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Chuck Versus the Business Trip
Season 05, Episode 04
Air Date November 18, 2011
Writer Kristen Newman
Director Allan Kroeker
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"You stay away from that douche-cycle! "

Chuck Versus the Business Trip is the fourth episode in the final season of Chuck which aired on November 18, 2011.


At the Buy More Employee of the Year Convention, Chuck and Sarah cross paths with two Buy More managers (David Koechner and Catherine Dent).

Meanwhile, Chuck pretends to be Morgan in order to catch an assassin tasked with executing the new Intersect.

Full Story[]

Chuck narrowly stops Morgan before he reaches his new motorbike, warning him Clyde Decker put out a contract on him. Morgan then clicks his remote starter, and the bike blows up. Morgan is taken to the safety of Castle. General Beckman then arrives to remove the Intersect from Morgan. Once the Intersect is removed, Beckman promises to call off the hit. The next day, the team is informed that all assassins, but one, has been called off: The Viper, an assassin who will not give up, and likes to kill close range.


Buy More Business

With Morgan confined to Castle, the team suggests ways to stop the Viper. Eventually, they decide that Chuck pose as Morgan at the Buy More Salesman of the Year convention. He and Sarah would then keep an eye out for the Viper, using tech that can let Casey determine if a subject is lying or not; Sarah, however, proves that she can fool the lie detector test. After a day of fun and false alarms, Casey singles out one Buy More manager who is lying to Chuck as they return to their hotel rooms. As Sarah later discovers, however, this manager is actually into role-playing in a furry bunny costume with no real life. Meanwhile, Chuck is ambushed by the bartender and manages to knock him out.

With the alleged Viper safely locked in Castle, it is deemed safe for Morgan to go out. Chuck, however, eventually realizes that their prisoner is not the real Viper, but just a decoy. He rushes to find Sarah before she could start her car to meet with new friend Jane, a woman she met at the convention. He tells her his suspicions that since Jane passed the lie detector test as easily as Sarah could, she must be the real Viper. Worse, there is a bomb in Sarah's car. Chuck is able to defuse the bomb before they go and rescue Morgan.

Once they have the Viper and her decoy in custody, Decker is ordered to tell her that the hit is off. But once she is released, Casey tails her, learning that Decker has authorized the deaths of Team Bartowski, excluding Chuck and Sarah. When he was spotted, Casey guns them all down. When he returns to Echo Park for a party at the Woodcombs, Decker shows up to arrest Casey for murder.

A concurrent story line has Casey still angry at Morgan for dumping Alex. When Morgan began re-watching the Star Wars saga to regain his pop culture memories and stops part way through Episode I: The Phantom Menace because of Jar-Jar Binks. Casey relents and passes him the original trilogy, but not before Casey drops major spoilers: exactly who Darth Vader is, what Luke & Leia's relationship is. When Morgan groans, Casey reminds him that he's still mad about what Morgan did to Alex.

Despite warnings that he'll be dead if he talks to Alex, Morgan uses Casey's cellphone to text Alex to come to the Buy More, where he confesses about being a spy again and having the Intersect. After the Viper ordeal is over with, Alex tells Morgan that there's no chance of them getting back together since he had lied to her, though she still wants to be friends. When they attend the party at the Woodcombs, Casey gives Morgan the first three Indiana Jones films, deliberately neglecting to tell him about the fourth.

Buy More[]

Lester becomes more and more dissatisfied with the new, mature, and responsible Jeff. When Lester tried rallying the Buy More against the unfairness that Morgan gets to attend the Employee of the Month convention, Jeff convinces everyone to work harder. Eventually, Lester tries getting his friend back by pumping engine exhaust into the lunchroom where Jeff and Mike are eating. Big Mike passes out first and Jeff has Skip sound the fire alarm as he wheels Big Mike outside. The next day, Jeff tells Lester that there are consequences for his actions, as police officers arrest him for attempted homicide.


  • Big Mike screams "Pineapple" as he is evacuated from the Buy More.
  • The rabbit costume in Crazy Bob's closet appears to be the same one from the Scrubs episode, "My Rabbit".
  • This episode marks the longest Chuck has been without the Intersect in terms of consecutive episodes since Chuck Versus the Intersect.


Chuck: How great are Ellie and Awesome, huh? They're just a nice happy normal couple.
Sarah: Yeah, they are.
Chuck: We aren't all that normal, are we?
Sarah: No. No, not really, but we're happy and we're nice.


Chuck: Sarah, wait! Don't move.
Sarah: [startled] Oh, my God. What?
Chuck: I know we're trying to be normal and all, but if we were in spy mode, we'd think it was interesting timing that you made a new friend who wanted to hang out with you immediately post-mission.
Sarah: A new friend who was as good as I was at passing a lie detector.
Chuck: And we might wonder if the Viper didn't use a decoy, like we did, to make Morgan feel safe and come out of hiding.
Sarah: And we might think that getting rid of his guards by, say, planting a car bomb, might be a really great way to go.
Chuck: [looks down and sees bomb] Okay, here's a spy thought; don't move your foot.


  • Get Together - Tim Myers feat. Serengeti
  • Only For You - Heartless Bastards
  • Hot Hot Hot - Buster Poindexter
  • Silver Hands - Alameda