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Chuck Versus the Kept Man
Season 05, Episode 09
Air Date January 6, 2012
Writer Craig DiGregorio, Phil Klemmer
Director Fred Toye
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"Ever since I got my brain cleaned, I've had this suspicion that something's happening behind the scenes."

Chuck Versus the Kept Man is the ninth episode in the final season of Chuck, which aired on January 6, 2012.


Verbanski offers a mission, with strings, to Casey in South Beach, Florida as Chuck and Sarah plan the future of Carmichael Industries. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester suspect that something unusual may be happening at the Buy More and start accumulating evidence.

Full Story[]

Chuck's arms are shackled to the wall of a villain's lair somewhere, while a mad doctor style villain sharpens a machete. He asks Chuck how he would like to die, and Chuck tells him he can't decide because he has a lot on his mind. The man asks Chuck what he could possibly have on his mind besides his imminent death. Chuck tells him running his own company has put him under a lot of stress. He cares about recovering spent nuclear fuel rods, which are revealed to be sitting on the table nearby, and presumably the goal of the mission that resulted in his capture, but he explains it's hard to keep focus on the bottom line when the bottom line is cash; maybe Carmichael Industries needs a new "hook."

While Chuck continues to openly reflect about his role of leading a new company, Sarah's voice in his earpiece tells him, "almost there, Chuck." The villain tells Chuck "you're very good at talking." Chuck agrees, saying anyone can sneak into a building and snap a few necks, but right now they're talking about their hopes and dreams. The villain comments that Chuck is a spy who cares. Chuck thinks that's an inspired take and asks if he can use it. Tired of Chuck's speech the villain chooses a set of bolt cutters and tells him he's going to begin by cutting out his tongue. Just then Sarah and Casey arrive, take out the man and save Chuck. Sarah asks Chuck if he's okay, and he tells her he thinks he's just had a breakthrough.

Casey, back in his apartment, pours himself a drink. Just then, Verbanski appears and asks, "don't tell me you're getting sentimental." Casey attempts to brief her on everything that's happened regarding Decker and the CIA, before Verbanski grabs him and kisses him saying, "I didn't fly halfway across the globe to get debriefed."

Sarah awakens to an empty bed, and finds Chuck in the kitchen. He is sitting at the computer and she asks him if he's been up all night. Chuck tells her the villain who wanted to cut his tongue out got him thinking about their mission statement. They spend so much time planning spy missions that they've lost sight of the "why are we here, what are we doing" mission. Chuck asks her what they at Carmichael Industries can offer their clients that other security firms can't. Sarah answers "discount electronics?" Chuck tells her they C.A.R.E.: Clandestine Agents Relating Emotionally. Sarah says she feels queasy and runs to the bathroom.

Casey emerges from the bedroom dressed and ready for work. He discovers Verbanski sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. She asks him why he's dressed, and he reminds her it's a workday. She tells him she has a surprise for him and hands him a gift box from Harrods. Casey opens it to find a cashmere sweater. She tells him it's the perfect weight for a winter night in South Beach. Casey wants to know what's in South Beach. She tells him it's the second part of her surprise; they're both going to Miami for three nights. Casey is reluctant as it's the middle of the week and he can't just take off. Casey tells her he'll call later.


Jeff with a clean brain

At the Buy More, Jeff and Lester are watching store surveillance videos, and Lester wonders why. Jeff tells him that since he got his "brain clean," he's grown suspicious that something is happening behind the scenes at the Buy More. Lester then points out a video of Casey coming in before his shift, wearing a V-neck cashmere sweater. Just then, Sarah and Chuck head into the theater room, and Jeff and Lester duck down from view. Lester thinks Chuck and Sarah are in on the secret activity at the Buy More. Lester thinks they're just "doing it" like he does in the theater room. Jeff still thinks there's something up.

Chuck and Sarah arrive in Castle. Casey is sporting his new cashmere sweater, and Chuck comments on how nice it looks. Chuck hands Casey the C.A.R.E document he spent the night working on. Casey wonders if this is what their clients really want - a security firm that holds their hands. Chuck thinks so, and it's no coincidence they just booked their first client since posting the new mission statement on their website. Casey asks who the client is, and in walks Verbanski. She tells him she's the new client. Sarah reminds Verbanski she has her own personal security group and wonders why she needs them. Verbanski tells Sarah her team is stretched thin. While rubbing her fingers down Casey's back and patting his butt, she tells Sarah Carmichael Industries offers a level of service other companies can't, because Carmichael Industries cares about their clients and she intends to take full advantage of it.

