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Chuck Versus the Ex
Season 02, Episode 06
Air Date November 10, 2008
Writer Zev Borow
Director Jay Chandrasekhar
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"It is too dangerous for her! I'm putting my foot down...Gingerly!"

Chuck Versus the Ex is the sixth episode in season two, which aired on November 10, 2008. It is the nineteenth episode overall.


Chuck runs into ex-girlfriend Jill Roberts (Jordana Brewster) while on a Nerd Herd call. In an attempt to save face, he lies to the girl who broke his heart and tells her that he is more successful than he really is. When Chuck flashes on Jill’s boss - a research scientist who developed a deadly bio-weapon, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey must find out if Jill is involved.

Meanwhile at the Buy More, Big Mike chokes on a doughnut, which leads company efficiency expert, Emmett, to implement a mandatory CPR course, and Chuck arranges for Devon to teach it.

Full Story[]

During a flashback to Stanford University in 2003, shortly after Chuck was expelled, he walks along a row of fraternity and sorority houses, stopping where his girlfriend, Jill, lives; he tries to explain his side of the story that led to his expulsion. Jill refuses to talk to him, but her roommate callously tells Chuck that Jill is dating Bryce Larkin.

Back in the now, at the Buy More, Chuck is sent by Emmett to a tech support call for a Bio Science conference at a nearby hotel. Emmett then delivers a box of doughnuts to Big Mike. Mike chokes on a doughnut, and Emmett uses the Heimlich Maneuver to dislodge the obstruction.

Chuck arrives at the conference and is finishing setting up the conference network when Jill Roberts arrives, in need of technical support for her lecture. Horrified, Chuck tries to hide, but then is forced to make the best of it, and they briefly catch up on the past five years, with Jill explaining that she got a Ph.D. after Stanford. In an effort to save face, Chuck says that he runs a small computer repair business with numerous branches in the state. As Jill says she would change things about their past, her boss, Guy Lefleur arrives. Chuck flashes on Lefleur, and reports to the rest of Team Bartowski, who believe that Lefleur may have created a bio weapon.

Back at the Buy More, Emmett and Big Mike arrange for the entire Buy More staff to learn CPR. Emmett announces that Devon will be their instructor, guiding them through to be ready for the test. Emmett warns Chuck that he, too, has to take the test, despite being all ready certified, and will not be dodging it. Chuck leaves anyway.

At Castle, Chuck is ordered by Beckman to reconnect with Jill to find out if she is involved with bio-weapon research. He protests, as Jill was the one who broke his heart and destroyed all of his confidence. Sarah convinces him to take on this assignment if he is to gain some closure; Casey sarcastically remarks that he can get his mojo back.

Chuck takes Jill to a posh restaurant, entirely operated by the CIA. Chuck goes in under the guise of his wealthy alter ego, to attempt to find out more about Jill's boss. However, the date is botched when Lester and Jeff drive by and blow Chuck's cover, causing Jill to leave in a huff.

Meanwhile, as the Buy More staff are being taught by Devon on performing the Heimlich Maneuver, Lester proposes that Morgan should be helping them in stealing the answers to the CPR test, as Morgan has connections with Chuck, who shares an apartment with Devon. Chuck is distracted as he attempts to call Jill several times.

Later, the team sends Chuck to Jill's hotel, where they he is supposed to plant a supplemental bug. At the same time, Chuck attempts to apologize to her for lying, Jill opens the door and allows him in, Chuck successfully plants the bug. During a conversation about their past, however, Chuck turns off the bug when she kisses him, but Casey accesses the bug through an override from the team's van, switching the bug back online. Sarah is conflicted by Chuck reconnecting with Jill.

Morgan arrives at Chuck's home, where he attempts to steal the answers to Devon's CPR test. Ellie walks in on him, and discovers him holding her underwear. Morgan claims that his intention was to steal the answers for Devon's tests, but not to panty raid. Devon walks in on the two and says to Morgan that he is always carrying the answers to the test with him.

