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Chuck Versus the Goodbye
Season 05, Episode 13
Air Date January 27, 2012
Writer Chris Fedak
Director Robert Duncan McNeill
Previous Chuck Versus Sarah
Next N/A
"Chuck, kiss me."

Chuck Versus the Goodbye is the last episode of the fifth season, and is the final episode for the series, Chuck.

The episode aired along with Chuck Versus Sarah on January 27, 2012 as a 2-hour special.


Chuck’s final mission brings him back to his roots as he fights to save his future.

Chuck enlists his family, friends, and some unexpected allies as he races to stop Nicholas Quinn from destroying everything he has built over the past five years.

Full Story[]

The series finale takes place two weeks after Chuck Versus Sarah.

Quinn (Angus Macfadyen) is seen on a plane, looking to buy one for three pieces of a key from an ex Fulcrum agent known Edgar, which will repair the Intersect and allow it to be reprogrammed. Sarah has stowed away on the plane, in pursuit of revenge on Quinn for taking away her memories. Before she can shoot him, Quinn senses her presence, and pulls a gun on her. Sarah blows out the door of the plane and dives for safety.

In the meantime, Chuck is struggling with what was taken from him and Sarah. Ellie, Morgan, and Devon persuade him to try to win her back, hoping that if he can spark the emotions response within her, her memories will return. They recruit Jeff and Lester’s stalking skills, and their trusty network of perverts, to track Sarah down, and find that she’s actually arriving at the Buy More, looking for Chuck - she wants to use the resources at Castle to track Quinn down through Renny Deutch, a German arms dealer.

They track Deutch to Berlin, and with some persuading, Sarah agrees to take Morgan and Chuck along as her backup team. They follow Deutch to a restaurant where he is due to meet Quinn. While at the restaurant, Chuck attempts to rekindle memories in Sarah by talking about their past, but she is too focused on the mission to really pay attention to what he is saying. Deutch reveals that he is going to be meeting Quinn at a consulate function, and after a quick wardrobe change, Chuck and Sarah follow, only to discover that Quinn has moved the location again.

Morgan, Chuck and Sarah follow Deutch to a Wienerlicious. Chuck and Sarah disable the employees and take their place. Behind the counter, Sarah starts moving the cups around, saying that things are not in their correct spots. Chuck realizes that Sarah still has some of her memories, and that she’s trying to rearrange things so that they matched the Wienerlicious in Burbank, which was her first cover job when she was his handler. Before they can discuss the implications of this, Quinn walks in, takes the second part of the key from Deutch and then kills him. Quinn’s henchmen have captured Morgan, and he forces Team Bartowski to disarm. Just before Quinn can shoot Chuck, Sarah attacks him with a hotdog skewer. She takes out the guards while Chuck goes after Quinn, pulling Casey's Desert Eagle on him. Chuck is unable to pull the trigger on Quinn, and instead fires a warning shot into the sky. Unfortunately, this shot disables a stealth helicopter which is carrying Casey and his team who are on a special mission to assassinate Quinn.

Casey, who has been ordered to be ruthless, arrests Sarah and Chuck, and is ignoring phone calls from Alex, even saying to Morgan that Alex is a liability, and that Morgan, Chuck, and Sarah make him weak. Morgan stands up to Casey while tied to a chair, and tells him that the opposite is true, and that the team gives him strength, they are there when he's at his best. After a moment of reflection, Casey decides Morgan is right, and to reunite Team Bartowski.

Meanwhile, in the cells, Sarah is upset with Chuck for not shooting Quinn when he had the chance, and wants to go after him alone. Chuck points out that his reluctance to kill was one of the things she used to like about him. Fortunately, Mary Bartowski shows up with information about the last piece of the key, which is hidden on Beckman’s person in one of her medals, unbeknownst to her.

Quinn is still one step ahead, however, and takes the missing piece of the key from Beckman and leaves her rigged to a sound-activated bomb that will explode as soon as the concert she is attending ends. The collateral damage from the bomb will kill a large number of innocent civilians, as well as some government officials and foreign diplomats. The concert is just about to end, but Jeff and Lester, having followed Team Bartowski to the concert and under Morgan's direction, reunite as Jeffster! to prolong the concert by singing A-ha's "Take on Me" to give Chuck and Sarah time to diffuse the bomb.

