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This page is a timeline of events within the Chuck universe.

Dec 2022 note: This timeline is gradually being reviewed for accuracy. Some of the details will not be filled until for a year.





1961, 1966[]








  • Michael Tucker was in Earth, Wind & Fire as Rain.[13]
  • While living mostly with her grandmother, Sarah Walker is involved in a cookie sales con for a girl scout-like organization, with her father Jack Burton in McCall, Idaho. After hearing her father needs money and her grandmother told him to stay way, Sarah gives her father her piggy bank with the money she's saving for "Adventures with Dad" and gets in the car to run away with him. He keeps the piggy bank after he leaves her at her Grandmother's, but her only ever adds to it.[14]


  • Lt. Alex Coburn (aka John Casey) proposes to Kathleen McHugh at a train station, before he ships off. She accepts.[15] He doesn't know she is pregnant.[16]
  • Coburn is reviewed by a ranking officer regarding his application to special forces training while in Honduras. His application is denied, however Col. James Keller offers Alex a place in a top-secret black ops team, consisting of "the best operatives," which Coburn accepts.[16]
  • Coburn is officially "killed" in action in Honduras on the same day John Casey appears as a new recruit on Keller's black ops team.[16]
  • Alex McHugh is born.[16]
  • Roan and Beckman met in Berlin, and made deal to meet again in 20 years if they were still alive.[17]





  • March: Mary, worked as double agent, spying on Volkoff for CIA.[22]
  • At Elizabeth C. Stanton Middle School in Tarzana, CA, Suzy hits Morgan for spying on her in gym class. Chuck intervenes and tells Morgan to "stay away from girls for, like, 15 years." [23]


  • Bartowskis live in Encinco, CA, in the house that was the future location of the "Orion Cave," where Orion bases his search for Mary.[24]
  • John Casey is stationed in a top secret location, training under Ty Bennett.[25]



  • Sarah attends James Buchanan High School in San Diego, California when her father, Jack Burton, is arrested and sent to jail, according to Director Graham, to protect Jack from some of his scam victims. (*Her car was seen to have been a soft top, Mellow Yellow 1980 VW Rabbit Cabriolet)[28]
  • Sarah is invited to join the CIA by Langston Graham and accepts. He suggests a new alias of Sarah Walker.[28]


  • Sarah joins the CIA's CAT (Clandestine Attack Team) Squad.[29]
  • Chuck begins his freshman year at Stanford University and meets Bryce Larkin, a fellow nerd. They bond over Zork and they create their own version of the game. Bryce introduces Chuck to Jill Roberts.[30]
  • Chuck is in EE 131, which is based in C++. [31]
  • John Casey, along with his team, Packard, T.I., and MacKintosh, are in Zargos Mountains of Iran to plant charges to seal a vault full of gold used to fund terrorists. The team tries to steal the gold, but Casey incapacitates them. He seals the vault, which can only be opened with his hand print identification, and drags his team back to base to have them court-martialed.[32]




  • Chuck is expelled during his senior year at Stanford University after being framed for cheating, a frame designed by Bryce Larkin. Later, it is revealed that Larkin did this to prevent Chuck from being recruited by the CIA after scoring exceptionally on the encoded images bonus section of a test.[36]
  • Working at the Burbank Buy More as a green shirt, Chuck visits Jill to try to explain that he did not cheat, but her friend says she is dating Bryce.[36]
  • CAT Squad is disbanded.[37]
  • Morgan Grimes becomes an employee at the Burbank Buy More.[38]


  • John Casey's lover, Ilsa Trinchina, is believed dead in Grozny, Chechnya, having been caught in the blast radius of an explosive device.[39]


  • January 23rd[40]: Sarah passes her CIA "Red Test" by completing her first kill: Evelyn Shaw.
  • July 13th[41]: Bryce and Sarah, posing undercover as "The Andersons," perform a grab operation on a briefcase in Bogota, Colombia.[42]
  • Sometime during the year, Bryce and Sarah went to Cabo.[43]




  • Sarah's handler, Kieran Ryker tricks Sarah into completing an unsanctioned mission in Budapest, Hungary, killing eleven men who murdered a wealthy family. She was to get a "package" which was the surviving baby.
  • Ryker goes rogue, admitting to Sarah that the mission was unsanctioned and was only done to acquire a baby, the only heir to a massive fortune.
  • Sarah lies to CIA Director Graham about having the baby in her possession.
  • Sarah gives the baby to her mother to raise then breaks all contact in order to protect them.
  • Sarah is assigned her first mission without a handler; to figure out how Chuck was involved with the Intersect's destruction.
  • Ryker's "last known location" is Budapest, Hungary.[45]


  • Bryce breaks into an NSA base, destroying the Intersect computer but not before downloading it onto a mobile phone. Bryce sends the Intersect files to Chuck just before he is shot and apparently killed by John Casey.
  • Chuck receives Bryce's e-mail, and, after solving a Zork riddle, has the entire Intersect downloaded into his brain.
  • Team Bartowski is officially formed.
  • Jonas Zarnow is revealed to be a rogue NSA scientist trying to sell secrets from the Intersect.
  • La Ciudad is captured by Team Bartowski
  • Team Bartowski, along with Carina Miller steal a famous diamond from Peyman Alahi.


  • Ellie and Chuck have 'Mothers Day', commemorating the day their mother left them.
  • Harry Tang runs in on Chuck, Sarah, and Casey while they're being briefed by Beckman and is removed from the area and given a job in Hawaii.
  • Chuck skipped his interview for Buy More Assistant Manager, saving the Santa Monica Pier from a bomb instead.


  • Chuck found a list of CIA recruit identities, which included him, even though he was not recruited.
  • Chuck breaks up with Sarah and begins dating Lou Palone. They later break up, amicably, after she is told by Casey that Chuck is undercover with the FDA.
  • Thinking that they were going to die, Sarah kisses Chuck. The 'bomb' was actually a stasis chamber containing Bryce.
  • Fulcrum first revealed to Team Bartowski.
  • Bryce goes undercover to take Fulcrum down.

2007 Details - Season 1[]

1x01-1x11; Flashback from 5x08


Date Range Air Date Events
Tu 9/18 [47] 9/24 Start of 1x01. Chuck's birthday party. Chuck downloaded Intersect.
W 9/19 Chuck met Sarah at Buy More. Chuck and Morgan encountered ninja stealing his computer.
Th 9/20 Sarah asked Chuck on a "date". Bomb diffused saving General Stanfield and guests at his talk.
F 9/21 Morning at the beach. Casey started at Buy More. Chuck flashed on Sarah. End of 1x01.
Sa 9/22 10/1 Beginning of 1x02. Sarah started working at Wienerlicious. Second "date" in which Zarnow tested "Patient X." Zarnow faked his death.
Su 9/23 Bryce was in the newspaper as dying, in his cover, [48] Dinner at Echo Park apartment. Sarah was captured. Chuck flew helicopter. Zarnow was arrested.
M 9/24 Sarah and Chuck went to Bryce's graveside funeral for his cover.[49] Chuck apologized to Sarah at Wienerlicious, Ellie, Devon, and Morgan come to have another attempt at a dinner. End of 1x02. Sarah starts Mission Log with Day One.[50]
Th 9/27 Th, F[51]; 9/27-9/28, 10/4-10/5 10/8 Start of 1x03. Chuck flashed on La Cuidad.
F 9/28 F, Sa, or Su; 9/28-9/30, 10/5-10/7 Art auction/tango date/mission at Wiltshire Strand.
Sa 9/29 Sa, Su, or M; 9/29-10/1, 10/6-10/8 La Cuidad arrested. Sarah has family dinner at apartment. End of 1x03.
F 10/12 10/15 Start of 1x04. Couple game at Echo Park apartment.
Sa 10/13 Chuck/Sarah and Morgan/Carina date at Echo Park apartment. Carina places a Nerd Herd call to get Chuck to her room and propositions him.
Su 10/14 Wookiee/diamond mission. Carina kissed Morgan to hide the diamond with him. Sarah and Casey captured. Carina and Chuck rescued them.
M 10/15 [52] Carina farewell. Sarah quietly said to herself her middle name is Lisa. End of 1x04.
Sa 10/20 10/16-10/25 10/22 Start of 1x05. Evening of Morgan.
Su 10/21 day 1, 10/17-10/26 Stakeout mission.
M 10/22 day 2, 10/18-10/27 Original Bartowski Mother's Day. Sarah, Casey, and Mei-Ling are captured. Chuck rescued them. Morgan and Ellie bond in an "I miss Chuck" moment. Lo Pan arrested.
Tu 10/23 day 3, 10/19-10/28 Morgan placed second in Buy More Sales Competition. Make-up Mother's Day. End of 1x05.
M 10/29 10/29 Start of 1x06. Chuck flashed on Laszlo. Sarah gave Chuck photo of them and ComiCon.
Tu 10/30 Chuck watched View to a Kill with Laszlo. Laszlo escaped.
W 10/31 Chuck stops Nerd Herder bomb. Interview for Buy More Assistant Manager. Halloween party. End of 1x06.
F 11/2 11/5 Start of 1x07. Chuck flashed on his student ID. Professor Flemming was shot with crossbow by Magnus Einerson.
Sa 11/3 Stanford Game. Shootout and Standford. Magnus Einerson. arrested.
Su 11/4 Looked at Flemming's disk show he and Bryce conspired to frame Chuck for cheating.[53] Ending of 1x07.
M 11/12 11/12 Start of 1x08. Chuck met Lou. Chuck and Sarah have double date out with Ellie and Awesome. Ellie goes to ER for sidewalk emergency.
Tu 11/13 Lou names sandwich after Chuck. Sarah met Lou. Ellie poisoned. Sarah sleeps over with Chuck for cover. Ellie went to hospital.
W 11/14 Ellie saved. Payne captured. Sarah tells Chuck the "truth" about whether she thinks they have a future. Morgan and Anna get together.
Th 11/15 [54] Chuck broke up with Sarah at Wienerlicious. Chuck met Lou at her deli to say his "situation changed." End of 1x08.
F 11/16 11/19 Beginning of 1x09. Chuck and Sarah staged break-up at Buy More so others would see. Chuck's first date with Lou.
Sa 11/17[55] Club Ares mission/date, Sarah broke up date because she was concerned for Chuck's saving. Chuck bugged Demetrios. Lou left Chuck on date. Morgan made move on Anna, but was rejected.
Su 11/18 Sarah and Casey raided a phony smuggling container. Chuck apologized to Lou at Lou's Deli.
M 11/19 [56] Casey and Sarah revealed photo of Lou and Stavros to Chuck. Chuck confronted Lou on being a meat smuggler. Chuck and Sarah were captured and thrown in a trunk together. Feeling sorry for Morgan, Anna started making out with Morgan in Buy More's home theater room. Casey's revealed himself as an "FDA Agent" to get info from Lou. Casey and team raided docks. Chuck and Sarah escaped and went to stop bomb. Sr. Demetrios killed by Tommy Delgado. Chuck and Sarah kissed in front of Bryce Bomb before it "expired."
Tu 11/20 Chuck broke up with Lou. Bomb squad opened Bryce Bomb, revealing it was not a bomb. Morgan suggested a double-date date (Morgan/Anna , Chuck/Lou) for Friday night, presumable after Thanksgiving. Chuck informed Morgan broke up with Lou, so Morgan broke up with Anna. Chuck said he's going to get back together with Sarah, so Morgan apologized to Anna . Chuck left a message to Sarah, asking her on a date to Sbarro. End of 1x09.
W 11/21 11/26 Start of 1x10. Sarah told Chuck about Bryce being in the container.[57] Chuck talked to Bryce. Bryce took Chuck hostage and escaped.
Th 11/22 Thanksgiving. Bryce showed. up at Chuck's during dinner. Chuck saw Bryce and Sarah kiss. Bryce was shot in vest by Casey and captured.
F 11/23 Black Friday Bryce hand off. Fulcrum attacked Buy More. Bryce shot Chuck in vest. Tommy arrested. Bryce went undercover to go after Fulcrum. Sarah was "invited to Omaha." End of 1x10.
M 12/3 [58] M; 12/3 or 12/10 Morgan stakes out Anna going out with her parents.
Tu 12/4[59] Tu; 12/4 or 12/11 12/3 Beginning of 1x11. Lester lead dreidel gambling pit. Nerd Herd call to Lon Kirk's boat. Chuck flashed on counterfeit bills. Sarah late to afternoon briefing. The Lon Kirk charity event.
W 12/5 W; 12/5 or 12/12 Sarah undercover mission on Lon Kirk's boat. Morgan met Anna's parents. Chuck's flashed on crate with counterfeit plates.
Th 12/6 Th; 12/6 or 12/13 Morgan invited Chuck and Sarah on cruise at marina.[60] Morgan and Anna' family saved on boat. Casey's Crown Vic destroyed. Lon Kirk arrested.
F 12/7 [61] F; 12/7 or 12/14 Morgan recovered from eating too much shrimp. Buy More Holiday Party. End of 1x11.


1x12-1x13; 2x01-2x11


Early 2008 Details - Season 1[]


Date Range Air Date Events
Th 1/24 1/3, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24 1/24 Start of 1x12. Chuck found Jeff had hacked into hotel computer, and Chuck flashed on meeting of Russian mobsters. Chuck let Casey know one of the people was his old flame, Ilsa Trinchina, who was thought to have been killed in an explosion in 2004. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey go to the hotel, but it was a party for guests who were to be at Ilsa's wedding to Victor Federov.
F 1/25 1/4, 1/11, 1/18, 1/25 Chuck got Casey to open up to him. Sarah went to bug Ilsa and Federov's room. Casey and Chuck tracked down Ilsa at the hotel bar. Chuck discovered Ilsa is a French agent. Casey came back to room with Ilsa. Chuck's presence was revealed, and both he and Casey hid from Federov. They leave when Federov passed out. Awesome planned a night of seduction for Ellie, and he blew it.
Sa 1/26 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26[62] Ilsa says goodbye to Casey. Ilsa's mission/wedding. Chuck and Casey discovered Federov had had Ilsa bugged. Chuck and Casey captured. Looking for Chuck, Sarah went to Echo Park apartment where Ellie was alone and upset. She left Morgan to look after Ellie, and she stops the wedding.
Su 1/27 1/6, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27 Morgan wakes up with Ellie, having actually just slept with her. Ilsa left after spending the night at Casey's. End of 1x12.
Tu 1/29 [63] 1/24 Start of 1x13. Awesome asked for Chuck's blessing to marry Ellie. Awesome gave Chuck the engagement ring to hide. Chuck discovered a Fulcrum bug at the Buy More. Lester and Jeff stole Big Mike's marlin and hid it at Chuck's pad. Morgan found the ring, which he incorrectly assumed was from Chuck to Sarah, hid it in the marlin, and moved it to the Wienerlicious.
W 1/30 All items removed from Buy More by the CIA/NSA to search for more bugs. Investigation at the store. Chuck guessed Lizzie is the Fulcrum agent. Longshore took Chuck to be choppered to a bunker. Lizzie killed Longshore. Sarah stopped Lizzie.
Th 1/31 Chuck and Sarah found the ring in a dumpster. Awesome proposed to Ellie. Buy More items returned. End of 1x13.