Later, Casey and Sarah visit Lefleur's hotel, where they find him under attack, he is thrown off a balcony, falling to his death, and the assassin escapes them. The team brings Jill to Castle to question her; she tells them that he was working on an anti-viral serum for the deadly bio-weapon. Jill is curious about Chuck's behavior and wonders if he's involved, but Casey denies it. They then decide to have her deliver Lefleur's speech at the conference, but Chuck refuses to have her put at risk. Sarah agrees to take the role of delivering the speech for her instead.

At the Buy More, Chuck, Morgan, Jeff, Lester and the rest of the Buy More sit down to take the CPR test. Everyone attempts to copy off of Chuck's test, but Chuck receives an urgent message from Casey and is forced to leave, his test is then thrown away by Emmett. The staff panics, and Lester conjures up a plan to quickly get the answers - Jeff is to choke as Devon performs the Heimlich Maneuver. Emmett realizes their plan as they immediately answer the tests through and finish just as that happened, but could not do anything to stop them.


Chuck to the rescue

At the same time, Sarah and Casey are in at the conference, Sarah is ready to give her speech. The two wait to find the assassin who killed Lafleur. The assassin then unleashes the bio-weapon in the conference, weakening everyone except for Sarah who is already in pursuit, escaping the room. Chuck then goes to the rescue, and attempts to bring Jill along. To do so, he had to convince Jill that he is, in fact, with the CIA, he surprises her by bringing an entire team of law enforcement with him.

The two then arrive at the conference, where Chuck is given the antigen to the virus, as Chuck volunteered to help. Chuck tries to get Casey to draw his blood, but he is too weak to hold the syringe himself, breaking it. While waiting for Jill to arrive in the conference room, Chuck conjures up a possible cure to the virus with saliva. He then kisses Casey despite his statement that he wanted to "die with honor." Chuck finds out he was wrong about the saliva when Jill arrives with a new syringe and retrieves the antigen earlier given to Chuck. She and Chuck then begin injecting it into everyone.

Elsewhere in the building, Sarah is in pursuit of the assassin. After a long chase and gunfight, Sarah manages to kill him. She checks the corpse for his identification, and finds out that the man is a rogue CIA agent, Barry Rommell. After having all of the people cured with the antigen, they were finally allowed to exit the building. The waiting crowd applauds 'Agent Carmichael' for his actions, Chuck and Jill share a kiss, as a conflicted Sarah watches.

At Castle, Beckman tells Sarah and Casey that the assassin Sarah had killed is a Fulcrum agent, as the organization mainly consists of rogue CIA elements. She tells them to let Chuck reconnect with Jill, as she may be the next target.


Casey: She exercised her first amendment right to dump you!


Ellie: So you deny being a perv, but you admit to being a thief?
Morgan: Well, at least give points for honesty.


Sarah: Are you done feeling sorry for yourself?
Chuck: Personally, I'd like another ten to fifteen minutes of really pathetic self-indulgence.

Guest Stars[]


  • We see for the first time what transpired between Chuck and Jill in the past.
  • Jill finds out Chuck is working with the CIA. Not what his actual role is after which Jill and Chuck resume their relationship after a five year hiatus. This will remain private as he keeps his cover of Sarah being his girlfriend.
  • Ellie clearly indicates she favors Sarah over Jill.


  • In the scene where Jeff, Lester, and Morgan attempt to cheat on the CPR test, Emmett's line "You may begin... now" is an homage to the cheating scene in the cold-war comedy "Spies Like Us".
  • When Morgan tried to steal the CPR test from Devon, his actions mimicked Indiana Jones' in the opening scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Lester wrongly assumes Ellie is short for Elizabeth when in reality it's short for Eleanor.
  • Ellie's ex-boyfriend was Doug Wald.
  • The title is a reference to Chuck’s ex-girlfriend, Jill, who makes her first appearance in the episode.
  • Jill’s boss Guy Lafleur is the name of a famous hockey player in the NHL


  • Iggy Pop – “Pumpin’ For Jill”
  • Perry Como – “Papa Loves Mambo”
  • Daniel May – “On Sale Now”
  • The Accidental – “Time And Space”
  • Your Vegas – “It Makes My Heart Break”

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