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Chuck Versus the Fat Lady
Season 2, Episode 7
Air Date November 17, 2008
Writer Jeffrey Hunt
Director Matthew Lau
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"What? I wasn't hatched."
― Casey

Chuck Versus the Fat Lady is the seventh episode in season two, which aired on November 17, 2008. It is the twentieth episode overall.


Chuck and Jill enjoy the honeymoon phase of their rekindled relationship and plan a weekend getaway, but it is canceled when Casey and Sarah have Chuck on a mission to find corrupt agents in the CIA. Jealousy erupts when Jill meets Sarah and learns that Chuck and his handler regularly pose as a couple. Chuck tries his best to prove to Jill that he and Sarah are just professional, but his relationship with Jill is jeopardized when the mission goes unexpected.

Meanwhile, Buy More efficiency expert Emmett is out to find what Chuck is up to during his long absences and interrogates Morgan to get some dirt.

Full Story[]

Chuck and Jill are enjoying each other's company, but Chuck's spy life interrupts when Casey and Sarah inform him that he is needed for an immediate mission to recover a list of CIA Fulcrum agents which Guy Lefleur had apparently hidden in his hotel room prior to his death. Jill shows definite signs of jealousy when she meets Sarah and learns that Chuck and his handler must pose as a couple. Chuck does his best to reassure Jill that his relationship with Sarah is completely professional.


Lefleur's Puzzle Box

A Venetian Puzzle Box is discovered by Chuck in Lefleur's room. Chuck easily solves the unlocking sequence, but upon opening it, both Sarah and Chuck are sprayed with a reddish powder, and Casey immediately leaves the room to get containment equipment. Sarah and Chuck frantically remove their contaminated clothing, and rush to the bathroom to wash off the unknown powder, fearing a toxin.

Jill then arrives to find Chuck and Sarah in the hotel room wearing nothing but their underwear after emerging from the shower in an attempt to wash off the suspected bioweapon. After Jill leaves in a huff, Casey returns with some equipment and after testing the chemical, it is revealed to be powdered fruit punch.

The recovered puzzle box is then removed to Castle. When Chuck tries apologizing to Jill and explains about the predicament he's in, Jill begins to understand, having known LeFleur's paranoid methodology intimately. Chuck blindfolds her to bring her into Castle, where she identifies the powder as Hi-C Rootin' Raspberry fruit punch. Chuck determines that the box is a music box and might respond to a H=high C musical note. Casey helps by singing the note, stating he was once a choir boy. The note opens a hidden compartment, revealing a pair of opera glasses which Chuck flashes on and realizes they conceal a Culper Key which leads them to the opera house to uncover a final clue; a puzzle box which holds an encrypted flash drive with the Fulcrum list.


Solving the puzzle

Chuck and Jill then leave for a romantic getaway, but enroute, Jill is apparently kidnapped by a Fulcrum agent and held hostage in exchange for the list. Chuck agrees to the exchange, he returns to Castle to retrieve the information, and is forced to lock Casey and Sarah inside so he can make the exchange they will not agree to. Before making the meet, he makes a copy of the list with Morgan's Q-36 game copier.

Fulcrum thinks the leak is plugged while Casey and Sarah begin work on the encrypted list. Chuck and Jill take some alone time before they secretly leave on a romantic getaway.

Sarah and Casey discover from Jill's name on the list of Fulcrum agents. Stunned, they rush to Chuck's room, guns drawn only to find his watch left behind and the room empty.

Chuck and Jill are shown driving away with Chuck thinking they are 'safe at last.'

Buy More[]

Emmett is on a personal witch hunt for Chuck, wondering where he goes on "installs." He interrogates Morgan, telling him to imagine that the Buy More as its own country (Buy-Moria), to get some dirt, but Morgan at first refuses. When Emmett threatens the Buy More after-hours poker game to Jeff and Lester, they crack, saying that Chuck confides everything in Morgan. Emmett then approaches Morgan once more but Morgan refuses to betray his best friend. But when Emmett points out how Chuck is hanging out with a brunette not Sarah, it shocks Morgan, since he hadn't been in that loop.

Emmett is satisfied when Morgan spills Jill's name and agrees to sanction the after-hours poker games. The same night, Emmett decides to join in. The next day, Emmett has a horrible hangover after a couple wine coolers and Morgan blackmails Emmett with footage of Emmett's drunken foray in Big Mike's office, which is utterly off-limits.


  • In the Buy More when Chuck asks Morgan to cover for him, the Looney Tunes cartoon, “What’s Opera Doc,” is playing on the displays.
  • The title is an oblique reference to the opera, alluding to the saying, "It [the opera] ain't over 'til the fat lady sings."
  • Casey states he was once a choir boy.
  • The Fulcrum agent escapes, the only enemy agent to escape Team Bartowski. He returns in in Chuck Versus the Goodbye where his name is revealed as Edgar Winterborne, and he is apparently working independently.
  • The Fulcrum agents uncovered from Lefleur's list included:
    • Brandon Stacy, code name Romulus
    • Galina Bryant, code name Pegasus
    • Jill Roberts, code name Sandstorm


  • Casey's high C is actually an E.

Guest Stars[]


Sarah: Look, how much trouble could he get into on a date?
Casey: It's Bartowski. You're pretty nonchalant about your supercomputer boyfriend trying to browse someone else's network.
Sarah: I'm just his cover girlfriend. Chuck's entitled to a real one.


Chuck: Ye of little faith. Casey, c'mon, buddy, do you really think that I would give that guy the list to destroy before I made myself a copy?


Chuck: The running, jumping, shooting people part of the job, that's all you guys, but the puzzles, that's all me.


  • Frightened Rabbit – “Keep Yourself Warm”
  • The Republic Tigers – “Buildings And Mountains”
  • The Verdi – “Libiamo Ne Lieti Calici”

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