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Chuck Versus the Crown Vic
Season 01, Episode 11
Air Date December 3, 2007
Writer Zev Borow
Director Chris Fisher
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"Did you kiss me that night because you thought we were going to die, and mine were the most convenient lips around, or was it actually about me?"

Chuck Versus the Crown Vic is the eleventh episode of Season One of Chuck. It first aired on December 3, 2007.


Opening with the fact that Sarah kissed him in a moment that he cannot forget, Chuck must go undercover on a mission with her as a couple to investigate Lon Kirk, after Chuck flashed on counterfeit currency on Kirk's boat while there on Buy More business.

Meanwhile, Morgan meets with Anna's strict and snobbish parents.

Full Story[]

At the Buy More, Lester and Jeff are engaging in gambling involving a dreidel, which apparently even they don't understand. Lester, taking advantage that everyone in the room knows less than he about Hebrew, claims to win to the dismay of everyone watching.

Meanwhile, Chuck is checking the Wienerlicious for a sign of Sarah. Casey joins him and Chuck inquires to him as to where Sarah is. Casey tells him that Sarah and he do not fraternize off hours. Morgan walks over to tell him that he thinks that Anna is cheating on him and explains that he was hiding in the bushes and saw her get picked up. Chuck says that it is probably nothing. Lester and Jeff inform Chuck of an installation job, and that he has to come, as Jeff cannot be trusted to be by himself during the holidays.

Sarah is still in bed, and it is obvious she has had a rather rough night. When her alarm clock goes off, she throws a knife, piercing it.

At the marina, all is going well with the installation job. However, Jeff goes to the lower deck searching for a toilet, despite the protest of security guards, Chuck and Lester follow to round him up. They all see two men counting piles of money. The security guard explains that the money is from the owner's recent fund raiser. While Jeff and Lester are distracted by two beautiful women who have just walked in, Chuck picks up one of the 100 dollar bills dropped by a passing flunky. He has a flash, and the bill is revealed to be counterfeit.

Chuck and Casey inform General Beckman and Director Graham of this immediately, with Sarah arriving late for the briefing. She reveals that Lon Kirk, the owner of the boat, allegedly devotes most of his time to charity work. They are suspicious, as he has had contact with certain criminal elements, and they have intel that a major counterfeiter is in the area. They tell Chuck, Casey, and Sarah to investigate a charity event that Kirk will be hosting, but to tread cautiously.

Back at the Buy More, "Big Mike" goes over the rules for the upcoming Holiday Party. He tells Jeff that he cannot spike the eggnog, or grope on any of the female workers. Anna, meanwhile, goes looking for Morgan, and eventually finds him in the theatre room. Seeing that he is upset, she asks what is wrong, and he tells her that he saw her getting picked up in a posh car. She explains that her parents are in town for a charity event. Morgan requests to meet Anna's parents, but quickly realizes his mistake, and goes to Chuck for help. Chuck tells him to just be himself. Lester and Jeff disagree and tell Morgan that he must be a completely different person in order to impress Anna's parents.

At Sarah's apartment, Sarah briefs Chuck on the mission, and Chuck confirms the objectives. The two share a rather awkward conversation and then proceed to the gala. As Chuck and Sarah enter, Chuck asks Sarah how much money he has to gamble with. Sarah replies that he has "100". They then spot Kirk and walk over to the table at which he is playing. Casey is posing as the croupier. After Kirk introduces himself, and being rather flirtatious with Sarah, he puts a wager up. Unfortunately, Chuck bets all of his money on one spin. Casey asks him to reconsider, but Chuck refuses. It is only then that Chuck realizes that Sarah mean $100,000 instead of just $100. Too late though, and Chuck loses all of his money. Kirk then leaves the table, winking at Sarah, with Sarah winking back. Casey chastises Chuck for making such a foolish bet, with Chuck upset with Sarah for winking at Kirk.