  • Chuck asks Sarah on a real date before the new Intersect comes on online and she is reassigned.
  • The new Intersect is destroyed after Fulcrum manages to steal the cypher from an NSA lab and replace it with a sabotage device, killing CIA Director Langston Graham in the process.
  • Lester Patel is chosen as the new assistant manager at the Burbank Buy More.


  • Chuck "breaks-up" with Sarah for a real relationship, but the cover relationship remains.
  • Sarah attends her high school reunion with Chuck, where it is revealed her former classmate Heather Chandler is selling US super-bomber plans to the Russian mob.
  • Emmett Milbarge, an efficiency expert, becomes assistant manager at the Burbank Buy More.


  • Chuck meets with Jill Roberts while on a Nerd Herd call.
  • Team Bartowski finds out that Jill's boss, Guy Lefleur, is working for Fulcrum, before he is killed.
  • Jill finds out he is a government asset, but not why, and they begin dating.
  • Chuck, Sarah, and Casey find out that Jill is a Fulcrum agent. She is interrogated, and tells Team Bartowski that she was recruited while at Stanford University.
  • Jill breaks free from custody and takes control of Castle to upload joint CIA/NSA intelligence with her Fulcrum handler; Leader. They are both arrested and incarcerated.


  • The Burbank Buy More is taken hostage by Fulcrum agent Ned Rhyerson, who is posing as a desperate man who has lost his job. Another Fulcrum agent, Frank Mauser who is also a hostage negotiator, takes Chuck hostage, to be transported to a secret Fulcrum facility. Sarah frees Chuck and shoots Mauser to protect Chuck.

Late 2008 Details - Season 2[]


Date Range Air Date Events
M 9/29 9/19[64] - 10/12 9/29 Start of 2x01. Chuck got Intersect Cipher. Colt hanged Chuck off building. Sarah and Casey rescued Chuck, and Colt escaped. Graham told Chuck he will be done with spies. Casey received order from Beckman to kill Chuck.
Tu 9/30 9/20-10/13 Morgan revealed his secret plan for the Compound Level of Call of Duty for Buy More vs Large Mart. Big Mike offered Chuck assistant manager position. Chuck thanked Casey for always catching him (not knowing the NSA Agent had been given the illegal order to kill him.) Thinking he would done with the Buy More, Chuck turned him down, but he was assigned to pick a new assistant manager. At Sarah's new Orange Orange job, Chuck asked Sarah out on a real date before she is reassigned, and she accepted, the "second first date." Chuck and Sarah went on date. Casey was going to hand off Cipher to a government courier, but he's attracted and the Cipher was stolen. Chuck and Sarah were attacked by Colt's team on the date, where she didn't take a gun because it was a real date. Casey's drove his new Crown Vic into the restaurant to save them.
W 10/1 9/21-10/14 Chuck conducted interviews of Anna, Jeff, and Lester for the assistant manager position. Chuck flashed on the wound mark from Colt's ring on Casey's cheek. Chuck provides intel which, if successful, put the kill order back in place. Casey, Sarah, and a Federal team raided Colt's hidout, but he was not there because they waited. Chuck got a Nerd Herd support call from Colt at his new hideout. Chuck called Morgan and used his Call of Duty strategy to bluff Colt. Chuck took the Cipher and tried to flew. Colt caught him and threw him off a building. Casey caught while he fell, but thinking Chuck died, Sarah faught Colt. Casey stops Colt , but Colt 's team stopped him. Chuck arrived with the Federal team, Cipher in hand, and captured Colt. Casey sneaked into Chuck's apartment to kill him. The Cipher was put into the beta Intersect by Graham, but it was a Trojan horse, destroying it and killing everyone there. Sarah arrived, revealed the fact the Cipher was a Trojan horse, and called off the date. Casey left before he took a shot at Chuck.
Th 10/2 9/22-10/15 Lester became the assistant manager. Morgan, Chuck, and Casey go to see if Jeff could eat 90 Twinkies at the Buy More. End of 2x01.
F 10/3 9/23-10/16 10/6 Start of 2x02. Chuck learned from Casey that Graham had been killed when beta Intersect was destroyed. Lester talked to the Buy More staff. Sarah told Chuck they couldn't be together as protector/asset. Chuck taken to Castle. Found Roan passed out from drinking too much.
Sa 10/4 9/24-10/17 Roan recovered. Devon got bad advice from Morgan about a romantic evening for Ellie. Chuck and Sarah kissed when practicing seduction. Lester used Wheel of Misfortune to get the staff to respect him. Morgan was fired as a result, and everyone quit in retaliation. Chuck's employed Roan's three-prong assault to seduce Sasha Banacheck. Chuck jumped out hotel room. Casey and Sarah captured. Devon's romantic plan flopped. Chuck asked Roan for help.
Su 10/5 9/25-10/18 10/13 Chuck couldn't reach Beckman because he's unofficial. Roan offered to help getting Sarah and Casey from Sasha. Trade at Buy More. Chuck swung off Buy More roof to save Sarah and capture Sasha.
M 10/6 9/26-10/19 Fixed "Under New Assistant Manager" banner repaired to call that the "AssMan." At Chuck's request, CIA/NSA helped create a romantic transformation in apartment, helping Devon. Roan left Casey's, where he had stayed. Chuck wore a white dinner jacket, employing "The Montgomery" to"get Sarah." Bryce is at Sarah's. End of 2x02. Start of 2x03. Chuck returned to apartment from the failed date attempt and said "Bruce"[65] was there.
Tu 10/7 9/27-10/20 Lester ordered Morgan to get Mitt and Mighty Jocks out of the home theater room in Buy More. Briefing with Bryce in Castle. Ellie sees Bryce from the back flirting with Sarah, thinking it was Bruce. Under orders, Morgan turns off the power to the home theater room, ending Mitt 's Madden game. He threatens Morgan and Lester, for after work. Lambada dance mission at Von Hayes' estate to get NOC list on microchip. Explosion knocked out Sarah so she went to the hospital. Morgan and Lester stay at Buy More all night.
W 10/8 9/28 - 10/21[66] Chuck brought flowers to Sarah. Ellie saw Bryce[67] hanging around hospital, knowing him only as Sarah's ex, and told Devon. Devon told Bryce Sarah was in love with Chuck. Morgan payed off Mitt. Devon intercepted flowers from Von Hayes, and Chuck called him, thinking they were from Bryce. Chuck negotiated trade of money for the NOC list microchip. Sarah took out Fulcrum assassin at hospitaland left to protect Chuck. At the train station, trade backfired, but Chuck exchanged the money to bad-guys-for-hire for Von Hayes. Fulcrum agent captured Chuck, and Bryce ordered Sarah to shoot toward Chuck (even though she had a head injury). Sarah didn't take the shot, but Casey saved Chuck instead. Mighty Jocks back in home theater room. Morgan and Mitt have a cage fight to settle things. Anna used tripods as weapons to take down Mitt. Bryce gave selfish advice that Chuck should break up with Sarah with an argument that it would protect her. Chuck "broke up" with Sarah, but the cover relationship remained. Chuck and Sarah went to dinner with Ellie and Devon at the apartment. End of 2x03. (time compressed)
10/17 F; 10/3-11/7 10/20 Start of 2x04. Chuck eavesdropped on Heather Chandler and Mark Ratner meeting "Jenny" (aka Sarah) at Orange Orange. Dinner with Heather Chandler and Mark Ratner.
10/18 Sa; 10/4-11/8[68] Big Mike went fishing, leaving Lester in charge. Lester instituted "make an offer" sales policy. 10-year reunion at James Buchanan High in San Diego. Party at Buy More to make up losses from the sales policy.
10/19 Su; 10/5-11/9 Clean-up after party at Buy More. Lester quit as Assistant Manager. Chuck shared cheeseburger with Sarah in her hotel room. End of 2x04.
10/27 Su-W; 10/12-11/12 10/27 Start of 2x05. Emmett Millbarge brought to Buy More as efficiency expert, and he started interviews with staff. Farrokh Bulsara came to Buy More, looking for Jeff. Chuck's mission to get close to Jeff to find out why, where he saw his videos of Anna and being setting the Missile Command world record.
10/28 M-Th; 10/13-11/13 Mission at Atari. Mr. Morimoto killed.
10/29 Tu-F; 10/14-11/14 Mission Command exhibition at Buy More. Chuck got to Missile Command kill screen and Sarah uses code to stop satellite. Emmett became Assistant Manager. Chuck received Stanford diploma. At apartment back patio with Sarah , Chuck made wish on falling satellite/shooting star. End of 2x05.
M 11/17 M-W; 11/10-11/12, 11/17-11/19[69] 11/10 Start of 2x06. Chuck met Jill and Guy at bio-conference while he was fixing the registration network, and he flashed on Guy. Mission date with Jill. Big Mike choked on a doughnut and Emmett saved him with the Heimlich maneuver.
Tu 11/18 Tu-Th; 11/11-11/13, 11/18-11/20 Devon conduced CPR training at Buy More. Chuck apologized to Jill at her hotel. Guy killed. Morgan caught trying to steal CPR test answer key in Ellie and Devon's room holding Ellie's underwear. Jill interrogated.
W 11/19 W-F; 11/12-11/14, 11/19-11/21; [69] CPR test at Buy More; Chuck left early. Sarah talked at day 3 of conference. Fulcrum released gas attack. Sarah killed Fulcrum agent. Chuck and Jill saved conference and kissed. End of 2x06.
Su 11/23 11/17 Start of 2x07. Chuck and Jill went to date on roof of Buy More, where Casey had a surveillance camera.
M 11/24 Mission at hotel to Guy's room. Chuck and Sarah hit with unknown substance (Hi-C) from puzzle box and took a shower together. Chuck and Sarah showered together. Jill caught them. At Castle, Chuck , Sarah, Casey and Jill worked together to solve riddle of puzzle box. Found list of Fulcrum agents at opera in encrypted device..
Tu 11/25 Chuck and Jill went away together. Jill "kidnapped" by Fulcrum agent, Edgar, to trade for Fulcrum list. Chuck traded copy of list for Jill. Chuck gave original to Casey. Sarah "warned" Jill not to hurt Chuck beause she would protect him from anything. Chuck and Jill went back to his room, but he couldn't perform with surveillance cameras, so they left. Fulcrum list was decrypted, revealing Jill was Fulcrum. Sarah and Casey raced to Chuck's room only to find he had left with Jill.
W 11/26 11/24 End of 2x07. Start of 2x08. After sleeping with Jill, Chuck found out she was Fulcrum due to a message from Leader on her phone. Sarah and Casey went to hotel to inform Chuck. Chuck practiced controlling a mark with Sarah in Castle. At carival, Chuck and Leader caught in broken Gravitron, Leader shot and fled, and Jill arrested and taken to Castle.
Th 11/27 Jeff, Lester, and Morgan worked security at Buy More during Thanksgiving. Buy More alarm alerted Big Mike. Leader found in a trap for Sarah and Casey. Jill and Leader escaped Castle after locking up Sarah and Casey. Big Mike knocked out leader. Chuck saved Sarah from Jill and arrested his ex by trapping her in a Nerd Herder. Jeff, Lester, Morgan, Chuck and Sarah went to Thanksgiving dinner at apartment. End of 2x08.
12/1 11/28-12/16[70] 12/1 Start of 2x09. Mission encountering Casey's old sensei, Ty Bennett, who had switched to Fulcrum.
12/2 11/29-12/17 While Sarah and Casey on mission to catch Bennett, he captured Chuck at Buy More. Casey plays chicken even though Chuck is in Bennett's car, lost Bennett, and is benched. Casey used Chuck to get out of Castle and go Bennett at his dojo. Chuck locked up in Orange Orange. Sarah was by herself at wedding planning meeting with Devon's parents when Chuck called for help. Ellie got upset at the suggestion that Woody walk Ellie down the aisle. Sarah left Chuck locked up and went after Casey. Chuck let himself free, went after Bennett, and was captured, resulting in Casey and Sarah being captured. In a death match "for honor" with Chuck as his "corner man," Casey finds his angry center and beats Bennett.
12/3 11/30-12/18 Devon's parents had left. Ellie explains she wanted her dad at the wedding. Chuck promised to find him. End of 2x09.
12/8 12/1-12/19[70] 12/8 Start of 2x10. Anna suggests she and Morgan move-in together at a Buena Burbank apartment. Chuck follows Sarah to dinner she has with her dad, Jack Burton.
12/9 12/2-12/20 Chuck had dinner with Sarah and her dad and they learned about Nakotomi Plaza con that Jack run on Sheikh Amad. Chuck posts and Lichtenstein and Sarah posts as Applebaum get Jack out of a jam when Sheikh Amad showed up. Morgan borrowed money from Devon for apartment, but caught DeLorean instead.
12/10 12/3-12/21 Sarah informed Beckman about the con, and she says to use it to learn more. Lichtenstein con to get money from Sheikh Amad, run by Jack, Sarah, Chuck, and Casey. Morgan got DEMORGAN license plate.
12/11 12/4-12/22 Chuck rescued Sarah using Morgan's DeLorean. Sarah shot and rescued her father. Sheikh Amad arrested.
12/12 12/5- 12/23 Morgan gets money from DeLorean being stolen and considers buying a General Lee car replica. Feds fail to arrest Jack (for taking the month from a con they unofficially endorsed and giving the money to a government asset) because Sarah intentionally sent him for ice cream. End of 2x10.
W 12/24 12/15 Start of 2x11. Ned Rhyerson of Fulcrum created hostage situation at the Buy More. Casey's toe was shot off "accidentally." Chuck gave Sarah a family heirloom, his mom's old charm bracelet, like someone would give a real girlfriend. LAPD Lt. Mauser, also Fulcrum, got the two Federal agents, Sarah and Casey, released. To protect everyone, Chuck revealed himself as the human Intersect to Mauser and was escored out by Mauser. Awesome, Big Mike, and Morgan took out Ned. Jeff was scared off, and Lester was hurt. Morgan saw Lester kiss Anna (but not that it was unwelcome). Sarah rescued Chuck and killed Mauser when he was unarmed to protect Chuck's secret. Chuck saw Sarah shoot an unarmed man, and she lied about it. End of 2x11.





