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Chuck Versus the Bullet Train
Season 05, Episode 11
Air Date January 20, 2012
Writer Nicholas Wootton
Director Buzz Feitshans IV
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"That was some major ass whupping, honey... have you been taking strip kick?"

Chuck Versus the Bullet Train is the eleventh episode in the fifth season of Chuck, which aired on January 20, 2012. It marks the beginning of the final story arc.


While on a mission in Japan to rescue Chuck, Sarah and he must face the merciless Nicholas Quinn aboard a speeding Japanese bullet train. The mission leaves Casey with an impossible decision.

Full Story[]

Quinn captures Chuck and orders him to fix the Intersect, which is "enroute to his base." Quinn also informs Chuck that Sarah and Casey are dead. The truth is that Sarah, using her new Intersect skills, has defeated Quinn’s men. Sarah sent the false message confirming that she and Casey are dead and made arrangements for their bodies to be on the same bullet train that Quinn and Chuck are on. Sarah then saves Chuck and captures Quinn, locking him up in the coffin she had been using.


Sarah makes a mistake by mentioning she 'flashed' on the schematics of the train, and they could escape that way. Casey points out that him and Chuck don't have the intersect, so they wouldn't be able to escape that way. Overhearing their conversation, Chuck realizes that Sarah has downloaded the Intersect. They talk in whispers and code so that Quinn can't hear what's going on. Chuck asks her if she downloaded the same flawed version that Morgan did, and she confirms it. However, she assures Chuck that she's been fine so far, and she still has her memories. As soon as they hand over Quinn, she'll get the Intersect repressed. Casey tells Chuck and Sarah that he'll take the first watch over Quinn and tells them to go into a passenger car.

Meanwhile, back at the Castle, Ellie is working with Devon to try to find out how the Intersect damaged Morgan's memory. At first, Alex is there trying to help by encouraging Morgan to work with them. He keeps saying that he should be on the mission with the rest of the Team Bartowski. Ellie and Devon start going over the facts that they have to find out why the Intersect started causing problems a month after downloading it, instead of immediately. Ellie and Devon list the changes that happened during that time: Castle was renovated and retooled and Carmichael Industries was formed. Devon points out that after all of that, they started going on missions. They hypothesize that the problem might be that flashing too frequently with the corrupt database, places too much strain on the brain. This trauma is what resulted in Morgan’s behavior change and memory loss.

Chuck and Sarah share a moment on the train to discuss how amazing it is to have the Intersect, they indulge in a private celebration of reunion after which they sketch out their future life together, complete with a picket fence and a baby. When Alex goes out to get some food for Morgan, to make him feel better, Quinn has two of his henchmen capture her. Quinn uses her as a hostager to force Casey into helping him escape. A fight ensues and Sarah, unable to control the Intersect, attempts to kill Quinn.

Devon and Morgan are texted by Chuck at Casey’s request and alerted to Alex’s kidnapping. They attempt to save her but are intercepted by Ron (Ben Browder), one of the kidnappers. Jeff and Lester, still convinced that something is going on but unable to remember any of their discoveries from last week, are following Devon and Morgan, and pick up the earpiece that Morgan was using to communicate with Casey before Morgan was captured.

Casey, after a quick conference with Chuck, decides that they are Alex’s best hope, and talks them through a successful rescue attempt, using ordnance from his car. Quinn has survived Sarah’s attempt to kill him and manages to capture her. He forces her to flash repeatedly using the faulty Intersect, damaging her memory until she can no longer remember the last five years of her life.

The end of the episode sees Quinn enter Sarah's hotel room, posing as her CIA handler, and give her a mission to kill Chuck Bartowski, whom she cannot remember.

Guest stars[]


  • Sarah becomes the 9th human Intersect of the story, the others being, in chronological order, Hartley/Volkoff, Stephen, Chuck, Manoosh (not complete intersect), Shaw, Richard Noble/Greta 2, Victoria Dunwoody/Greta 3, and Morgan. She would have been the final, however, Chuck does end up redownloading it again after her.
  • With this episode Casey becomes the only member of Team Bartowski that was never a human Intersect.
  • Ron, the thug who kidnaps Alex, is played by Ben Browder, who also played John Crichton in the popular sci-fi series Farscape. He also played Cameron Mitchell in last two seasons of Stargate SG-1.
  • The special opening credits resemble the opening credits of the failed 1979 NBC show called Supertrain.
  • The Japanese bullet train travels at a speed of 240 to 320 miles per hour, added to its low center and streamlined exterior, Quinn's survival should have been beyond possibility.


Chuck: It's the coolest thing in the world, isn't it!?
Sarah: The coolest ever!
Chuck: Did you do any Parkour?
Sarah: Off the bridge, and on to a moving truck, and then on to a car going the opposite direction.
Chuck: Oh, awesome!


  • Days Are Forgotten - Kasabian
  • Misspent Youth - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • Ô Canada - Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band, US Marine Corps
  • Another Wave From You - M83
  • She Tows the Line - Crooked Fingers