Chuck spots Kirk going over to talk to an unidentified Asian man, and Chuck has a flash, the man is Rashan Chen, the Taiwanese attaché who is using the charity event to launder counterfeit money. Sarah joins Kirk to attempt to get information from him. Chuck has a growing feeling of unease with Sarah's flirtation with Kirk.

As Sarah is about to drop Chuck off at his home, when he asks Sarah what Kirk told her. She replies that Kirk invited her, and her only, to his yacht. Chuck says this is rather disrespectful to her boyfriend. Sarah interprets this to mean Bryce Larkin, responding that Bryce is not her boyfriend, and even if he was, he would understand. Chuck tells her that he actually means Charles Carmichael, the man she was at the party with. Chuck gets out, and Sarah drives away.


The following morning, Chuck takes out the trash, only to find Casey polishing his car. Chuck inquires and Casey replies that the Crown Victoria is his dream car, and he keeps it in spotless condition at all times and had made various upgrades including a GPS system. Moving on, Chuck asks Casey what exactly Sarah's mission is aboard Kirk's yacht. Casey vaguely answers that she is there to "gather information from Kirk, using whatever it takes," Chuck is less than pleased at this response.

Meanwhile, Morgan, who has just arrived at the restaurant where he is meeting Anna's parents, fails to impress. Morgan spots a woman who looks like Sarah on a yacht outside in the marina and immediately calls Chuck and expresses his concern that the blonde woman he is looking at is Sarah. Although Chuck knows Sarah is there, he tells Morgan that he will look into it.

Casey is watching Sarah on the yacht; he is backed by other agents. Hearing footsteps behind him, Casey springs to attack mode, only to find Chuck, who has come to bring Casey food. Casey assures him that Walker has back up and points them out, but a look at the yacht has Chuck flashing on some crates being loaded onto Kirk's boat. He tells Casey that they are currency printing plates being disguised as medicines. Casey asks Chuck if he is sure, and Chuck confirms it. Casey and the other agents raid the boat and ask Kirk to open the crate. Projecting outrage, Kirk opens the crates. The contents are revealed to be indeed medicines for Taiwan. Kirk then asks for the names of Casey's superiors, so the proper people are held responsible.

Back home, Chuck answers the door to Sarah, she tells Chuck that he let his emotions interfere with work, and implied he faked the flash. Chuck expresses his disdain, that he wasn't the one letting his emotions get in the way and confronts her directly about her kissing him. Sarah tells him it had been a mistake and would not happen again, then storms out of the house.

Back at the Buy More, Morgan has returned from his lunch with Anna's parents, and promptly asks Chuck if the woman he saw was Sarah. Chuck lies and says that it was not her. Morgan goes on to invite Chuck to a boat trip he will be attending with Anna and her parents, Chuck declines.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey are being chastised by Director Graham and General Beckman for raiding Kirk's boat. Casey defends his actions and says that the decision was based on the information he received from the Intersect. Their superiors are still unhappy, and they are benched. Casey is uptight with Sarah and gives her a chance to admit that she compromised herself with the Intersect. Sarah pauses and asks Casey if he has ever wanted a normal life and a family. Casey says that the decision they made to protect something bigger than themselves is the right choice. Sarah says she will talk to Chuck, and if she cannot fix it, she will ask for a reassignment.

At the Buy More, Chuck is thumbing through pictures of him and Sarah on his Phone, he then receives a picture from Morgan, who is currently with Anna and her parents. Chuck spots Rashan and the crates he flashed on earlier in the background of the photo. Quickly, he blows up the photo and heads straight to Casey. Casey tells him that orders are orders, and they cannot resume the mission. Chuck goes to Sarah and tries to convince her to come with him to save Morgan and Anna. Sarah immediately agrees, and they head down to the docks.

At the marina, they spot Casey who tells them that he came to protect the Intersect, and he didn't want to miss any "gun play". The team spot Morgan on the water, and Chuck flashes on a device attached to the boat, a missile GPS tracking device. Casey realizes that Kirk is going to bury the evidence of his crime. Casey says he will get the guards, while Sarah and Chuck create a diversion.