Verbanski briefs the team on Rocky Falcone, a Miami arms dealer. She has business with Falcone in Miami that he wants done face to face. The team will act as protection. Casey is suspicious, Verbanski senses Casey's reluctance to take the mission, so she offers up the fee in advance. Chuck and Sarah eagerly take the check while Casey continues to simmer with suspicion. Before leaving, Verbanski tells them they leave for Miami in the morning. With Verbanski gone, Chuck and Sarah ask Casey why he's so suspicious. Chuck reminds him his behavior wasn't very caring, in keeping with the new Carmichael mission statement. Casey tells them it sounds more like a vacation than a real mission. Chuck tells Casey they haven't made any money in months, and Verbanski has deep pockets. Casey denies she's his girlfriend. Chuck doesn't care what he calls her, she's their new client.

The following morning, Casey runs into Alex as he leaves for the airport. He tells her something came up, and that he'll be gone for a few days. He remembers he's going to miss their movie night and apologizes. Alex is fine with it and tells him she's already picked what they're going to watch; Downton Abbey, which Casey calls a stuffy English period drama, not a lot of explosions. Casey again tries to apologize but Alex tells him it's okay because he's her hero.

At the Buy More, Jeff is at a white board about to explain to Lester his theory about the clandestine work their coworkers are up to. He flips the board over to reveal a series of index cards and photos all leading to the conclusion that Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are spies. He thinks there's a fourth member of the team but can't seem to narrow it down.

Morgan walks in as Jeff is explaining his theories to Lester. Jeff thinks Morgan has seen too much and orders Lester to grab him. They both make an attempt at grabbing and holding Morgan, but he gets away easily. Jeff thinks Morgan wiggled away so easily because he's probably the fourth secret agent. Lester laughs because he doesn't believe Morgan could ever be a secret agent. Morgan tells them he's conducted his own investigation and concluded that they're exactly right. Morgan scans the room and sees a promotional flyer featuring a photo of Devon. He tells Jeff and Lester that Captain Awesome is the fourth secret agent.

Kept man

In Miami Beach, Chuck and Sarah are lounging by the pool while keeping an eye on Verbanski as she awaits the arrival of Falcone. Casey is also monitoring Verbanski but in a much less relaxed mood. He notices a suspicious bellhop approaching with a small bag and tackles him thinking it could be one of Falcone's men. It turns out Verbanski had ordered a Speedo she expects Casey to wear. She tells him it's his job to blend in and she'd like him to put it on. Chuck asks Sarah if she'd like to take a dip in the hot tub with him since its pretty obvious Falcone isn't going to show. She doesn't think it's a good idea, and Chuck wonders why she hasn't been drinking and now has refused a Jacuzzi. She tells Chuck she's going to check on Casey.

Sarah checks in on Casey who's in the dressing room deciding whether or not to wear the swimsuit Verbanski gave him. Sarah tells him he needs to wear it and reminds him she never complained when she had to wear skimpy outfits on past missions. She tells him to stop whining and put on the "banana hammock." Casey wonders if something is bothering her, because she seems a little more emotional than usual. Sarah tells him to shut up and leaves the dressing room.

Back poolside, Chuck realizes he's lost visual contact of Verbanski. He informs the team, and Sarah checks Verbanski's location via a tracking device. She's still in the area and Casey goes to look for her in the presidential suite. Assuming Falcone has her in the suite, Casey walks in and finds Verbanski in nothing but a bathrobe. She tells him they're meeting Falcone that evening and they should "work up an appetite." She grabs his robe and initiates a "romantic" interlude. Meanwhile Sarah arrives at the presidential suite and walks in on Casey and Verbanski and is visibly creeped out. Just then, Chuck arrives and asks a rapidly retreating Sarah what's wrong, and she responds, "Everything. It's all wrong."