  • Chuck meets MI6 agent, Cole Barker, who is deep undercover inside Fulcrum. Cole reveals his knowledge of the Intersect's designer, Dr. Howard Busgang.
  • Chuck meets Howard Busgang, who reveals that the Intersect's chief designer is code-named Orion.
  • Chuck finds a message on his computer from Orion. He knows Chuck is the human Intersect.
  • General Beckman first meets with Team Bartowski in person at Echo Park.
  • Chuck is kidnapped by Fulcrum agent Vincent Smith, who attempts to kidnap Orion.
  • Orion is apparently killed in a Fulcrum helicopter when he hijacks an MQ-1 Predator to destroy it.
  • Sarah takes Chuck to meet his dad, Stephen Bartowski, and Chuck brings his father back to Burbank.
  • Chuck finds out that Stephen's former friend and current nemesis, Ted Roark, is building an Intersect when Chuck is contacted by Orion again.
  • Chuck goes on a rogue mission to find the Intersect in Roark's offices, at the same time, discovering that Stephen Bartowski is actually Orion.
  • Stephen tries to help Chuck by removing the Intersect from Chuck's head, only to be interrupted when Ted Roark, who  reveals himself to be a Fulcrum agent. Roark kidnaps Orion to complete the Fulcrum Intersect.


  • Chuck interrogates Jill Roberts to find Stephen. They head to the Strength Leader Corporation, a Fulcrum business front, where Jill discovers that Orion is being moved to Black Rock.
  • Chuck allows Jill to escape from custody after she helps him. She is never seen again.
  • John Casey is promoted to Colonel
  • Devon discovers that Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are spies.
  • Stephen reprograms the Fulcrum Intersect built by Ted Roark at the request of the CIA.
  • Team Bartowski rescues Stephen from the hidden Fulcrum base at Black Rock. Before escaping, Stephen removes the Intersect from Chuck's brain successfully. The area is bombed under orders of General Beckman.
  • Emmett is promoted to store manager at the Burbank Buy More. Big Mike is demoted to Green Shirt.
  • Morgan becomes the new assistant manager, but quits soon after and moves to Hawaii with Anna Wu.
  • Stephen, Sarah, and Chuck take part in Ellie's wedding. After the church wedding is disrupted by Ted Roark and his agents, the wedding is rescheduled by Chuck, using his "paycheck" for helping at the Intersect. Devon and Ellie marry on the beach at a second wedding ceremony.
  • Bryce dies at the hands of The Ring defending Intersect 2.0 from them.
  • Ted Roark is incarcerated by the NSA, and later killed by an agent of The Ring.
  • Chuck uploads and destroys the Intersect 2.0.
  • Chuck begins his spy training in Prague.

May 2009 to January 2010[]

(5th month of Chucks training in Prague[71] or 3 weeks after Intersect 2.0 download[72])

  • Sarah meets Chuck to run away together at a train station, Chuck decides to stay and finish training to become a spy. She later says she was there to spread Bryce's ashes, so no one knows the truth about this gap in her itinerary.
  • After 6 months training, Chuck is fired from the CIA after showing what Beckman perceives as subpar performance during his training, unable to consistently flash.
  • With Chuck back at the apartment, he is depressed, eating cheese balls, and letting himself go before learning from the Buy More Nerdherders, both Casey and Sarah are back in LA. Sarah refuses to take his calls. She is in deep undercover (with John Casey as her backup) as a Ring associate's, Gilles, girlfriend.

Early 2009 Details - Season 2[]


Date Range Air Date Events
M 1/5 1/2-2/7 (prob early Jan) 2/2 Start of 2x12. Chuck dreamed about Sarah killing him in bed. IG-88 gernade at Buy More to kill Tyler Martin. Morgan gets Golden Ticket to go to the concert. Butterman at the Buy More. Challenge to see who gets the second ticket. Chuck "partied" with Tyler Martin.
Tu 1/6 1/3-2/8 (prob early Jan) Tyler Martin concert. They save him. He says goodbye. Sarah expains why she shot Mauser on Christmas Eve and gave Chuck a break from her. Chuck went on a mission with Sarah and Casey anyway. End of 2x12. (time compressed)
M 2/2 1/5-2/10 (prob Feb) 2/23 [73] Start of 2x14. Morgan, Jeff, Lester, and Chuck used Jeff's van to stalk Anna on a date with Jason Wang. Chuck fashed.
Tu 2/3 1/6-2/12 (prob Feb) Awesome outsourced finding a wedding band to Chuck. Mission at party at Jason's showroom. Morgan caught in the parking lot as a stalker. Jeffster set up to audition for Ellie and Awesome at the apartment, but they chickened out.
Tu 2/4 1/7-2/13 (prob Feb) Jeff appealled to Awesome about Jeffster. Chuck appologized to Morgan. Chuck and Morgan hid from Triad, who had come to the Buy More. Morgan taken by Triad. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey saved the Chinese Embassador (and Morgan) from being killed in an assassination. Chuck remotely controlled a Nerd Herder that contained the bomb, and Sarah was upset thinking he died. Afterwards, they returned to the Buy More where Jeffster performed Toto's Africa in a make-up audition, which was really a just Awesome giving them a chance to follow their dream. Chuck and Sarah held hands because he was her best friend. End of 2x14.
Sa 2/14 2/16 Start of 2x13. Bike Mike received divorce papers. Awkward Valentine's Day date,
Su 2/15 Meadow Branch suburb mission started.
M 2/16 Breakfast at suburb house. Chuck went to Silvia's. Chuck downloaded test Fulcrum Intersect. Jeff and Lester got Big Mike on an online dating site.
Tu 2/17 Big Mike met Morgan's mom, and they started dating. Sarah and Chuck captured. Chuck forced to download Fulcrum Intersect, but it didn't affect him. Then when Sarah was going to be forced to download the fault Intersect, Casey started it early before people were protected with sunglasses, and Chuck protected Sarah, so only Fulcrum agents were affected. End of 2x13.
Su 2/22 3/2 Start of 2x15. Beckmen told Casey and Sarah about Cole digging up Brad White and said to keep a close eye on Chuck.
M 2/23 [74] From Ellie's suggestion, Chuck cover-broke up with Sarah. Cole arrived in LA. Sarah's mission to seduce Cole. Cole destoyed helicopter in LA and stayed at Castle overnight.
Tu 2/24 Ellie regretted telling Chuck to break up with Sarah, not expecting to have already done it. Jeff and Lester did a "casting couch" at the Buy More. Sarah, Casey, and Cole do fake-handoff mission with Fulcrum for the chip. Hacking the chip, Chuck trips Fulcrum homing beacon. Chuck, Sarah and Cole captured. Cole and Chuck both say they are the human Intersect, Cole was tortured and Chuck fainted, to stall. Casey rescued them. Cole invited Sarah to go away with him, and when she said no, he kissed her goodbye. Chuck invited Morgan to get an apartment together. Cole was captured. Sarah told Chuck she's moving in with him. (It's or protection, but that means the cover is back on.) End of 2x15. (time compressed)
W 2/25 3/9 Start of 2x16. Sarah woke up at Chuck's having sent the night in his bed. Chuck told Morgan that they are not getting an apartment together, after he got a lease for them to sign. Cole escaped and broke into Castle. Anna found the apartment lease and tought she and Morgan were getting an apartment together. Sarah and Casey went on mission at Swiss Consulate office to find Perseus (Howard Busgang). They were captured. Cole and Chuck rescued them, and Cole was shot
Th 2/26 Ellie put Chuck in cast because of his injury. Chuck follows Busgang to Constellation Science. Chuck reveals he's the human Intersect to Busgang and learns about Orion. Duncan from Fulcrum showed up, and Cole was shot protecting Chuck. Casey and Sarah saved everyone. Cole invited Sarah again, and she turns him down again. Chuck and Morgan agreed to not move in together; Morgan had decided to move in with Anna. Chuck talked to Sarah and says he couldn't handle moving in with her. Chuck told Ellie he is not moving out. Chuck's mind map on the back of his Tron poster was revealed. End of 2x16.
Th 3/12 3/5-3/23[75] 3/23 Start of 2x17, End of plumbling mission. Chuck asks Sarah about Orion and reviews the notes on the back of the Tron poster. Orion remotely connects to his video camera from Hong Kong. Fulcrum team lead by Vincent raids his hideout. It's hit with a missile. Beverly Hills Buy More TPs Burbank Buy More
F 3/13 3/6-3/24 TPing discovered in Burbank. Orion contacted Chuck through Nerd Herd computer at Buy More. Because of a search Chuck initialized, Orion knows Chuck is the human Intersect and he informed him a laptop is coming. Lester signed for laptop, thinking it's a Roark 7. Sarah mad at Chuck for not trusting her about the search. Jeff, Lester, and Morgan initiated a predator drone attack, but Chuck stopped them. Big Mike secured the laptop and assigned Emmett to guard it. Jeff/Lester, Chuck/Sarah/Casey, and Vincent all tried to steal the laptop. Emmett, Jeff, and Lester were neutralized. Vincent captured Chuck, but Sarah/Casey stop him. Vincent appeared to kill himself. Sarah/Casey called to the Buy More because of the break-in. Burbank Buy More employees retaliated against Beverly Hills Buy More. Beckman arrived at apartments to take the laptop and Chuck. She revealed they didn't trust Orion and weren't trying to find him for Chuck . Sarah revealed that she sided with Chuck , bringing her under suspicion for a 49-B. Vincent captured Chuck to smoke out Orion. Sarah and Casey rescue Chuck. Orion appears to die in a predator strike. (time compressed)
Sa 3/14 3/7-3/25 Chuck confronted Beckman about wanting him to keep the Intersect. She said he had to become a spy bercause of the fight with Fulcrum. Back in his room, Chuck received a final Matrix-like message from Orion and cards for the Intersect's design, and the message self-destructed. Sarah came to Chuck's room to make sure he still trusts her. End of 2x17
Su 3/15 3/8-3/26 3/30 Start of 2x18. Dry-run kidnapping of Chuck for Awesome's bachelor party. Beckman connects video call to Chuck room.
M 3/16 3/9-3/27 Awesome sees terminated call message from General Beckman in Chuck's room. Sarah's 49-B test began with Forrest as the agent in Sarah's place. Mission at Westside to get Hassan Khalid. Awesome's bachelor party. Forrest posed as stripper, drugged Awesome, and stole his badge. Sarah received failed 49-B test result.
Tu 3/17 3/10-3/28; M/Tu Sarah left apartment and started search for Stephen. Briefing revealed heartbeat tracker in Khalid working. The badge had been used to put a tracker in place before his heart surgery. Search completed as Sarah was driving out of town. Tracker found. Awesome woke up with with hangover and discovered badge missing. Chuck looked for badge at apartment and was captured because he put on a white coat for Dr. Woodcomb. Ellie saw fake pictures of Forrest at bachelor's party. Sarah sneaked into Chuck's room to return search results and discovered Chuck missing. Sarah and Casey found Chuck. Forrest's plan might have killed him, but Sarah trusted him and saved him. Chuck had tricked Khalid's doctor into revealing info. Sarah's 49-B result was reversed, and she was reinstated. That night, Chuck freaked out with Sarah, and she said the CIA should help him.
W 3/18 3/11-3/29 4/6 Sarah took Chuck to the trailer where his dad is hiding. End of 2x18. Start of 2x19. Sarah and Chuck brought back Stephen from trailer. Chuck flashed on Next Expo flyer.
Th 3/19 3/12-3/30, W/Th Chuck's interview at Roark Instruments and gets a job.
F 3/20 March 2009[76]; Th/F Chuck's first day. Jeff and Lester went to Next Expo. Chuck tried to break up the software lauch and was fired. Stephen gives Chuck and tip, and Chuck figured out RI is builing an Intersect. Chuck broke into RI and discovered his dad. aka Orion, doing the same thing. He tried to remove Chuck's Intersect, but that failed. He was captured by Roark, trading himself for Chuck's safety. Sarah and Casey rescued Chuck. (time compressed)
Th 4/9 [77] Mission log day 564. Sarah realized she loves Chuck and doesn't know what to do about it.
Tu 4/21 4/10-4/23+ 4/13 Start of 2x20. Chuck got Jill out of prison to find his father.
W 4/22 4/11-4/24+ (prob Sa, but 3 days before 2x22 weddings) Chuck and Jill's fake engagement celibration at Roberts's home. Chuck's first accidental kill of Uncle Bernie.
Th 4/23 4/12-4/25+, M-F 4/20 Chuck's second accidenal kill at Strentgh Leader Corporation. Chuck let Jill go free. Sarah ran with Chuck. Emmett promoted to Buy More Manager. Big Mike demoted to Green Shirt. End of 2x20. Start of 2x21. Chuck and Sarah didn't find Fulcrum at drive thru in Barstow. They stayed at motel.
F 4/24 4/13-4/26+ Casey arrested Chuck and Sarah. Morgan promoted to Buy More Assistant Manager. Jeff and Lester set off explosion at Buy More. Chuck and Sarah escape. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey rescue Orion. Fulcrum's Black Rock destroyed with air strike. Rehersal Dinner. End of 2x21. (time compressed)
Sa 4/25 4/14-4/27+; (prob Sa) 4/27 Start of 2x22. Bryce put in charge of new Intersect project, working with Sarah. Chuck and Casey quit Buy More. First wedding attempt at church. Roark attacked wedding to get the Intersect. Jeffster debuted. Bryce fakes trading himself as the human Intersect to save Ellie. Casey returned and with Sarah and Stephen, saved everyone. Roark wedding. Second wedding attempt on the beach--this time successful. Sarah desides to not go with Bryce, but never gets the chance to tell Chuck. Reception dance at courtyard. Stephen flashed on ring agent who collected Bryce. Roark killed with in custody at Castle by Ring agent traitor from Casey's team. Chuck, Casey, and Sarah go to second Intersect. Bryce killed. Chuck downloaded Intersect 2.0. Chuck uses "kung fu" to neutralize Ring agents. End of 2x22. Chuck taken to new training facility because of the 2.0.[78] (time compressed)
Sarah scattered Bryce's ashes.
Chuck left Sarah at train station in Prague, not going with her.