Sarah runs up to Kirk and pretends that she desperately wants to talk to him. Chuck runs in, pretending to be the outraged boyfriend.


Return to sender

As they are enacting this ploy, Casey takes out a couple of guards. The fight ends when Kirk fires the rocket launcher and escapes. Chuck grabs the GPS control and resets it to redirect the missile. Casey points out that reset might mean return to sender. In order to direct the missile somewhere else, Chuck needs another set of GPS coordinates. He realizes that Casey knows the GPS coordinates for the Crown Vic. Reluctantly, Casey gives him the coordinates, and the Crown Vic is destroyed. Casey says he hates this mission.

At the Buy More, Chuck is standing alone at the holiday party, until Morgan points out Sarah's arrival. Sarah tells him that she wants to be friends with him again, he's happy to agree.

Casey receives a call from General Beckman, who informs him that Intersect 2.0 will be up and running soon. Beckman asks Casey if he has been compromised. Casey confirms that he will carry out his orders.

Beta Intersect Images[]

General Beckman informs Casey that the Beta version of the new Intersect is now complete, and the full computer should be completed soon, meaning that soon Chuck will need to be disposed of. However, somewhat sinister, several of the images seen in the new computer, are Chuck, his friends & co-workers as well as some of those he's interacted with including Carina Miller, Dr Zarnow, Laszlo, and Director Graham. Other images which appeared in order are:

  • Chuck's Stanford ID card (Back Wall)
  • Jeff (Left Wall)
  • Lester (Right Wall)
  • Individual pictures of Devon, Morgan, and Ellie (Back Wall)
  • Bryce Larkin (Back Wall)
  • Individual pictures of Sarah Walker & John Casey (Back Wall)
  • Chuck Bartowski (Back Wall)


  • Chuck Bartowski comments that John Casey's Crown Victoria is "shiny", and John agrees - "you're damn right she's shiny!" - a reference to Adam Baldwin's previous series, Firefly, in which he played the mercenary, Jayne Cobb. In the series (and its subsequent feature film, Serenity), the word "shiny" is used to mean "cool".
  • Casey's "relationship" with his car is similar to Jayne Cobb's relationship with Vera, his favorite gun.
  • John Casey tells Chuck Bartowski "Flush out your headgear, new guy," which is a reference to Adam Baldwin's character Animal Mother from " Full Metal Jacket." The scene is from the point in the movie where the platoon is standing over their Platoon Leader and another Marine who were killed on the way into Hue City. Animal Mother tells Rafterman to flush out his headgear when Rafterman says the Marines died for a good cause.
  • The music as Chuck and Sarah arrive at the charity function is unquestionably Bond-like and appears on the Chuck Soundtrack.


  • Chuck: I know that grunt. Yeah, that's a number seven; skeptical with a side of cynicism.
  • Casey: Just clearing my throat. I just couldn't help but notice Agent Walker's car isn't in her usual spot.
  • Chuck: Oh! I didn't...ah... It's weird I didn't see that at all.
  • Casey: [grunt]
  • Chuck: Fine, maybe I did.


  • Sarah: I think we need to discuss the fact that you let your emotions get in the way today.
  • Chuck: My emotions?
  • Sarah: Things have been a little off since 'the incident' Chuck.
  • Chuck: Really? And what incident are you referring to Agent Walker, huh? Could it be the incident where you planted a kiss on me right before a bomb was supposed to go off ending our lives? That same kiss right before your boyfriend, Bryce, came back from the dead? That kiss?
  • Sarah: Stop saying kiss! It happened, okay, what's done is done! Can we just not talk about it, please?


  • "Pimp Juice" – Nelly
  • "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas" – Burl Ives
  • "Deck The Halls" – Traditional
  • "Giving My Love Up to You" – Henry Turner’s Crystal Band
  • "Come All Ye Faithful" – Traditional
  • "I Saw Three Ships" – Traditional
  • "Christmas In Hollis" – Run DMC Christmas, ahem.
  • "I Melt With You" - Modern English