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Chuck Versus the Angel of Death
Season 03, Episode 03
Air Date January 11, 2010
Writer Phil Klemmer
Director Jeremiah Chechik
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"Same old same old; bad guy throws a fancy cocktail party, another bad guy is trying to sell him a weapon. Bust both bad guys, diffuse a bomb. Blah blah blah. "

Chuck Versus the Angel of Death also known as Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte, is the third episode of the season three, which aired on January 10, 2010.


Premier Alejandro Goya, (Armand Assante) the dictator of Costa Gravas, whom Casey attempted to assassinate in the past, has come to the United States to announce that his country will be holding open, democratic elections, for the first time.

Full Story[]

A toe tagged foot of a cadaver is seen. The location is UCLA Medical Center, the year, 2000. The instructor asks for volunteers to dissect the branches of the femoral artery. Both Devon and Ellie are missing when he calls their names. He hopes that wherever they are, they are "gaining an appreciation of the human body." At that moment, Devon and Ellie are making out in a supply closet.

Nine years later, settled into domesticity, Ellie asks Devon if he has seen the broom. He is busy trying to connect the TV, saying he can do it if he "channels his inner Chuck." Ellie is upset that Chuck is not around after promising to help them move. She unpacks her wedding album, despondent that it seemed like a million years ago. She wants to know when they can take a break from real life. Devon tries to console her by saying they can take a break from moving and watch their wedding video. They hear a helicopter pass over, and Ellie comments it seems to happen more often lately.


Devon with Chuck after a 'mish'

Chuck enters his room to be surprised by Devon. He reminds Chuck that he was supposed to help set up the TV, and Ellie is "about to blow." Chuck apologizes and says he was on a mission, "same ole, same ole". Chuck sets up the TV for Ellie and Devon and flashes on a news story about Premier Alejandro Goya, the Costa Gravan dictator, when it was reported that he had collapsed. When Chuck receives a text almost immediately to report to Castle, Devon receives one to report to the ER. Devon bids a hasty goodbye to Ellie and when she complains about missing the wedding night re-creation, he promises to make it up to her.

At Castle, General Beckman tells the team to go to the hospital and guard the Premier. John Casey resists, saying that he has personally been tasked to kill the premier on three separate occasions. The General's explanation is that the Premier plans to open up his country to democratic elections. The first part of their assignment is to get the medical records for the Premier who happens to be at Westside Medical. Chuck guesses correctly that they are to exploit his brother-in-law and sister to get the information. The General will hold them responsible if anything happens to the Premier. At the same time, Devon is told that he, as the doctor, will be held responsible if anything happens to the Premier.

Devon appears at a press conference to answer questions about the Premier's condition. He even understands and answers questions in Spanish, which prompts Sarah to ask if there is anything Chuck's brother-in-law can't do, "hence the nick-name." An impatient Casey then says that they should "talk" to Devon and get the medical files out of him. Chuck says he will talk to Devon instead of "apprehending" him and Sarah reminds them Devon is a civilian.

In the apartment courtyard, Chuck failed to startle his brother in-law as intended. Devon guesses that Chuck wants information on the Premier for the CIA. He says the Premier did not have a heart attack but did have a high level of potassium. He then volunteers to help the CIA, thinking it will be exciting to move in Chuck's world. Chuck shuts him down and says that Ellie will kill him if he lets Devon play spy.

The next part of the mission is to protect the Premier at the gala at the Costa Gravan consulate. Since it is foreign soil, the CIA is not "officially" aware of the mission. If the mission goes badly, the punishment could be death by firing squad in Costa Grava. Casey recuses himself on grounds that he is a wanted man in that nation. He reveals that they called him "Angel De la Muerte" for spilling more blood than any other fighter in the revolution. Chuck thinks it's unlikely that Costa Gravas would have remembered after all this time, but at that moment, Costa Gravan troops stream by the apartment. Casey pulls shotguns out of his secret stash, thinking that they are here for him. Chuck points out that they are there for Devon who answers his door, not knowing why the troops are outside. The Premier asks the doctor, "Do you know what you have done?" The answer is that the doctor saved his life, and the Premier wants to repay him and Ellie and asks them to be guests of honor at the gala that night. Chuck exits his apartment, in 'harmless nerd' mode, asking about the gala, and the troops draw their guns on him. When Ellie explains that Chuck is her brother, he is also invited to the gala, providing the team entry.