3x01-3x19; 4x01-4x10


  • In Chuck Versus the Pinkslip, Chuck sees Casey at the Orange Orange & overhears of a mission at the el Bucho with Sarah and asks to come and help out, so Beckman might get the old team back together again. Casey isn't impressed, even when Chuck says he can still flash. Chuck says he has something between him and Walker that he needs to fix and leaves . Chuck foils a hit on Sarah, but Giles dies at the hand of Javier Cruz. Chuck tells Sarah that he can be a spy and asks for her help. It is revealed in flashbacks that Chuck decided not to run away with Sarah, to become a 'real spy' in Prauge. After believing that he messed up the operation, Morgan returns after his girlfriend runs off with someone else in Hawaii.
  • Emmett Milbarge is killed by Javier Cruz.
  • Sarah goes to put Chuck out his misery at Casey's instance, and Chuck tries to tell Sarah how he feels but is knocked out by Cruz. He and Sarah then awaken in cells and he can't flash with his emotions compromised. After a beating, he recalls the memory of his decision to become and spy and not run away with Sarah.
  • Colonel Casey sees Emmett's body in the Buy More loading bay and starts the search for them.
  • Beckman gets the Team Bartowski back together, and asks Sarah to 'handle' Chuck.
  • Morgan Grimes becomes the new Burbank Buy More assistant manager and Chuck goes back to his cover Nerd Herder job.
  • Morgan and Chuck moves in together as Ellie & Devon move across the courtyard as Sarah tells Chuck if he wants to be a spy he needs to start keeping his feelings to himself.
  • In Chuck Verses the Three Words, Carina take Sarah clubbing to recruit her help on a mission to get evidence on her mark, Carl Stromberg, who is an arms dealer when they bump into Morgan & Chuck.
  • Beckman keeps the case under wraps and is seen talking to Shaw. Sarah decides to stay with the team for now
  • Sarah tells Chuck maybe things can be repaired between them. Morgan is seen waking up beside Carina.
  • Carina leaves Sarah the recording of Chuck's entire explanation and declaration of love.


  • Agent Shaw is put in charge of investigating the Ring and training Chuck, with Sarah's reluctant help
  • Chuck completes his first solo mission and meets Hannah in a first class flight to Paris.
  • Chuck dates and breaks up with Hannah over the week she works at the Buy More as a Nerdherder as Chuck realizes he still has feelings for Sarah and that his being a spy means he has to lie and put Hannah in harm's way without telling her.
  • Sarah shows interest in Shaw's seduction efforts, but is torn over her feeling for Chuck.
  • Sarah tells Shaw her first name is really Sam and the Ring try to kill Shaw. Chuck overhears this information, too.
  • Casey betrays the team to protect a loved one, but Chuck and Sarah save him. Casey is dismissed by General Beckman, but no charges are filed, his cover at the the Buy More becomes his life.
  • Sarah is sent to DC to assist Shaw.
  • Sarah is off the grid all day with Shaw in his penthouse apartment in the Hoffman Building, before flying back from DC with Shaw and leaving her luggage in Shaw's car.
  • Shaw allows himself to be taken and used as a human target against the Ring, but instead is turned by the Ring when shown his wife's execution by Sarah as her 'Red Test', choosing vengeance for his wife over all else, sets out to dissuade anyone of his being a mole now inside the CIA.
  • Shaw fakes the Ring Director's death, Chuck harbors misgivings but has no proof.
  • Chuck tells Sarah he loves her and asks if she loves him too. Sarah says yes. Chuck thinks Shaw means to harm Sarah, and sets out to save her but its a clever ruse by Shaw, who claims to have forgiven Sarah and needs her help to get the Ring in Europe.
  • Chuck's misgivings about Shaw are confirmed, when Morgan shows the fight scenes are staged.
  • Shaw betrays Sarah, and provides Intersect intel to the Ring Director, but Chuck saves Sarah from Shaw's revenge. Shaw is shot by Chuck and presumed dead.

April, May[]

  • Chuck and Sarah get together at last, deciding to leave via train from Paris. They are drawn back into the spy life by events and Casey, who has enlisted Grimes as his assistant. Chuck and Sarah agree they are dating exclusively.
  • Chuck starts having vivid dreams that Shaw is alive. The intersect starts causing problems for Chuck.
  • The Governor designed for the Intersect 2.0 is created by Stephen Bartowski.
  • Shaw is revealed to have survived the incident in Paris, and uploads the Ring Intersect.

May 24th-28th[]

  • Stephen Bartowski is murdered by Daniel Shaw, simply to emotionally compromise Chuck.
  • Ellie finds out about Chuck's involvement with the CIA after being manipulated by a Ring double-agent, Justin Sullivan. She witnesses her father's murder.
  • The Ring is defeated by Team Bartowski, after attempting to take control of the NSA, CIA, and other US intelligence agencies.
  • Shaw is incarcerated after being exposed and defeated by Chuck after a confrontation at the Burbank Buy More.
  • The Burbank Buy More is blown up after Morgan accidentally activates the explosives rigged inside the store by Shaw.
  • Jeff Barnes and Lester Patel become fugitives after being blamed for the store's demolition.
  • Chuck discovers Stephen Bartowski's secret base.

Early 2010 Details - Season 3[]


Date Range Air Date Events
day 0 1/10 Start of 3x01. Chuck ran out of cheese puffs and goes to Buy More.
Chuck interrupted Sarah's mission. Chuck and Sarah captured at Buy More
Chuck and Sarah escape from Mexico. End of 3x01.
day 0 1/10 Start of 3x02. Chuck and Morgan went to club where Sarah and Carina are.
Engagement party for Carina. Chuck says three words before passing out.
Chuck and Morgan had party at Apartment. Carina slept with Morgan.
Carina gave video of Chuck saying three words to Sarah. End of 3x02.
day 0 1/11 Start of 3x03.
Devon's press conference about saving Generalissimo. Party at Costa Gravas Consulate, Casey taken captive.
1/18 Chuck, Sarah, and Devon save Casey. Devon saves Generalissimo, using Casey's blood. Chuck removed bullet from Casey. Chuck and Sarah agreed to be friends. Devon kidnapped by the Ring. End of 3x03. Start of 3x04. Operation Awesome.
Chuck acted as Devon during mission. Introduction of Shaw.
End of 3x04.
day 0 1/25 Start of 3x05. First Class
Mission on flight to Paris
Shaw opened spy will of his wife. Hannah showed up at Buy More End of 3x05.
day 0 2/1 Start of 3x06. Shaw and Sarah failed mission.
Chuck and Hannah on mission
Chuck and Hannah together. End of 3x06.
day 0 2/8 Start of 3x07. Ellie met Hannah because she had slept with Chuck.
Dinner with Hannah, Ellie, and Devon.
Mission to WeaonCon.
Chuck broke up with Hannah. End of 3x07.
day 0 3/1 Start of 3x08. Fake Name
Chuck replaced sniper.
Sarah told name to Shaw. Casey saved Sarah. End of 3x08.
day 0 2/22[79] 3/8 Start of 3x09. Casey, Sarah, and Shaw to diversion mission where Devon and Ellie were. Buy More taken by Ring. Morgan discovered Castle. Employee revolt. Chuck and Morgan captured. Chuck told Morgan about intersect. End of 3x09.
day 0 3/15 Start of 3x10. Casey seen talking to man who recruited him to special ops.
Trace mission. Casey stole Tic Tac drug.
Casey revealed as traitor
Chuck and Sarah saved Casey and Kathleen. Casey found out about Alex. End of 3x10.
day 0 3/22 Start of 3x11. Chuck did surveillance mission.
Sarah gave Chuck Red Test. Casey killed for Chuck.
Sarah in DC, looking like she was going to transfer. End of 3x11.
day 0 3/29 Start of 3x12. Chuck became agent officially.
Chuck invited Sarah with him to Rome. Morgan and Devon agreed to help Chuck win Sarah back. Dinner date broken up.
Shaw found out Sarah killed Evelyn. Chuck saved Shaw from Ring stronghold. Chuck told Sarah how he felt. Casey admitted that he completed Chuck's Red Test.
4/5 Shaw told Sarah he has a lead on the Ring. End of 3x12. Start of 3x13. Chuck called for reinforcements to save Sarah from Shaw.
(same day?) Chuck in trouble for overreaction. Chuck got drunk, thinking he had lost Sarah. She said yes. Mission to Ring. Shaw saved director.
4/14 Chuck saved Sarah in Paris. Chuck shoots Shaw into the Seine River.
Th 4/15 [80] 4/26 Chuck and Sarah made love in Paris hotel room. End of 3x13. Start of 3x14. Chuck and Sarah left Paris on train.
End of 3x14.
day 0 ~2 weeks later [81] 5/3 Start of 3x15. Chuck invites Sarah to move in with him. Sarah didn't see the point. Chuck and Sarah learn about training with the Turners .
day 1 Otto mission to get software on tiger's collar. Casey trained Morgan on how to be a spy at the Buy More and Castle. Turners doublecrossed Chuck and Sarah to steal software from them. Justin met Devon and Ellie in Congo.[82]
day 2 Chuck and Sarah went after Turners at Grand Ambassador. Ellie called Chuck and left a message, freaking out. Morgan fails trailing. Otto brought tiger to apartment to get software back. Morgan trapped the tiger in Ellie and Devon's apartment. Otto captured.
day 3 Turners retired. Sarah accepted moving in with Chuck. Ellie and Devon leave Congo because he contracted "malaria." End of 3x15.
day 0 5/10 Start of 3x16. Chuck fell asleep watching TV and dreamed the President of Zamibia was going to be executed. Beckman told Chuck to see a therapist.
Chuck and Morgan when to the opera to stop the assassination. Chuck punched Dr. Kowambe, hitting out the wrong tooth, and Chuck was arrested and committed.
Chuck gave tooth to Sarah, but it was the wrong tooth. Kowambe attacked Chuck. Merlin, Sarah, and Casey saved Chuck.
Chuck cleared for duty. Chuck dreamed Shaw was alive. End of 3x16.
day 0 5/17 Start of 3x17. Stephen at the Orion cabin red coded article from Ellie saying she needed to see him. Ellie arranged a meeting with Justin. Stephen went to Buy More to find out from Chuck what Ellie was worried about. Chuck and Sarah went to Shaw's penthouse apartment to find intel on Shaw. Justin caught them. Stephen saved Chuck, discovering he downloaded the 2.0.
Stephen told Chuck about the Governor and left to create another one. Sarah and Chuck went to cabin to talk to Stephen. Ring was there, and Sarah saved Chuck and Stephen. Ellie went to Justin's CIA office. When she returned home, Casey was in her apartment (on a tip from Morgan that Ellie was cheating on Devon with Morgan). Justin told her he couldn't be trusted, so she hit him with a frying pan and ran. End of 3x17.
day 0 5/24 Start of 3x18. Subway
5/24 Stephen took Chuck away from CIA building. Sarah left behind and captured by Shaw. Stephen killed. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey taken by Shaw. Beckman captured. End of 3x18. Start of 3x19. Devon and Morgan rescued Chuck, Sarah, and Casey using Casey's car. Ellie told Chuck that after stopping Shaw, he had to stop being a spy.
Chuck fought Shaw in Buy More. Buy More destroyed when Morgan dropped bomb during recovery of explosives. Jeff and Lester went on the run. Chuck received final message from Stephen to continue his search for Mary Bartowski, who was mission.
Chuck went to the "Orion Cave" in the basement of his childhood home. End of 3x19.

May 28th-September 20th[]

  • Chuck leaves the CIA, as he promised Ellie, but is blocked from all other employment by Beckman who drafts him back into the Agency.
  • Casey, Sarah, Chuck, and Morgan search for Volkoff Industries.
  • The Burbank Buy More is rebuilt as an undercover CIA/NSA substation.

September 20th[]

  • Chuck begins searching for his mother and finds out she is involved somehow with Volkoff Industries.
  • Lester, Jeff, Skip, Fernando and several former Buy More employees are rehired. Morgan Grimes is promoted to store manager. Big Mike is rehired as assistant store manager.


November 29th[]

  • Alexei Volkoff discovers Chuck is Mary's son. He is revealed as being in love with Mary.
  • Mary reveals to Team Bartowski that her original assignment 20 years ago was to locate and retrieve Volkoff's network.