Chuck and Sarah corner Quinn on the rooftop while he is waiting for extraction. Refusing to quit, Quinn goes for his gun and Sarah kills him. Chuck picks up the Intersect glasses with the attached key, but there is only one upload left. Chuck and Ellie had come up with a plan to use the Intersect to upload Sarah’s memories returning them to her, but Chuck realizes that he is unable to even unlock the bomb let alone defuse it without the Intersect, so he is forced to use the last upload on himself, doing so has cost him the opportunity to give Sarah her all memories back. Once chuck flashes to unlock the bomb, it is ironically, Sarah who finally comes up with a method for disabling it, using a memory from her first mission with Chuck, mentioning the Irene Demova Virus that short-circuited the bomb. A clear indication her memories are not entirely gone. Chuck notes the spark of hope that there are still memories there to unlock, just as he did for Morgan previously, and releases the virus to destroy the bomb.

Beckman is pleased that Team Bartowski has once again prevailed, and tells them that if they ever want to save the world again, they have only to find her. Casey bids the team farewell, and leaves to join Verbanski. Sarah also goes off alone after saying goodbye to Chuck, to have some quiet time to think.

Back at the Buy More, Jeff and Lester try to tell Big Mike about their adventure, and how Chuck was really a spy, but he doesn’t believe any of it. Lutz, an A & R agent (Alexander von Roon), has tracked them back to the Buy More. He is looking to sign Jeffster! to a record contract after seeing them perform. Jeff and Lester head off to follow their music dream in Germany.

Morgan and Alex tell Casey that they will be moving in together, Casey gives them the keys to the apartment that he and Morgan share, saying that he’s going to find Gertrude and departs with Alex’s blessing. Ellie and Devon head off to new jobs in Chicago.

Morgan persuades Chuck to go and find Sarah, to follow his heart and find her. Chuck tracks her down at 'their' beach in San Pedro, and she asks him to tell her their story, which he does. As he tells her their story, it's obvious Sarah starts to reconnect with Chuck. Chuck finally tells her Morgan’s idea; that all it will take is a kiss and Sarah will remember. One magical kiss. Then Sarah asks Chuck to kiss her.

Chuck kisses Sarah.



Casey: Quinn turned her. We have to consider the fact that maybe she's gone.
Chuck: How can you say that? She's your friend! And she's not gone! Not completely, anyway.
Casey: Yeah? Did his [Morgan's] memory come magically back after the Intersect? You know it didn't.
Chuck: All I have to do is remind her of who she really is....
Casey: She tried to kill us, Chuck. You can't pretend that everything is as it was, otherwise she's gonna succeed next time, and I'm not gonna loose you both!


Casey: I have to be ruthless.
Morgan: What about Chuck and Sarah? Liability, too, right? Good. By all means, lock 'em up, throw away the key, lock away your feelings, too; forget everything that we've been through, and you be ruthless.
Casey: You just don't understand, do you? I got soft. I lost my edge.
Morgan: Your team was your edge, you giant jackass! What is wrong with you, man? You want to find Quinn, you know who to call, but don't you dare try to blame this on us because you're afraid. That's right, you're afraid that with us, that's when you're the best, and that's the truth, man!


Chuck: You know Morgan has this crazy idea.
Sarah: What is it?
Chuck: He thinks that with one kiss you'll remember everything.
Sarah: One magical kiss?
Chuck: Yeah, I know...
Sarah: Chuck...
Chuck: Yeah?
Sarah: Kiss me.

Guest stars[]


  • Goshen - Beirut
  • Gold on the Ceiling - The Black Keys
  • Symphony No. 9 in E Minor "From the New World" IV. Allegro con fuoco - Antonín Dvořák
  • Take On Me - A-ha (Jeffster!)
  • Cruel and Beautiful World - Grouplove
  • Rivers and Roads - The Head and The Heart