At the gala, Chuck admits to Sarah that it is not the dictator he is worried about, it is his brother-in-law. Sarah reminds Chuck that the Intersect 2.0 does not work well when he is emotional, so he had better focus. Sarah and Chuck split up and take positions to view potential threats. Devon asks about his mission and Chuck says that Devon should stop screwing around and keep Ellie out of danger. They observe that the Premier has taken a liking to Ellie, and she is going to stay next to him all night long, which focuses Devon who realizes his wife is standing next to a target. Sarah goes into action to break Ellie free from the Premier for "girl talk". Ellie assumes Sarah wants to talk about her relationship with Chuck, and at the same time Devon is questioning Chuck on the same topic. Both say they are just friends, although several stolen glances between Chuck and Sarah tell of a deeper story. Ellie notes this and asks if Sarah still has feelings for Chuck. Casey, from the communications van, tells Sarah and Chuck through their earpieces that they all need to get back to protecting the Premier.

The premier starts his speech. He says that to symbolize the historic meeting between two great nations, he invites Ellie to dance. As they begin dancing, the floor gets crowded. Casey finds a hit on a potential threat by checking the guest list with known terrorists. Casey uploads the photo to Sarah and Chuck. They see the man across the dance floor and attempt to reach him without being detected. Chuck flashes to learn some dance moves to lead Sarah across the floor. A well placed elbow from Chuck knocks the suspect to the floor. Sarah discovers that the man is just a political protester wearing an anti-government t-shirt and has an egg as a weapon.

Chuck and Sarah are forcibly removed by the Premier's guards and taken out to the alley to "sober up". On the way, Chuck flashes on one of the guards, Jack Artman; an assassin specializing in chemical engineering. When Chuck communicates this to his team, Sarah tells Casey to get in the building since the Premier is unprotected. Casey enters the gala disguised as a guard and spies the real assassin. Unfortunately, Devon who does not recognize him, thinks Casey is drawing a weapon on the Premier and tackles him to the ground, causing a scene. Casey is then recognized as the Angel of Death and taken away. The Premier believes that Devon has saved his life again.

Chuck and Sarah, back at Castle are told by General Beckman to wait. Chuck says they need to send in the troops since Casey is in big danger based on his past with Costa Gravas. The General says they are going to go through diplomatic channels.

The imprisoned Casey is questioned by the Premier. Casey tries to explain that he is there to protect the Premier, to no avail. Casey's mouth is gagged just as the real assassin, Artman, posing as a guard, poisons the Premier's cigar behind his back. Casey attempts to warn the Premier through muffled shouts, again to no avail. The Premier collapses after several puffs on the cigar.


"I knew you guys had a secret base!"

Devon and Ellie return home and Ellie thanks him for the evening. The phone rings and Devon has to run back to the consulate for an emergency. Devon goes to Chuck and says he has a way to get them into the consulate and promises to leave the spy stuff to the pros. Devon finally gets to visit Castle and is impressed. After a heated discussion with Sarah about the rescue plan, they all agree to go together.