Late 2010 Details - Season 4[]


Date Range Air Date Events
day 0; Same day as end of 3x19.[83] 9/20 Start of 4x01. Chuck showed Morgan the "Orion Cave" in the basement of his childhood home, with files about his father's search for Chuck's mother.
day 1+; December 27[84] Sarah went on mission with Casey, without Chuck. Chuck and Morgan resume Stephen's search for Mary.
day 27+ [85] Search for Mary lad back to LA, where menu for "Imperial Dragons" was found. Their car is repossessed.
day 28+ - day 263 [86] Sarah and Casey get Volkoff's portable EMP in Hong Kong from Marco.[87] Morgan took sexting pictures of Chuck to send to Sarah. Chuck took 5 job interviews for a job after the Buy More. Chuck and Morgan returned to the Buy More because it had reopened. [88] Then met the first Greta , and Morgan hit on her.[89] Chuck learned Beckman was the new store manager, and she told him he worked there. Chuck went down Castle slide to the new Castle, where he met Casey and Sarah, back from Hong Kong. Casey forced him to flash on the handheld EMP. Chuck and Morgan when to get "Imperial Dragons" menu from his repossessed car because it matched the logo on the EMP's case. Examining the menu, Chuck flashed on "Shimira Chicken," indicating the menu was for ordering Volkoff weapons. Chuck called Volkoff Industries and said he was with the "New Ring,"
day 29+ - day 274 Casey and Sarah's plane hijacked and they were taken to Volkoff Industries HQ in Moscow. For a different reason, Chuck and Morgan flew the same place.
6-9 months after Charah got together officially; day 30+ - day 275[90] Using "Charles and Michael Carmichael" aliases, Chuck and Morgan infiltrated Volkoff Industries HQ and started to get info on "Frost" (Chuck's mom). Sarah and Casey were tied up. Sarah got a phone and started texting, but Morgan replied, thinking she was sexting. When the miscommunication was realized. Sarah rescued Sarah and Casey. The four of them escaped on a bus, after using a handheld EMP. End of 4x01.
day 0; At most, a few days before Chuck and Morgan restart at Buy More.[91]~July 26, 2010[92] 9/27 Start of 4x02. Sofia Stepanova shoots someone with smart bullet. Ellie and Devon have summit about Ellie being pregnant. The issue about Sarah not unpacking her suitcase was shown.
day 1; February 22-25, but not possible[93] Chuck and Morgan officially restarted at the new Buy More. New Greta at the Buy More. Mission in Milan to party and to get smart bullets during Milan Fashion Week. Devon told Morgan and Casey that he could tell the Buy More was filled with spies. Morgan told the store manager, Beckman, about the problem. Chuck and Sarah broke into Sofia's hotel room to get smart bullets.
day 2; February 23-26 or November 25, but not possible[94] Buy More received award for excellence from BBB. Bullets revealed to be fake. Jeff and Lester made vlog hiding out after "blowing up the Buy More." Casey and Morgan retrieved them and rehired them to come back to Buy More. At night in LA (next would be next day in Milan), Devon told Chuck and Sarah that he could tell the Buy More had spies. Mission back in Milan to get dress.[95] Runway cat fight. (time compressed)
day 3+[96] Sarah on cover of Stylista magazine because of fight. Ellie sees Buy Morons back at store. Beckman made Morgan the Buy More Store Manager. Ellie reminissed about her parents. Sarah unpacked her suitcase. Chuck mused that maybe he and Sarah were next for marriage and baby, freaking Sarah out. End of 4x02.
Tu 9/7 day 0; Tu[97]; -9/7[98] 10/4 Start of 4x03. New Greta at the Buy More. Romantic mission canceled. Prisoner handoff at Buy More, with Heather Chandler and Hugo Panzer. Game launch at Buy More, with the game supply missing. Panzer escaped. Casey shot. Heather helped Chuck and Sarah. Riot at Buy More. Big Mike stopped Panzer. Cubic Z ring lost.
W 9/8 day 1; -9/8[99] 10/11 Cleanup at Buy More after riot. Morgan symbolically gave Big Mike the assistant manager vest.[100] Chuck looked like he proposed to Sarah using Big Mike's lost cubic zironcium engagement ring, which he had found. End of 4x03. Start of 4x04. Coup d'Etat. Chuck bascked down from accidental proposal.
Th 9/9 da7 2+; -9/9 Morgan reviewed footage of Chuck's accidental proposal with Chuck and suggested 100 Conversations before "I Do" book by Dr. Fred, which had a book signing in the Buy More. Suggested Ellie and Devon officially invited to Costa Gravas (which to use as a baby-moon). Chuck and Sarah invited, too.
F 9/10 day 3+; -9/10 During celebration for Devon, because he had saved Generalissimo's life, coup d'etat attempt by Costa Gravan Premier Goya's wife Hortencia.
Sa 9/11 day 4+ -9/11 Goya hid at Casey's (who was recovering from being shot in Chuck Versus the Cubic Z) and was taken by Juan Pablo Turrini.
Su 9/12 day 5+; -9/12 Goya reconsiles with wife and back to power. Generalissimo gave intel on Frost, who was liason to Volkoff for Costa Gravas. End of 4x04.
Su 9/26[101] Dr. Wheelright tested Atroxium at Volkoff Industries, with Frost observing the test.
Th 10/7 9/28-10/7 10/18 Start of 4x05. Morgan and Alex were together, but he was scared to tell Casey.
F 10/8 9/29-10/8 Casey's "funeral." He was taken by Packard, T.I., and MacKintosh to get is handprint. Casey escaped and called Buy More, getting Jeff and Lester, before passing out in a dumpster. Casey has couch lock in Chuck and Sarah's apartment. Morgan woke him up by revealing he and Alex are together. Chuck and Sarah caputered trying to rescue Casey (who is gone.) Casey and Morgan went to Iran to rescue Chuck and Sarah.
Sa 10/9 9/30-10/9 Iran. Casey went in first, but was captured. Morgan saved Chuck, Sarah, and Casey
Su 10/10 10/1-10/10[102] 10/25 Dinner for Casey at Chuck and Sarah's apartment. Frost called Chuck. End of 4x05. Start of 4x06. Frostmet Chuck and Sarah and gave intel on Atroxium.
M 10/11 Sarah and Chuck took Atroxium intel to Beckman. Casey brought Morgan it as part of the team. Honey Woodcomb showed up at Devon and Ellie's apartment because she was pregnant. Morgan started to put up Halloween decorations, but then he delegated the idea to Jeff and Lester. Mission to buy Atroxium from Wheelwright. Mary shot Chuck. Later, Mary kidnapped him to where she had captured Wheelwright,
Tu 10/12 Ailse of Terror unveiled at Buy More. (time compressed)[103] Honey took Ellie and Devon shopping for baby things, and Mary observed. Sarah accidentally started countdown to release Atroxium. Wheelwright released from a Castle holding cell to stop it, but he released the Atroxium, dosing himself and Chuck. He got Chuck to guide him out of Castle, but Chuck trapped in in the Aisle of Terror. Casey and Morgan got data on Project Isis, about Mary, when she went undercover with Volkoff Industries. Mary when to see Ellie . Casey told Sarah that the file said Project Isis was over. Sarah arrested Mary before she could see Ellie . Chuck told Ellie that Mary was a spy. (time compressed) End of 4x06.
W 10/13[104] 11/1 Start of 4x07. Mary in holding in Castle. Chuck practiced arguing with Sarah using Morgan as a listening board at Orion Cave in childhood home. Phalanx XR-12 computer with triangle disks shown. Chuck checked with Ellie to see if she had anything from their dad. Chuck went to Castle to talk to his mom. Sarah went home. Morgan surprised her, and she almost killed him with a high-heeled shoe. He talked to her about the "first fight." Mary told Chuck about her MI-5 handler, Greg Tuttle. Ellie found message from her dad in Classifieds about a car. Morgan confronted Casey about making him the magnet. Chuck and Morgan meet with Tuttle. While Morgan in bathroom cleaning his earpiece, Tuttle met Chuck and both "captured" by Dasha.
Th 10/14 On airplane, Chuck and Tuttle escape and jump out of plane. The hitch a ride on the back of a pickup truck (with sheep) to a bank with info that would clear Mary. Chuck told Tuttle about the "first fight." Sarah, Casey, and Morgan interrogate Mary about where Chuck might be. She aggreed to cooperate if she could see Ellie. She went with Sarah to bank, where they met Chuck and Tuttle. At bank, Dasha and some of Volkoff's menn came, but Chuck and Sarah fought them off. Tuttle faked being shot by Dasha. They got triangle disks from safe deposit box and took them back to Orion Cave. The disks were empty. Mary retrieved an Intersect supression device and suppressed Chuck's Intersect. Tuttle revealed himself as Alexei Volkoff. Mary (aka Frost) and Volkoff tied up Chuck and Sarah. Mary secretly gave Sarah a way to get free. After Volkoff and Frost left, Sarah got her and Chuck free and they ran out of the house before it exploded. Ellie and Devon found her parents' old '68 Mustang. End of 4x07.
F 10/15 11/15 Start of 4x08. Sarah sent to Istanbul to go after Frost and Volkoff. Casey assigned to be Chuck's shadow. Chuck tasked to undergo testing.
Sa 10/16 Start of testing to try to remove the suppress of the Intersect,
W 11/17 Day 31 of testing try to remove the suppression of the Intersect.[105] Sarah returned from Russia, where she was still looking for Frost and Volkoff, to greet Chuck at Buy More. Rye arrived as specialist and started training Chuck. Jeff and Lester start investigating the new Greta (Summer Glau). Rye broke into Chuck and Sarah's bedroom to "attack" him, trying to force a flash.
Th 11/18 Greta went to Morgan to complain about Jeff and Lester. Mission with Rye in Switzerland. Auction to get diamond. Jeff and Lester organize "fact-finding mob" about Greta. Diamond swapped. (time compressed)
F 11/19 Casey talked to Alex, saying that his time in LA might be over. MIcrodot in diamond analyzed by Rye and Sarah. She left for Switzerland because "Chuck wasn't a spy," and Beckman decided she needed to be there. Lester set trap for Greta, she threatened him, and Casey provided a cover and effectively fired her from the Buy More. The Belgian captured Chuck and Rye on a gondola. Rye refused to save Chuck who was about to fall out, before he himself shot before he fell to his death. The Belgian captured Chuck by saving him from falling, (time compressed) End of 4x08.
Su 11/21 Start of 4x09. Chuck dreamed of being in bed with Sarah (with her wanting him to flash) and Lester. Sarah returned to Castle after "five countries in three day" looking for Chuck . Using intel from Morgan, Sarah and Casey kidnapped Anad Chenerad from "Thai Embassy" in LA[106]. Chenerad taken to Castle, Sarah sent how to rest, where she discovered Chuck's proposal plan, and Morgan said what it was. Sarah put Casey in a cell, threatened Chenerad, and went after Chuck in Thailand. Morgan freed Casey and got him to agreed to take him to Thailand to find Chuck. Chuck had another dream, and The Belgian said to start "Phase Three" of dissecting Chuck's brain to get the Intersect.
Tu 11/23[107] 11/22 Ellie found Orion laptop, but can't get in and goes to work a long shift. Devon got Jeff, Lester[108], and a lot of the Buy More staff to help. Sarah entered Thai bar to get info about Chuck and got audience with Thai "bossman," Sarah fought in pit against Thai champion to get info on The Belgian. Casey and Morgan showed up to stop cheating, and Sarah won. Casey, Morgan, and Sarah saved Chuck.
W 11/24[109] Back at Castle. Chuck told Sarah he had other proposal plans. Back from work, Ellie solved the "Knock, Knock--I'm Here" riddle on the fixed Orion laptop. End of 4x09.
Th 11/25 Start of 4x10. Volkoff told Mary that Charles Carmichael was still alive and that he wanted her to kill him.
F 11/26 [110] 11/29 Morgan and Chuck take Strip Kick class. Mary kills Volkoff men who were supposed to kill Chuck. Chuck and Sarah took her to Caste. Volkoff attacked Buy More to get Mary. Volkoff had Thanksgiving leftovers and played charades at Woodcombs' apartment. Mary leaves with Volkoff, after preventing him from killing anyone. End of 4x10.


4x11-4x24; 5x01-5x08


  • Sarah secretly volunteers herself to Beckman that she will do anything to take down Volkoff Industries and bring back Chuck's mother.
  • Sarah is arrested for treason to establish her cover as a double agent.
  • Sarah joins Volkoff Industries.
  • Mary and Sarah find the hidden Hydra Network in Volkoff's office.
  • Sarah accidentally injures Casey when she is assigned by Volkoff to kill him, and their plot to make it look good worked a little too well.
  • Chuck and Morgan begin another rogue mission together to bring back Mary. They interrogate CIA engineer Roni Eimacher, only to find he was made to build the Hydra Network for Volkoff, which is now located on The Contessa.
  • Mary's cover and affiliation is compromised when she is caught in a trap set by Volkoff when he discovered that she had apparently been secretly contacting Stephen Bartowski for 20 years.
  • Chuck's plan comes to fruition, Volkoff is arrested and the entire Hydra Network is uploaded onto Orion's computers by Chuck.
  • Clara Woodcomb is born on January 2011[111]. Chuck and Sarah become engaged on the same day.


  • Team Bartowski travel to Morocco to save a kidnapped Roan Montgomery.
  • The CAT Squad temporarily reassembled to take down Augusto Gaez.
  • Team Bartowski save Vivian Volkoff from being murdered by Boris Kaminsky.
  • Vivian uploads a digital tract in the First Bank of Macau; leading Team Bartowski to terrorist organizations around the world.
  • Morgan moves out of Chuck's Apartment.


  • Casey moves to a new Intersect team, which is discovered by Chuck and Sarah, who discredit Casey's new team after they carelessly arm a nuclear weapon and only Chuck has the skills to disarm it.
  • Chuck is given control of finding a new intersect candidate. His first choice, Brody, is murdered by Damien, as is his second choice Lewis. The US government decides to stop searching for new Human Intersect candidates.


  • Vivian Volkoff turns on the CIA; aiming to recover her father's lost empire.
  • Vivian tries to kill Team Bartowski and her father; recovering the dangerous Thorium in the process.
  • Chuck and Sarah are swindled of $26,230 by con artist. Daphne Peralta. Chuck fakes a flash to allow him access to all government databases to track down Peralta; who is then captured. General Beckman is then made aware of their misuse of intelligence, and suspends both Chuck and Sarah. They are later reinstated.
  • Sarah is poisoned by Vivian Volkoff.
  • Clyde Decker uses a suppression device to remove the identity of Alexei Volkoff from Hartley Winterbottom.
  • Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan are fired from the CIA and Casey from NSA.
  • Chuck and Sarah get married.
  • Vivian Volkoff and Hartley Winterbottom acquire new identities and leave, dismantling Volkoff Industries.
  • Hartley Winterbottom, previously known as Alexei Volkoff, turns all the assets of Volkoff Industries over Chuck and Sarah, an amount of $877 million. With a part of the money, they purchase the Buy More, Castle, a private jet, and new tactical equipment. Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and Casey become a freelance team.
  • Carmichael Industries is established
  • Morgan uploads the flawed intersect.

