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Carmichael. Charles Carmichael.
Charles Carmichael

Charles Carmichael in the field Chuck Versus the Zoom

Charles Carmichael is Chuck's favored pseudonym for use during spy work. He often uses the alias in undercover operations, and it is the name by which he is known in the spy world.

Chuck originally envisioned Charles Carmichael as everything he himself wished to be, before his expulsion from Stanford University in 2003 crushed those dreams.

From his style of introduction onward, Carmichael is clearly an homage to James Bond. In final season of Chuck, Chuck and Sarah found a freelance spy firm known as Carmichael Industries upon their departure from the CIA. Both of them go by the surname of Carmichael as their alias when in the field, to protect their real identities.


The alias was established in Chuck Versus the Tango during a discussion between Chuck and Sarah on his first undercover assignment:
Sarah: The idea with a cover is to keep it as simple as possible without revealing true personal detail. Any thoughts on a name?
Chuck: Charles Carmichael?
Sarah: Simple, dignified. Easy to remember and not far off from--
Chuck: Graduated with honors from Stanford. Runs a hugely successful software company. Semi-retired and is considering entering America's Cup.
Sarah: Have you done this before?
Chuck: Let's just say Mr. Carmichael and I share a small kinship.
Sarah: How's that?
Chuck: When I first entered Stanford, it's kind of where I envisioned myself being by now, except for the sailing part. I don't really know where that came from. But he's where most of my class already is.


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