Artman visits Casey, commenting on his career, which he had followed. Casey tries prodding the assassin about who he works for, one professional assassin to another. Artman admits that he works for the Ring, who wish to maintain the status quo in Costa Gravas, which means the Premier must die. In the meantime, Devon, Chuck, and Sarah enter as a medical team and work on the Premier, with Devon complaining the facilities are inadequate and the man should be in a hospital. Sarah then takes out the guards while simultaneously Casey attacks Artman. Sarah says it's time for them to go, and a stunned Devon comments to Chuck that "that is some women, bro." Casey wins his fight but not before Artman jams a syringe full of poison into his leg but had not yet pushed the plunger. When Casey pulls it out, he is shot by another guard, who is then knocked out by Sarah coming down the steps. When they all return to Devon, Devon says that the Premier will die if he doesn't get treatment and refuses to leave.

Guards enter and prevent the escape. During the discussion of who's protecting or trying to kill the Premier, Casey falls over due to his wound. The guard then says that if Chuck is a real doctor and not an assassin, he should be able to save Casey. Under pressure, Chuck flashes, and learns the procedure to extract the bullet and patch the wound, which amazes Devon, who reiterates his comment that Chuck has the hands of a surgeon.

Devon says the Premier isn't going to make it unless he has a blood transfusion. Casey happens to know the Premier's blood type, AB negative, along with other trivia about his favorite movie and hygiene habits. Chuck checks Casey's dog tag and finds that Casey has the correct blood type. Casey refuses to have his blood taken, but Chuck administers anesthetic and makes the transfusion of Casey's blood to save the Premier much easier.

Casey wakes up in the Castle. Beckman congratulates the group, although she questions their methods, and announces that the Premier will make a full recovery and has gone ahead with democratic elections. A woozy Casey then realizes that they "stole" his blood and put it in a "stinking commie despot" which Chuck corrects as "former stinking commie despot". Casey received a case of pre-revolution cigars and note from the Premier, who now calls him now the Angel of Life, for giving his blood.

Devon meets Chuck at Orange Orange and says that the double life as a spy is not how he wants to live, and he departs as Sarah enters. Chuck asks her what their cover should be as they move forward. She suggests "friends" and asks what friends would do. Chuck says he and Morgan would typically gorge out on processed food and play video games. Sarah smiles and says they are not quite at that stage.

Devon calls home and says he has only one more patient before he heads home to Ellie. The patient turns out to be Artman, with a needle for Devon.

Chuck answers his door to see Sarah who says something in his ear, and she hugs him, Ellie asks from across the courtyard if they have seen Devon. They look at each other but don't answer.

Guest Stars[]


  • The toe tag on the corpse in the first scene says 4680-45 Wallace, Mason 11/4/00.
  • Chuck's flash includes Artman's involvement in the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.
  • The beginning of Goya's speech at the gala is a reference to Marc Antony's famous speech in Julius Caesar after Caesar has been killed.
  • This is the first episode in which the Buy More is not shown.
  • An article seen during Chuck's flash on the ring operative was written by someone called Kevin Mock, the name of this episode's editor.
  • Chuck calls Devon "007" while trying tone down his excitement over being on a mission. An obvious James Bond reference.
  • The name Costa Gravas is a reference to Greek filmmaker Costa-Gavras who played a minor part in the often cited Spies Like Us.
  • The music played during the reception at the Costa Gravan embassy is from the video game Tropico which is set on a fictitious South American island nation similar to Costa Gravas.


Devon: So, you come up with a plan yet?
Chuck: Oh, yeah. Yeah, the plan is: Sarah and I are going to sneak out of here and save Casey. While you stay here and save the Premiere. We just gotta take care of those two guards there.
Devon: Those two soldiers with machine guns. You and what army?
Chuck: Uh, that would be Sarah and her fists.


Goya: How stupid do you think I am?
Casey: I don't think you're stupid. I think your life is in danger, you idiot.


  • The Dandy Warhols – “Bohemian Like You”
  • Daniel Zott – “Living A Lie”
  • Latin Mambo Orchestra – “Songozon”
  • Jesus Alejandro El Nino – “Cafecito”
  • Young Adult Friction – “The Pains of Being Pure at Heart”