Early 2011 Details - Season 4[]


Date Range Air Date Events
day 0 1/17 Start of 4x11. Balcony
Aborted proposal on the balcony. Sarah "arrested."
Sarah "escaped" and became double agent. End of 4x11.
Sarah established herself as rogue.
day 0 1/24 Start of 4x12. Sarah joined Volkoff Industries.
Sarah worked as agent for Volkoff.
Sarah communicated with Chuck by coded message. Sarah got mission about Gobbler from Volkoff.
Sarah told Casey, Chuck, Morgan, and Beckman about Gobbler at Castle.
Casey, Morgan, and Chuck broke Gobbler out of prison for Sarah.
Sarah returned Gobbler to Volkoff. Volkoff killed him to get Hydra intel in his eye.
Mary and Sarah took flight for next mission. End of 4x12.
day 0 1/31 Start of 4x13. Volkoff got message from "Orion," who was thought to be dead.
Sarah and Mary got intel about Hydra by breaking into Volkoff's office.
Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, and Mary met on Contessa. Mary captured on Contessa because Volkoff thought she was communicating with Orion.
1/30 day -1; 1/28-1/30 Volkoff captured at Orion's cabin. Clara born. Chuck proposed to Sarah. End of 4x13
M 1/31 day 0; 1/29-1/31 2/7 Start of 4x14. Roan captured in Marrakech. Morgan suggested Casey talking to Kathleen before he met Alex's mom. Clara home from hospital. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey asked for mission. Beckman sent them on mission to get Roan. Sarah proposed eloping. Morgan and Chuck discussed a plan to say, "no."
Tu 2/1 day 1; 1/30-2/1 Mission to Marrakech. Roan found. Sarah and Chuck argument over eloping. Sarah and Chuck captured. Casey rescued them and stayed behind.
W 2/2 day 2; 1/31-2/2 Roan punished by working at Buy More as Green Short. Sarah tried to seduce Chuck into agreeing to elope. Chuck, Sarah, Roan, and Beckman went to rescue Casey.
Th 2/3 day 3; 2/1-2/3 Roan tried "seduction impossible." Casey saved. Beckman fired bazooka to get Roan out.[112]
F 2/4 Friday Morgan met Kathleen. Beckman and Roan had drinks. Mary talked to Ellie and left taking care of Clara to go back to being a spy. Chuck and Sarah agree to not elope and have a wedding. Sarah talked around her mom being there. End of 4x14.
Sa 2/6 day 0; -2/10 2/14 Start of 4x15. Chuck got Carina's contact info from Morgan to contact her about getting Sarah's old friends from CATS at an engagement party. CATS show up and "kidnap" Sarah to a cross-country "girls' night."
M 2/7 day 1; -2/11 Sarah back from "girls' night" with CATS, which went to Vegas and Miami. Carina woke up in Morgan's bed. Carina injured when Sarah's Porsche was destroyed with Gentle hand bomb from Gaez.
Tu 2/8 day 2; Tu 3/8; Carinval/Mardis Gras[113]; -2/12 Morgan "babysat" injured Carina at Castle. Alex broke up with Morgan because when she showed up to Buy More for lunch, Carina had put lip stick on Morgan's collar. MIssion to get Gentle Hand in Rio. Gaez captured.
W 2/9 day 3; -2/13 Sarah and Zondra fight in dojo. Amy freed Gaez from Castle. Chuck captured Amy and Gaez. Sarah asked Carina and Zondra to be bridesmais. Engagement party. Morgan told Alex he loves her, and she took him back. Sarah asked Ellie to be Martron of Honor. End of 4x15.
1/31-2/14 Start of 4x16. Three of Volkoff's lieutenants killed to get the key.
M 2/14 Valentine's Day[114] 2/21 Morgan/Alex and Chuck/Sarah split apartment for celebration. Casey interrupted because of call from Beckman about a mission. NCS observed making additions to Castle.
Tu 2/15 day 1[115] Masquerade party to find Vivan MacArthur. Casey convinced Morgan he's the third wheel for "Charah." Jane Bentley of NCS approached Casey. Chuck and Sarah saved Vivan from attack to try to get Volkoff's key.
W 2/16 day 2 Ellie and Devon took Clara to Buy More and discovered Jeffster singing "Send Me On My Way" (by Rusted Root) could put Clara to sleep. They steal a Sleep Sheep with a recording. Back at Castle, Chuck became Vivan's handler. She suggested being bait. Sarah tried to bond with Morgan, but he decided to move out. Bentley mentioned new job to Casey. Morgan started to move out of apartment.
Th 2/17 day 3; three months after returning home from hospital[116] Sarah as decoy to save Vivan. Her horse threw her, but Casey saved her by covering for her. Vivan shot man who was there to kill her. Back at apartment, Morgan finished moving out. Clara moved to the nursery with Han, Chewie, and Sleep Sheep watching over her. Casey accepted NCS job, but said he was not leaving.
F 2/18 day 4+ Vivan went to Volkoff Industries HQ and used the key in her lock to get into Volkoff's secure closet. End of 4x16.
day 0 2/28 Start of 4x17. Chuck and Sarah tasked to Bank of Macau mission. Sarah uses wardrobatron to pick wedding dress.
Bank of Macau mission. Vivian contacted by Volkoff's lawyer.
Sarah as Bridezilla. End of 4x17.
day 0 3/14 Start of 4x18. Casey on mission with Gretas. Chuck and Sarah get in the middle of the mission.
Chuck and Sarah on mission to get dog
Mission at airport, where Chuck disables suitcase nuke. End of 4x18.
day 0 3/21 Start of 4x19. Human Intersect potentials to buy more. A couple killed. Bentley sacrificed herself. Bomber revealed to have been hired by Vivian. End of 4x19.
day 0 4/11 Start of 4x20. Sarah gave Chuck prenup. Meeting with Vivian. She revealed the Norseman. She fled because of a sniper (which was from Volkoff). Alexei Volkoff brought from prison for intel.
The team and Volkoff went with Somalia to get one piece of Norseman
Team and Volkoff went to Switzerland to get final piece of Norseman. Vivian trapped them. Alexei got them out, using a portable EMP.
Ellie lied to Chuck about Intersect research on Orion laptop. Sarah torn up prenup. End of 4x20.
day 0 4/19 Start of 4x21. Chuck and Sarah signed deal with Daphne Peralta.
Chuck and Sarah discover Wedding Planner had conned them. The tracked down Wedding Planner after faking a flash.
Sarah talked to Jack in Miami to see if he knew Peralta
Jack had stolen Sarah's CIA badge and followed her to Echo Park. Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, Casey, and Jack fake a wedding reception. Kathleen saw Casey is NSA. End of 4x21.
day 0 5/2 Start of 4x22. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. Volkoff destroyed Orion laptop.
Them told Ellie about the Intersect. Chuck repaired laptop.
Mission to England. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey got Hartley Winterbottom's spy will. Mrs. Winterbottom destroyed house.
Reveal that Hartley Winterbottom became Alexei Volkoff because of a faulty Intersect. End of 4x22.
day 0 5/9 Start of 4x23. Last Details
Chuck, Sarah, and Casey save Mary.
Riley captured. Vivian escaped.
5/16 Sarah poisoned at rehersal dinner by Vivian using the Norseman. End of 4x23. Start of 4x24. Sarah taken to hospital.
Chuck gave identities to Hartley and Vivian at Volkoff Industries HQ. Chuck, backed by Russian paratroopers, rescued Sarah.
Chuck and Sarah married. Bartowskis were given Volkoff Industries assets.
Time for honeymoon. Chuck and Sarah recruited Casey and Morgan into new business. Morgan downloads from Intersect Glasses. End of 4x24.


  • A conspiracy against Chuck is uncovered.
  • Morgan begins to lose memory and his personality is subsumed because of the faulty Intersect. He betrays Chuck and offers Verbanski Corporation his services.


  • Morgan dumps Alex via text message.
  • The Intersect is removed from Morgan's brain.
    503Frosted Tips
  • Decker puts a hit out on Morgan which later is rescinded after Chuck and his team take down the assassin known as The Viper.
  • Casey eliminates The Viper and her team. Decker arrests Casey for murder.
  • Lester Patel is arrested after trying to poison Jeffrey Barnes in order to keep him subservient.
  • Casey and Gertrude Verbanski start dating.


  • Chuck, is revealed as a once infamous hacker nicknamed Piranha, Morgan claims that the movie, Swordfish, was inaccurately based on his career as the Piranha.
  • Decker reveals his plan to frame Chuck for the possession and release of the Omen virus.
  • Verbanski steals the Omen Virus from Decker and detonates an explosive she planted on him, killing him.
  • Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and Verbanski go into hiding.
  • Ellie and Devon are mistaken for Chuck and Sarah and are captured by Robin Cunnings. Chuck gives himself up to save his sister, and the Omen Virus is released. Later, Casey and Sarah take down Robin Cunning's and her team. 
  • The CIA drops all charges against Team Bartowski and Casey's record is expunged.
  • Daniel Shaw escapes from prison and takes Sarah and Casey hostage. It is revealed that Shaw was behind the conspiracy against Chuck, using his Intersect to blackmail Decker, who was all ready corrupt, into cooperation.
  • It is revealed that Stan Lee, comic book creator, is a spy for the CIA.
  • Chuck uploads the Omen Virus into Shaw's brain via the Intersect glasses, destroying his Ring Intersect, and takes him down. 
  • General Beckman offers all members of Carmichael Industries a position at the CIA,  they turn her down.
  • Shaw contacts Kieran Ryker about the baby that Sarah had given to her mother, and tells Ryker that the baby is still alive.
  • Sarah goes to Budapest, Hungary to find out if Ryker knew the baby's whereabouts and reluctantly brings along Chuck and Casey.
  • Sarah tells Chuck about the baby and her mother whilst he has her bugged.
  • Sarah takes down Ryker.
  • Sarah reconnects with her mother and Molly after five years. Chuck meets Sarah's mother, Emma.
  • Morgan and Alex get back together.

Late 2011 Details - Season 5[]


