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Chuck's first watch in Chuck Versus the Tango

Chuck's Watch refers to the chronometer/tracker/communicator Chuck wears for the first seasons of the show. It is, at one point, revealed to have been designed by Laszlo Mahnovski.


Among its known features are a built-in tracking device and two-way radio. Chuck's first watch was destroyed by Laszlo to keep Sarah and Casey from tracking them.

In several episodes, Chuck deliberately leaves it behind when he doesn't wish to be tracked. The watch also has an integral distress beacon, and by Chuck Versus the Best Friend, was upgraded to allow Chuck to turn the tracking device on and off.

Similar watches are also worn by Sarah and Casey. The watch is one of many devices used by the team that reference the gadgets of James Bond. In Chuck's case, however, the reduced emphasis on the watch appears to mark his own evolution as a spy.


Watch 1 - Chuck receives his first watch from Sarah in Chuck Versus the Tango. This watch lasts until Chuck Versus the Sandworm when it is destroyed by Laszlo.

Watch 2 - It is unknown when Chuck received this watch, but he destroys it in Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami to stop Lou Palone from incriminating herself for smuggling.

Watch 3 - This watch was destroyed by Matty and Scotty with whom Chuck works with whilst posing as Rafe Gruber. They destroy the watch by crushing it, replacing it with an flashy gold-plated watch they brought as a thank you, which is then later replaced.