security systems. According to Casey, Castle contains exactly what the sign in the Orange Orange suggests, it contains "Yogurt and Fun".


Team Bartowski being briefed by Beckman

Similarly, in Chuck Versus the Beard, Ring agents posing as Buy More management staff interview all the Buy More employees, and correctly determine Chuck to be the agent in place. They then locate the secret entrance to Castle behind the lockers in the staff locker room, and infiltrate the base. When Morgan and Chuck investigate, they are captured by the Ring agents and interrogated. It is this that forces Chuck to (gratefully) include Morgan in the secret of Castle and his other life. Chuck then flashes and manages to dispatch the Ring agents before escaping Castle.

In Chuck Versus the Anniversary, the Castle main entrance moved to the Buy More when the government buys the store. Castle was nearly breached in Chuck Versus the Leftovers by Alexei Volkoff, but then Team Bartowski was forced to surrender.

By Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger, when Team Bartowski has left the CIA, Chuck and Sarah purchase the Buy More, and everything below it, and they decide to set up Castle as their new base of operations for an independent spy operation.

Strangely, whilst the location and purpose of Castle has been compromised on numerous occasions, at no point has its location been well-documented enough to forced Team Bartowski to relocate.

Areas in Castle[]

These were the list of the known rooms featured throughout the show during the CIA/NSA joint ops era of Team Bartowski.

Conference Room[]


Chuck and Sarah in Castle

This room is where the team are gathered together to receive mission briefings and debriefings directly from a video conference feed with the Director of National Intelligence General Diane Beckman of the NSA, and formerly Director Langston Graham of the CIA.

The briefing room was previously in the same room where reports and documents are handled. However, since Season Four, the briefing room has it's own smaller room where the team will receive mission briefings through a direct feed from General Beckman.

As of season four, there are trap doors in the Buy More from which someone can be transported directly to the conference room via a chute.


The cells are used to imprison suspects or prisoners while waiting for a transport vehicle to arrive. Notable prisoners to have been temporarily stationed at Castle are:

Disguise Storage[]

One of the new installs to Castle in Season Four is the disguise storage room.


The room has a holographic interface of the users, allowing visual display of how the clothes will affect the user's disguise and general characteristic beforehand. Once the user has found the disguise of their choice, the room will begin searching for the outfits needed, stored inside a large room full of other clothes. The outfit is then brought to a door in front of the interface.


Castle also contains a fully equipped octagonal dojo, first shown in Chuck Versus the Pink Slip. The dojo also contains a screen from which General Beckman can talk directly to the members of Team Bartowski without them needing to relocate to another room, as shown in Chuck Versus the Cubic Z.


Since its construction, Castle has been breached by enemy operatives at least seven times, Miles, Neil and Del, Jill and Leader, Damien, Hugo Panzer, Alexei Volkoff, and Shaw, at which times, three US Marines and two Intersect candidates were murdered within Castle.