Date Range Air Date Events
day 0 ~a month after Morgan put on the Intersect glasses at the end of 4x24[117] 10/28 Start of 5x01. Carmichel Industries mission and Jean-Claude's to recover vase. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey captured. Morgan, the new Human Intersect, saves them, but drops vase. Operation VFTB[118] for a new home for Sarah stopped. Operation T.I.T.S, aka Operation Toes replaced it. Buy Moron plan with "Save Jeff Barnes" banner revealed. Woodley hiared CI to stop Roger Bale, who was taking money in a Ponzi scheme. CI mission to get invite from Bale. Morgan "zooms" on Kensington Athletic Club. Chuck talked to Ellie about the Intersect Glasses only having one reload, which Morgan had downloaded. Morgan zooms on squash to play bale, while Chuck have a massage to Bale's opponant and Casey got access to the Bale's phone to create an invite. That didn't work, so Morgan and Sarah got an invite to the party as a couple. "Save Jeff Barnes" plan stopped. Sarah got Chuck to spill the beans on the T.I.T.S plan, got the binder from Morgan, and told Chuck about her dream of a little white house with a red door and a white picket fense. (time compressed)[119]
day 1 Party, where Morgan (as Michael Carmichael) and Sarah danced. Sarah stole Bale's keycard so Casey could break in to the computers. Decker stole Carmichael Industries remaining assets and triggered Bale's alarm, catching Morgan, Sarah, and Sarah. Chuck broke into computer room by posing as Nerd Herd tech support. Chuck (as Charles Carmichael) held Bale's money in trade to freeing the others from CI.
day 2 Chuck took Sarah to show her the dream house, which they could no longer afford.
Sa 10/1 9/24, 10/1; four weeks before beginning of 5x02 Big Mike married Bolonia Grimes, and they went on a four-week honeymoon to Hawaii.
F 10/28[120] 10/1-10/28 [121] 11/4 Start of 5x02. CI and Verbanski Corp present at Comtech Security Conference. Tumbleweed section opened in Buy More to drum up business. Karl Sneijder, he came to Buy More to hire CI, but Morgan zoomed and knocked him out. He hired CI to "rescue" is brother, Wesley. Sarah told Chuck he should be Morgan's "handler." Big Mike returned to Buy More and Store Manager Morgan's office.[122] Big Mike suggested old TV ad from the 70s in which he was the Buy More sales person. Casey found Wesley under guard at a compound. Gertrude talked to Sarah to recruit her away from Carmichael Industries to Verbanski Corp. Chuck and Morgan went to convenience store, were Morgan stopped a robbery, as "The Bearded Bandit." (time compressed)
Sa 10/29 10/2-10/29 Morgan in the paper as "The Bearded Bandit" for breaking up robbery. Chuck tells Morgan that he has to stay in the van. Big Mike tried to film commercials with Jeffster and Fernando. He identifies Devon as the star of the next commercial. Mission to rescue Wesley, in which Sarah climbs up a rock face. Wesley revealed he was hiding from his brother and alerted the guards. Morgan elimianted the guards. CI fought through Karl's men to save Wesley. Big Mike recruited Devon. Morgan lead Chuck to raid Karl's HQ. Casey told Sarah that he and Gertrude had sex in '95. They both were captured. Sarah called Verbanski Corp for help. They rescued Chuck and Morgan. Chuck , Sarah, and Casey returned to Buy More, which has a lot of customers. Commercial with Devon is done and had brought customers. End of 5x02. (time compressed)
Su[123] 10/30 10/3-10/30 Sarah caught Chuck while they jogged. She told him she was glad she was no longer his handler so they could be together. End of 5x02. Planned night for "movie trilogy night" between Chuck and Morgan. (The night before, Morgan didn't remember the movies.) Casey called Gertrude and hung up. Morgan took job with Verbanski Corp, revealing to Gertrude that he was the Human Intersect.
F 11/4 10/31-11/14[124] Morgan went to Vail, CO, to bar, revealing that he's the Human Intersect. He slept with Bo Derek and met Quinn, before escaping and hiding Quinn's Intersect glasses in the Vail Buy More.
Tu 11/8 day 0; 11/1, 11/8, 11/15 [125] 11/11 Start of 5x03. Sarah ran surveillance van while Casey "accidentally" met Gertrude to bug her (instead of asking her on a date.) Chuck and Morgan got job from Beckman to get Zorn. Chuck ran into Alex at apartment, after Morgan stood her up. On bug, Casey, Chuck, and Sarah saw Morgan accept job with Verbanski Corp as the Human Intersect.
W 11/9 day 1; 11/2, 11/9, 11/16 Devon started paternity leave with Clara, and Ellie returned to work. Morgan drove Monotracer into Buy More and quit. Morgan broke up with Alex via text message. Alex upset with Morgan at her dad's. Devon saw his Buy More commercial and went to the store. He rescued Jeff from CO poisoning in car install. Casey, Chuck, and Sarah broke into Verbanski Corp to retrieve info about Beckman's mission, which Morgan had stolen. Casey got the intel and had a flirty fight with Gertrude. Morgan defeated all of the Verbanski Corp employees on a training mat. Morgan dodged tranq gun shots bullet time movies, Chuck pulled down his pants, and Sarah knocked him out with another shot. Devon examined Jeff and diagnosed him as having problems because he was sleeping in his van. Sarah had meal with Ellie for suggestions about what to do about Morgan. Sarah asked Beckman about Intersect in Morgan, and she said she didn't send Intersect glasses. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey went on mission to get Zorn. Verbanski and Morgan went on same mission. Chuck confronts Morgan, and an accident almost kills them. Chuck reached him by saving his life and making him remember being depantsed in middle school. (time compressed)
Th 11/10 day 2; 11/3, 11/10, 11/17 11/18 Casey went on date with Gertrude at a gun range. "New Jeff" went to Buy More. Devon medically checked out Morgan and determined he was "fine." Morgan apologized to Casey and asked to move back in. Casey kicked him out, and Chuck and Sarah took him in. Beckman informed Chuck of termination order on Morgan. Bomb planted in Monotracer to kill Morgan. End of 5x03. Start of 5x04. Chuck saved Morgan from bomb. Intersect removed from Morgan.
F 11/11 day 3; 11/4, 11/11, 11/18 Devon at baby yoga class at apartment courtyard. Chuck and Sarah started talking about being a normal couple. Beckman told Carmichael Industries that Decker gave a hit order to the Viper. Morgan given 6 videos of Star Wars, 3 of Back to the Future, and 4 of Indiana Jones for the reeducation. Jeff
Sa 11/12 day 4; Sa; 11/5, 11.12, 11/19 [126] Start of Buy More "business trip" to salesman of the year convention. Attempt on Morgan's life (with Chuck posing as Morgan)
Su 11/13 day 5; 11/6, 11/13, 11/20 Using Casey's Blackberry, Morgan tricked Alex to come to Buy More so he could apologize. Sarah left for drink with Jane (unknowingly the Viper). Devon gave Jeff another exam. Ellie returned to Buy More and was very happy to see Clara. Morgan told Alex about the bad Intersect he had in his head. Lester piped CO into store to poison Jeff to be like he was. Chuck stopped Sarah from starting her car, but after she primed a car bomb. Jane went to Buy More. Jeff saved Big Mike, who was in the same room inhaling CO, and fire alarm pulled. Big Mike yelled, "Pineapple!" Morgan took Alex to safety. Chuck disarmed bomb, and he and Sarah saved Morgan. The hit was called off officially. Lester arrested for attempted murder.
M 11/14 day 6; 11/7, 11/14. 11/21 Casey killed the Viper and her team. Dinner at Chuck and Sarah's with everyone. Devon announced he's going back to work. Morgan said he wasn't going to bother Alex anymore. Casey said Morgan she move back in. Casey gave Morgan 3 Indy movies. Decker led team to arrest Casey for murder. End of 5x04.
12/20 After time of Casey's and Lester's arraignments and incarcerations. 12/9 Start of 5x05. Chuck and Sarah took break-out plan to Casey, which he refused. Morgan and Jeff when to Lester and asked for a promise not to do it again, which he refused. Chuck and Sarah tranq'd by Decker. He blackmailed them. He gave them an assignment to get the Omen.
12/21 Dressed as a guard, Gertrude saved Casey from being cornered in prison and gave him a conjugal visit. Casey asked her to provide backup for Chuck and Sarah. Chuck used "The Routine" to hack and fine the Omen. Chuck and Sarah infiltrated nudist cult to find Colin Davis. Her swallowed the chip.Lester saved Casey from joining prison gang because he controlled cable and Intersect access. Morgan and Jeff have video call with Lester showing a new Canadian-HinJew that would replace him at the store. Gertrude gets chip out of Davis. Hack-off int Federal Reserve for Chuck, as the "Piranha," to get a job at the Collective. Gertrude and Sarah infiltrated the Collective's facilities and steal the last part of the Omen. Gertrude admitted to Sarah she loved Casey. Chuck and Sarah met Decker to give him the Omen Virus device. Decker killed by Gertrude. (time compressed)
12/22 12/16 Morgan and Gertrude broke Casey out of prison. End of 5x05. Start of 5x06. Beckman sends secret message to Carmichael Industries tapping Morse Code with her finger, while arresting them on video. Devon and Ellie went to dinner using Chuck's Open Table account. Morgan sneaked into Casey and his apartment to get things. Alex went to the apartment thinking he might be there and pulled a shotgun on Morgan, because he came in the window. Robin Cunnings searched for him. Chuck and Sarah went to Orion cabin to get into CIA network. Devon and Ellie pretended to be spies at dinner. Thinking the CIA was about at the cabin, not the dinner Chuck called Morgan to get his P.A.N.T.S. (Private Artifacts Never To Share) box. Beckman and Casey met at their place where they meet during their darkest hours. Devon and Ellie take by "Project Eagle" for Beckman. Ellie realized that "Project Eagle" might be rogue CIA, so they jumped out of the car. Robin picked them up, took them hostage, and demanded the Omen from Chuck. Alex came up with a plan to get rouge CIA guard away so Morgan could get Chuck's PANTS. Chuck and Sarah met Beckman and Casey, Chuck rushed off alone to make the trade, Ellie and Devon started to escape, but Devon and Chuck were captured. Sarah and Casey saved them after Robin unleashed the Omen Virus. Carmichael Industries cleared.
12/23 12/23 Morgan gave Alex's PANTS box. Omen Virus took affect. Shaw's cell lock broken. End of 5x06.
Sa 12/24 12/23 Time of Omen virus active. Start of 5x07. Shaw escaped. Shaw captured Sarah in Castle. Chuck and Beckman, with him dressed in a Santa suit, went to CIA Christmas party[127], for him to steal intel. Jeff and Lester figured out how to stop the Omen Virus. Shaw downloaded faulty Intersect 3.0. Casey was shot and recorded "dying message" to Alex, which she later received. Ellie hit Shaw with frying pan. Omen virus stopped. Christmas party at apartment courtyard. Clara sat on Big Mike's (he was dressed as Santa) for a picture. Beckman told Sarah that Shaw requested a meet. (time compressed)
M 12/26 shortly after tip from Beckman, but after Chritmas or she wouldn't have been able to see him 12/30 Sarah met Shaw and found out he told Ryker about the baby. End of 5x07. Start of 5x08. Sarah found Shaw's communiqué to Ryker , which said the baby was alive. Chuck took Sarah for a surprise picnic to the little white house with a red door, and he told her about his ideas for what they would do in the house. Sarah told him something came up, and she couldn't tell him.
Tu 12/27 Sarah packed up to leave from Castle to do something urgent. Chuck called Morgan and Casey to come before she left. Chuck offered CI's services to help. Sarah accepted and briefed the team that they are going to Hungary. Sarah sent fake message to Ryker to meet the next day at 13:00.
W 12/28 Misson in Hungary. Sarah went after Ryker and was trapped. Chuck and Casey saved her.
Th 12/29 Back at apartment, Sarah told Chuck about the baby. Chuck discovered Sarah was bugged. Emma and Molly went to apartment. Sarah killed Ryker at Emma's house.
F 12/30 Candlelit picnic #2 at house with the red door. Chuck told Sarah about Beckman's offer with the signing bonus which would give them the means to buy the house. Sarah said no, but then carved her name in the door frame because she planned on buying the house when they could. End of 5x08.



  • Sarah thinks she's pregnant, but then tests negative.
  • Verbanski and her team are captured by Saint Germane. Casey, Chuck, and Sarah rescue her.
  • Lester and Jeff find out that Casey, Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan are spies.
  • Sarah and Chuck decide to shift Carmichael Industries into a firm that counters cyber-terrorism.
  • It is revealed that during Morgan's Intersect days, he "slept" with Bo Derek. Later, it also comes to light that Bo Derek is a spy.
  • Casey tricks Jeff and Lester into thinking that Casey, Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan are not spies.
  • Nicholas Quinn takes Chuck hostage.
  • Whilst trying to rescue Chuck, Sarah uploads a flawed Intersect.
  • In order to save Morgan, Alex, and Devon, Jeff and Lester are told by Casey that he's NSA.
  • Sarah is taken hostage by Quinn before the Intersect could be removed. Quinn uses stimulants to erase the last five years from Sarah's mind.
  • Quinn tells Sarah that he's CIA in order to use her to get the Intersect. He tasks her to kill Chuck after the mission is over.
  • Sarah takes Ellie hostage, but then is taken "hostage" by Chuck and he tries to push her into regaining her memories by telling her their story in their dream home. She realizes that he really loves her, but still thinks that she is on a mission. She nearly kills Chuck, but is stopped by a memory of her and Chuck carving their names into the door frame of the house. Quinn gets the Intersect from Sarah and tells her that he's been lying to her. He tries to shoot Sarah, but Chuck, wearing a vest, takes the bullet.
  • Casey gives Sarah the mission log to Project Bartowski and she watches it. She finally believes that Chuck was telling the truth about their relationship.
  • Sarah hunts down Quinn, but he almost kills her.
  • Casey is tasked with hunting down Quinn by General Beckman.
  • Sarah continues to hunt Quinn with the help of Chuck and Morgan, and later, Casey.
  • Quinn plants a bomb in order to kill Beckman.
  • Sarah kills Quinn, and Chuck reloads the Intersect in order to disarm the bomb.
  • Subway buys the Burbank Buy More from Chuck and Sarah.
  • Jeffster is offered a record deal by a German record executive.
  • Casey goes to Germany to be with Gertrude.
  • Morgan and Alex move in together.
  • Ellie and Devon move to Chicago.
  • Sarah decides to leave, but seemingly can't bring herself to do it, instead going to the beach where she found Chuck after their "first date" 5 years ago. Chuck finds her and Sarah decides to give him a chance by asking to hear their story.
  • Chuck then tells her Morgans crazy theory that the intersect fog that's clouding her memories will be fixed by them sharing just one kiss.
  • They share a kiss and the series comes to an end.

