Chuck's Apartment (1838 Echo Park) is the main apartment featured in Chuck (Television Series), with the majority of the main cast having lived there at some point in the series.

The apartment is located in Echo Park, Burbank, Los Angeles County, California.It is known to have an open plan kitchen/living room and two bedrooms, with Chuck's bedroom a particularly important location; his window, which is refered to as the 'Morgan Door', is often used to gain entry by Morgan, Casey and Sarah.

Up until the episode "Chuck Versus the Pink Slip" the apartment was home to Chuck, Ellie and Devon, and is the location of many events throughout the series. During "Chuck Versus the Pink Slip", Ellie and Devon decide that they should have their own place, and move to the newly available apartment across the courtyard, leaving Chuck the apartment.

Chuck then asks Morgan to be his room mate, which delights Morgan, having wanted to be room mates since the second season. After Morgan moves in, noticeable changes are made; Chuck's guitar is moved downstairs and video games equipment is left in prominent positions (such as a Forza Motorsport 3 racing chair).

After Sarah and Chuck begin really dating rather than just cover dating in Season Three, Sarah begins spending nights at the apartment. Although initially reluctant to move in when Chuck asks her, Sarah agrees by the end of "Chuck Versus the Role Models" and is seen living at the apartment from that point.

In "Chuck Versus the Masquerade", Morgan decides to move out, he no longer wants to be the third wheel, living with an engaged couple. He tells Chuck that it is time that he grow up. The pair sadly acknowledged it was the end of an era.

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