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Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit
Season 05, Episode 02
Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit
Air Date November 4, 2011
Writer Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc
Director Patrick R. Norris
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"Buddy, no one can know that we have the walking CIA database on our team, okay? The Intersect is a secret weapon for a reason."
― Chuck

Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit is the second episode of the fifth season which aired on November 4, 2011.


Chuck and the team take a case from a man (Jeff Fahey,) who claims his brother, (Justin Hartley), has been kidnapped, but soon realize that things may not what be as they seem. Morgan is becoming difficult, feeling he is being underutilized and as the new Intersect should be at the forefront of missions.

Meanwhile, Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Anne Moss), a rival spy, attempts to woo Sarah away from Carmichael Industries.

Full Story[]

Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are seen offering a presentation of their services in front of an audience of potential clients. However, their thunder and clients are stolen by Gertrude Verbanski, of Verbanski Corporation, who shows off more dramatics with more men and targeting lasers. Casey grumbles when they get back to Echo Park, revealing to have encountered the ex-KGB agent before in Minsk, 1995, when she apparently bested him in a fight and took his weapon.

At the Buy More, Morgan 'zooms' in on another bearded man, learning he's Karl Sneijder, a man with criminal ties. Without thinking or listening to Chuck, he 'zooms' on fighting techniques and pounces on Karl. It turns out, however, that Karl was their new client. He tells Team Bartowski that his brother, Wesley, is being held hostage in a guarded compound because Karl owes the kidnappers a great deal of money, he displays brother's severed finger for the team. He gives them $200,000 up front and promises more when they bring him his brother.

While Casey scouts out the compound, determining it to impenetrable at the front, he and Sarah put Chuck up to the task of being Morgan's handler, because he knows what being the Intersect and the new guy is all about, and can help Morgan negotiate that minefield. When Chuck and Morgan are at a convenience store, however, and a robbery is taking place, Morgan puts on a mask and attacks the gunman, calling him the Bearded Bandit, panicking the store clerk who assumes he's a crook as well. Chuck had told him bandit still means the same as robber. But as the gunman gets up and is about to shoot Morgan, Chuck manages to disarm him, saving Morgan. They both run as police sirens are heard. The next morning, the others confront Chuck for letting Morgan get spotted, reminding him that they're a legitimate corporation, not vigilantes.

Sarah receives an invitation from Verbanski Corp. and when she arrives, Gertrude tries convincing Sarah to come and work for her. Sarah immediately and without hesitation shuts her down. In Verbanski's office, Sarah notices the gun the woman stole from Casey in Minsk. Later, Casey admits that Verbanski is interested in him.

As they head out on the mission, Chuck reluctantly tells Morgan to wait in the van. But once the team gets inside the compound, they find Wesley, who quickly sounds the alarm. As it turns out, Wesley is in witness protection and in hiding from his brother, who was the one who cut off his finger. As Wesley's guards comes in, Morgan defies orders and knocks out all the guards, before 'zooming' on Wesley and learning of his situation.

Getting Wesley to the safety of Castle, Team Bartowski confronts Karl via computer. Karl is not happy that they found out about his deception and demands that they hand over his brother or he'll come after them. Everyone thinks that it might be wise to call in General Beckman to bring in a strike team, but Morgan decides to simply go after Karl. Once again, in defiance of his team's orders, Morgan drags Chuck to Karl's office, intent on capturing him, despite Chuck's protests. As Morgan runs in, Chuck calls Casey and Sarah, but follows his friend to protect him. Wesley tells them that Karl's office is a fortress, and once he realizes something is up, he'll lock it down. After Chuck and Morgan are captured, Sarah reluctantly calls in Verbanski Corp to break in and rescue them. Though Karl gave the team $200,000 up front, they owe almost that much to Verbanski.

Morgan then goes behind his teammates' backs to interview for Verbanski and reveals to her that he is the Intersect. Verbanski compares Morgan to Luke Skywalker, but strangely, he doesn't seem to know who that is.

Meanwhile, The Buy More has absolutely no customers. Big Mike, newly married to Morgan's mother, Bolonia, suggests they use an old commercial he was featured in from the 1970s to bring in more customers. Chuck points out that the video is a little dated. Big Mike gathers the store employees to find out which one of them is suitable for a commercial; unsurprisingly, none of them are. Captain Awesome then walks in, and Big Mike convinces him to help by starring in a commercial. It becomes a success and draws in new customers.


  • Justin Hartley is probably best known, for his turn as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on Smallville.
  • Wesley Sneijder, incidentally, is also the name of a soccer star from The Netherlands.
  • Devon mentions that he modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch in college, a reference to actor Ryan McPartlin's time as a real-life A&F model


Morgan [to Chuck]: Talking a lot about the Intersect, but I finally get it, though. For the first time in my life, I sort of feel as cool as you.


Chuck: Wow, good job, Indy.
Morgan: Who?
[Chuck laughs. Morgan stares blankly at him.]
Chuck: Uh, Indiana Jones...


Verbanski: I was wondering who the real Luke Skywalker was on your team. It's good to finally know.
Morgan: I'll bet it is. One question, though. [Pause] Who's Luke Skywalker?


  • Boogie Fever - The Sylvers
  • Complexity - Boots Electric
  • Half Moon - Blind Pilot