2012 Details - Season 5[]


Su 1/1[128] 1/1-1/15[129] 1/6 Start of 5x09. Chuck held captive by bad guy with spent nuclear fuel rods and is saved by Sarah and Casey. Gertrude returned at Casey's apartment because the murder charge was dropped.
M 1/2 1/2-1/16[130] Chuck told Sarah about a new Carmichael Industries manifesto: CARE (Clandesine Agents Relating Emotionally). Gertrude ate breakfast at Casey's and invited him to South Beach, Miami. He said no because he had to work. Jeff started to get suspcious of what had been going on at the Buy More. She gave him a blue Cashmere sweater. Verbanski went to Castle and hired Carmichael Industries for a mission in Miami as security for a deal with Rocky Falcone. Casey said no, but Chuck and Sarah overruled him.
Tu 1/3 1/3-1/17 Casey and Alex's movie night postponed. Morgan learned of Jeff and Lester's suspicion about Chuck, Sarah, and Casey being spies, and he said the mystery fourth agent was Devon. "Dream mission" to Miami. Pool time. Dinner: Casey/Gertrude and Chuck/Sarah. where Falcone set up the sale. Morgan recruited Devon to set up a false trail for Jeff and Lester.
W 1/4 1/4-1/18 (midnight) Arms deal. Falcone double crosses Gertrude, but Verbanski Corp team showed up. Casey quit. Chuck found out that Sarah thought she might be pregnant. (back in Burbank) Chuck and Sarahsee negative pregnacy tests. Gertrude said mission not over and asked CI to complete it. Ruse of Devon pretending to something in a handoff, with Jeff and Lester disguised tracking him.
Th 1/5 1/5-1/19 Verbanski Corp raided St. Germain's compound, but Gertrude was captured. Casey was called for ransom. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey rescued Gertude.
F 1/6 1/6-1/20 Sarah worked on list of boy names for her and Chuck's first kid. Gertrude gave a bullet proof vest to Casey. She left on a 2 month mission to Dresden and invited Casey. He turned her down because he wanted to stay near Alex.
Sa 1/7 1/7-1/21[131] Make up "movie night," when Casey and Alex watched Downton Abby together.
Su 1/8 1/8-1/22 Jeff and Lester followed Devon and discovered the ruse was for illegal excercise equipment. Jeff saw through the fake resolution and broke into Castle. Morgan tranq'd him and Lester. End of 5x09.
M 1/9 1/9-1/23[132] 1/13 Start of 5x10. Jeff and Lester abandoned on road after being exposed to X-5 gas. Sarah "almost shot paperboy." Chuck and Sarah decided CI needed to go a safer direction. They pitched the idea to Casey and Morgan. Mission to Vail, CO, to find out what happened to "Frosted Tips" Morgan. Bo Derek captured.
Tu 1/10 1/10-1/24 Because they followed CI to Vail, Jeff and Lester were abandoned on road after being exposed to X-5 gas. Bo Derek interrogated at Castle. Morgan hyponotized by Ellie to fine location he hid the Intersect glasses from Quinn. CI when to Vail Buy More (Green and Gold) to get Intersect glasses. Battle at Vail Buy More against Quinn's team, which Jeff and Lester witnessed. CI won, but Quinn escaped.
W 1/11 1/11-1/25 Jeff and Lester abandoned on road after being exposed to X-5 gas. Big Mike picked them up, and they accidentally went to Reneaux, British Columbia (instead of Reno, Nevanda) to gamble. Chuck kidnapped by Quinn. Sarah downloaded from Intersect Glasses. End of 5x10.
F 1/13 1/13-1/26[133] 1/20 (Chuck missing) Start of 5x11. Ellie and Devon tested Morgan in Castleto determine rate of memory loss with Intersect glasses. Since Sarah had been flashing a lot, she stopped and even was blindfolded. Chuck rescued by Sarah. Quinn captured by Casey and Sarah. Quinn escaped because Morgan and Alex held hostage at Buy More (saved by Jeff and Lester). Sarah threw Quinn off train by flashing. Quinn survived and captured by Sarah and train separated.
Sa 1/14 1/14-1/27 Sarah tortured by Quinn with Intersect flash cards. End of 5x11.
M 1/16 1/16-1/28[134] 1/27 (Sarah missing) Start of 5x12. Sarah woke up in old Maison 23 room. Quinn told her that her marriage was a mission and that Bryce and Graham were dead because of Chuck. Chuck hacked into CIA network and found DARPA lab with an Intersect White Room. Sarah returned to Chuck. Chuck could tell something was wrong and talked to Morgan and Ellie. Sarah couldn't find the Intersect Glasses, so she stayed to try to learn more.
Tu 1/17 1/17-1/29 Carmichael Industries went on mission to DARPA to destroy Intersect White Room. Chuck swapped out glasses Sarah was supposed to use to download Intersect. Sarah trapped Chuck, Casey, and Morgan in White Room, but not before Chuck swapped the glasses. Sarah returned the empty glasses to Quinn, and he blew up the White Room, thinking he was killing Chuck, Casey, and Morgan. Sarah kidnapped Ellie to get the glasses, but Ellie rammed the car into a tree. Chuck took Sarah to the white dream house with a red door. Chuck tried to get through to Sarah. She fought him, and he wouldn't fight back. She was convinced Chuck thought it was real. Quinn arrived and tried to shoot Sarah, but Chuck jumped in front of the bullet. Chuck told Sarah to run. Casey gave Sarah a disc with her Mission Log, and she watched it. Sarah went to Chuck and told him she believed him and didn't feel it. She said goodbye before leaving to go after Quinn. (time compressed) End of 5x12.
Tu 1/31 1/31-2/11 [135] 1/27 (Sarah hunting Quinn) Start of 5x13. Sarah fell out of Quinn's plane trying to stop him, while he was acquiring a device from former Fulcrum agent, Edgar, to fix for Intersect glasses. Sarah went to the Buy More to get hack and find a lead. Chuck uses "The Routine" with Chardonney to find their next target. Mission in Germany to find a former Ring agent with part of the final Intersect. Mexican restaurant like El Campadre. Chuck and Sarah dance. Chuck and Sarah fought Quinn and his men in Germany Wienerlicious. Quinn escaped because Chuck wouldn't shoot him. Chuck shot down Casey's helicopter with Desert Eagle. Casey arrested Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan.
W 2/1 2/1-2/12 Ellie and Devon decided to go to take job in Chicago. Morgan convinced Casey to let them go. Sarah was escaping when freed. Mary showed up at Castle with Ellie and Devon (and Clara), where she provided intel on the three parts needed to fix the Intersect glasses. Chuck and Sarah went to get final piece at symphony concert hall, where it was in Beckman's ribbons. Quinn had set a bomb, which would go off when the music stopped. Jeffster performed Take Me On, with Morgan directing, to keep the music going. Sarah killed Quinn before he could escape. Chuck downloaded the final Intersect glasses so he would know how to diffuse the bomb. He didn't flash, but Sarah remember Irene Demova porn virus disabled the bomb with run by the Prism Express laptop (in the first episode), and Chuck used that to disable the bomb and save everyone.
Th 2/2[136] 2/2-2/13[137] Morgan and Alex told Casey their plan to move in together, which Casey guessed, before handing over the keys to the apartment. Subway started putting in sign inside Buy More because they are the new owners.[138] Jeff and Lester told Big Mike about Jeffster saving the day. German music producer hired Jeffster. Carmichael Industries disbanded, with Beckman saying goodbye, until they want to save the world again. Casey left to go after Gertrude. Sarah left to "find herself." After talking with Morgan at the courtyard, Chuck found Sarah at The Beach (from the first episode, after stopping the bomb and the first first date). Sarah asks Chuck to tell her their story, and they were kissing as the show faded to black. End of 5x13.

  1. Date unconfirmed.
  2. Ellie Bartowski was born 1978 making Linda Hamilton 22 when Ellie was born. That would make Mary Bartowski 21 when becoming pregnant with Ellie .
  3. In Chuck Versus the Couch Lock, Casey's driver's license is shown as expiring 0X-Y7-12. Considering Adam Baldwin was born 02-27-62, that is probably the day of the year. For the license to expire in 2012, he probably was born 1961 or 1966, with 1961 being closer.
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  8. In Feb 2009, Bolonia Grimes says Morgan is 26 in "Chuck vs the Suburbs," though that could be to make herself seem younger because it doesn't match the driver's license and would mean either Morgan skipped a grade, Chuck was held back for being ready to graduate Stanford as an honors student in 3 years, or maybe they weren't in the same grade in school.
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  47. Various sources, assuming Chuck's party and the email were on his birthday
  48. Newspaper article seen by Ellie said both that he died in a robbery and that he died in an automobile crash during a fishing expedition. on 9/23. Since he died in Alexandria, VA, there would not be a photo in an LA paper and not that soon.
  49. With Bryce 1. being from Connecticut (Chuck said in Chuck Versus the Intersect when he learned about Bryce being a spy from Sarah; article in newspaper in Chuck Versus the Helicopter), 2. living in "Washington" - presumably Washington, DC, not the state (article in newspaper in Chuck Versus the Helicopter) 3. being killed in Alexandria, VA (article in newspaper in Chuck Versus the Helicopter) a funeral in Southern California is not likely. Even if he was buried there, the body would not be there in a day, especially after a car crash or robbery. That means this is time compressed. This is the day, considering what happened in the episode.
  50. Day 1 of Sarah's Mission Log, Chuck Versus Sarah
  51. Jeff's newspaper said Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Chuck said the art auction is "tomorrow."
  52. Day 21 of Sarah's Mission Log
  53. Both Chuck and Sarah wore different clothes.
  54. Day 49 of Sarah's Mission Log
  55. The Club Ares flyer which Chuck flashed on during Chuck and Lou's first date says Friday. Considering the end of the previous episode and Sarah's mission log date, then the Friday must be for a different party, with Chuck and Lou going to Club Ares on Saturday, different than the party on the Flyer. (Or it was a bad prop.)
  56. Day 56 of Sarah's Mission Log
  57. Potentially same day as previous.
  58. 1x11
  59. Show implied this was day after Bryce invited Sarah to go with him, but then party would be 11/27 and dreidel would be before Hanukkah. Hanukkah was 12/4/07-12/12/07. Sarah's alarm could have been a bad morning later.
  60. Chuck said he was going to stay landlocked "tonight" implying the cruise was for the same day. Chuck was still working, but Morgan and Anna were not, implying they had a shorter shift or Morgan was asking Chuck and Sarah to ditch work.
  61. Big Mike says party is on Friday. It wouldn't be close to Christmas at a retail store.
  62. Wedding probably Saturday
  63. 29 schwarma orders that month
  64. Date +8, Mighty Jocks are playing Madden, so it is probably football season, but Chuck's birthday is not mentioned over next 10 days, so it is after that.
  65. "Bruce" was Sarah's original cover-name of her ex to Chuck. After he knew it was Bryce, Ellie thought it was still Bruce.
  66. Before Bartowski Mother's Day.
  67. from the back, so she couldn't ID him
  68. reunions on Saturdays
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  72. Flashback in Chuck Versus the Pink Slip at Castle. Sarah told Chuck to meet her in three weeks.
  73. Best Friend was preempted for a Presidental Address. The broadcast order of Best Friend and Suburbs were reversed to put the Valentine's Day episode (Suburbs) closer to 2/14. The reverse order was maintained on DVDs. However, the original planned order makes more sense. (Why break up immediately after the Africa/best friend moment. In the original order, that moment made Valentine's Day awkward and the Suburbs led to a break up, without the Charah "best friends" moment in between.
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  82. Congo is 9 hours ahead of LA, so it couldn't be dinner during the Otto mission and would be a different day.
  83. Chuck wore different shirt for final message from Stephen, but the same shirt when going to the Orion Cave the first time as when he told Morgan about it.
  84. One boarding pass for "Charles Carmichael" said December 27, which is not possible.
  85. The map showing where Chuck and Morgan search had 26-28 locations.
  86. Sarah said she hadn't seen Chuck "in months" implying this is > 60 days, which is possible.
  87. Both scenes were at night, so this had to be the next day.
  88. Time compressed. Two interviews the same day would be unusual. Five on short notice and before going to the Buy More is not possible,
  89. This implied Morgan and Alex were not together, or at least not exclusive.
  90. This is not possible, considering it is before Chuck Versus the Suitcase, when Ellie is 13 weeks pregnant and gives birth to Clara in January 2911.
  91. Conversation with Devon and Ellie at beginning of Chuck Versus the Suitcase.
  92. Ellie 13 weeks pregant, so ~27 weeks before Clara born. This is not possible, considering it is after Chuck Versus the Anniversary, which is 6-9 months after Chuck and Sarah got together and Clara was born in January 2011.
  93. Milan Fashion week was February 22-26, 2010.
  94. At least 2nd day of Milan Fashion Week. Video on Day 184 after blowing up Buy More.
  95. Flights from Milan to LA and back are time compressed.
  96. Time compressed because physical magazine could not be produced so quickly after cat fight.
  97. Video games are release on Tuesday.
  98. Not the 9/14 to avoid Chuck's birthday on subsequent date because it would have been mentioned.
  99. Before 35 weeks of Ellie's pregnancy to fly
  100. Morgan's vest from the previous season would not fit Big Mike.
  101. Two weeks before beginning of beginning of Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror
  102. 10/29, when considering Halloween decorations not being up in Buy More in Chuck Versus the First Fight, with with Chuck Versus the Fear of Death having 31 days of testing, it has to be earlier. Aisle of Terror put up in Buy More, so this is October 2010,
  103. It would not be ready in a day unless it was planned and the decorations had been acquired.
  104. No Halloween or Christmas decorations in Buy More, so this seems like November, but Chuck Versus the Fear of Death had 31 days of testing, and it was several days before the day after Thanksgiving in Chuck Versus the Leftovers. It makes more sense for the Aisle of Terror to be so offensive, Morgan ordered all decorations to be taken down. (Ignoring obvious problems in which the timeline simply does not work.)
  105. This is what emphasizes that Buy More Halloween decorations were taken down mid-October. (either because of the offensive Aisle of Terror or not seen in Chuck Versus the First Fight) If Chuck Versus the Fear of Death started in November, based on Buy More decorations, then training started 11/5. In the show, it said week 4, which could be 22 days or 11/27. In the show, Chuck said day 31, which is 12/7. Next was Rye training, the Switzerland mission, and Chuck Versus Phase. That's 5 days, making it 12/2 or 12/12 for the leftovers. However, Chuck Versus the Leftovers, ended the day after Thanksgiving, 11/27. All this means it is more likely that either Halloween decorations were taken down early in October or were not seen in Chuck Versus the First Fight.
  106. Embassy is in DC. The Consulate would be in LA, and it's not Thai soil.
  107. 2+ days because of travel time and time zones
  108. Lester's "Tuesday trapeze class" had been canceled.
  109. Presumably, this was not Thanksgiving.
  110. Day after Thanksgiving
  111. Chuck Versus the Push Mix aired January 31, but the subsequent episode dictated the subsequent Friday, making it January 30.
  112. Show implied this was the same day, but it had to be the next day because of travel time.
  113. Amy's pre-mission dialogue has Carinval, aka Mardis Gras, which was 3/8/2011. However, this episode is before Valentine's Day at the beginning of the next episode, which had Morgan move out of Chuck and Sarah's apartment at the end.
  114. 4x16 started Valentine's Day, but 4x15 took place over Carnival (aka Mardi Gras) in Rio, which was in 3/8 that year, so they were out of order chronologically.
  115. Beckman said party was "tonight," but it was already the next day in England, so this had to be the next night.
  116. Based on Ellie's statement about how long Clara had been sleeping in Ellie and Devon's room and not the nursery, but it couldn't be even three weeks.
  117. Chuck Versus the Bullet Train
  118. View from the Bluff
  119. This might be possible over 2 days, with a break before the Bale mission started, but in the episode, Woodley says the party is the next night. It appeared he came to Castle the same day as the Jean-Claude mission. As is, Morgan had no time to create the T.I.T.S. binder.
  120. Originally planned air-date was 10/28, before Halloween, not 11/4, a week later. It was delayed because 5x01 was delayed. (It took place June-July anyway.)
  121. Halloween decorations are up.
  122. Big Mike mentioned "International Pancake Day," but that is not likely, so it is a throwaway line about the Buy More being empty. National Pancake Day is September 26, so that is closer, though a little early for Halloween decorations. In many countries, "Pancake Day" is another name for "Shrove Tuesday," the 47 days before Easter.
  123. A commercial isn't likely to start on a Sunday, but that entire plot-line on the previous day was unrealistically time-compressed. It is not possible to start filming several bad ads, recruit a new actor, film a commerical, and air the commercial so customers come in one day.
  124. 5x03 appeared to be two days, so this had to be before it.
  125. Halloween decorations not up.
  126. Lester said the convention was during the weekend at Riverside.
  127. There would not be a CIA Christmas party on Christmas Eve.
  128. Date picked because otherwise, New Year's Eve night would have been mentioned.
  129. New Year's Eve night was not mentioned.
  130. Buy More is open, so it can't be 1/1.
  131. Movie night was postponed until "next week," but the schedule is too tight, so this is 4 days later instead of 7.
  132. "Few months" after Morgan's Frosted Tips trip to Vail, CO.
  133. Day lost because time to get from night in LA to daytime in Japan.
  134. Time to get from Daytime in Japan to night in LA
  135. Two weeks after end of 5x12.
  136. The beach scene is traditional thought to be 1/27, the air date of the final. However, because unmentioned holidays and other episodes, it cannot be then. This is unlike the "time compressed" episodes because there are a limited number of possible days. Removing travel time and time zones between LA and Japan only saves 2 days. However, if the "two weeks later" gap because Chuck Versus Sarah and Chuck Versus the Goodbye is shortened from 14 days to 8 days, then it can work.
  137. Valentine's Day was not mentioned.
  138. They didn't appear to own the store before, but put up a sign that day? Business sales and sign production isn't that fast.