The team is having dinner and awaiting the arrival of Falcone. He arrives with two of his goons and tells Verbanski she was smart to set up a meeting in public. Falcone gives Verbanski a slip of paper and tells her it's his price for the guns. Verbanski takes the paper and writes down her number and tells Falcone that's her price provided the merchandise meets her specs. Falcone agrees and tells them to meet him at his private weapons range at midnight and reminds Verbanski to bring her checkbook. With Falcone gone, Casey asks Verbanski if she's really considering meeting Falcone in an unsecured location. While rubbing Casey's knee under the table, she tells him she really wants the guns. Chuck attempts to break the awkward situation by proposing a toast to Verbanski for the way she does business and for the nice accommodations. She says her business philosophy is "Work hard. Play harder." She looks at Casey and tells him to "play harder." Casey gets up from the table and goes to the bar, and Chuck follows.

As Casey orders a drink at the bar, Chuck arrives and offers his relationship advice. Casey tells him if he uses the word "care" he's going to shove his glass of scotch down his throat and punch him in the stomach, so it shatters. Chuck assures Casey it's not spy but relationship advice. Casey tells him Verbanski doesn't want a relationship but a lapdog. Chuck suggests women give off signals he needs to be sensitive to, he spends so much time using their spy senses they forget to listen with their hearts. Chuck tells Casey he'll show him how it's done, and they get up from the bar and return to Verbanski and Sarah, and Chuck of course, makes a mess of it, getting everything completely wrong.

The team and Verbanski arrive at Falcone's private weapons range. Casey still thinks it's risky, and they should do some recon before entering. Verbanski ignores him, reminding him that it's not her first mission. They enter and find Falcone waiting. He asks Verbanski if she always dresses her security team so well referring to Casey's cashmere sweater. Annoyed, Casey tells Falcone to get on with the exchange, and Falcone presents him with the Aegis automatic rifle. Casey shoots off a few rounds before voicing his approval. Verbanski, satisfied, presents Falcone with three million dollars, per their agreement. Then, Falcone snaps his fingers, and several of his armed men come out of the shadows. Casey starts to fire the Aegis, but to no avail. Falcone tells them the Aegis gun has a code that prevents friendly fire. His men have that same code on their guns so Casey can't shoot them.

Verbanski snaps her fingers, and her assault team shows up and takes care of Falcone and his men. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are just as surprised as Falcone. Verbanski tells Falcone the price for the guns just dropped to "free" and promptly punches him out cold. Furious, Casey asks Verbanski if this was her plan all along, to use his team as a diversion while her team came in and finished the job. She tells him Falcone is just the first layer of the mission and she still needs him and the team. Casey doesn't believe it and storms out. Chuck and Sarah go after him, Sarah tells Casey he can't just walk away in the middle of a mission and reminds Casey about the conversation they had at the bar. He needs to listen with his heart, and he owes Verbanski the benefit of the doubt. Casey fires back and tells him he's the one not listening, by not picking up on the fact that his own wife thinks she might be pregnant and is hiding it from him. Chuck denies this and tells him he'd have to be the most clueless person not to notice that. When Sarah confirms Casey's suspicions, Chuck is appalled with himself.

Back in Los Angeles, Morgan explains to Devon that he told Jeff and Lester that he is a spy in order to throw off their pursuit of what is really going on. Morgan asks if Awesome can play spy and Devon asks if he can dress formal. He then emerges from his apartment in a dinner jacket. A hidden Jeff and Lester watch him leave and listen as Devon appears to talk into a hidden microphone informing someone that he's "secured the U-238 location forthcoming." With Awesome's conversation confirming their suspicions, Jeff and Lester acknowledge each other with a nod.



Chuck and Sarah are next seen in the bathroom where they are nervously waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. Chuck apologizes for not picking up on her signals, and she apologizes for not just telling him in the first place. The test proves negative, and they both admit they feel weird about that, maybe a little relieved. Chuck starts to spiral about how the whole event has him thinking about their future and the spy lifestyle. Sarah gently tells him to stop spiraling.

Back at Castle, Verbanski tells Chuck and Sarah that what she told Casey was the truth; Falcone was only the first layer of a larger play. She leveraged Falcone to give up Pedro St. Germaine. All guns and narcotics that come up from the south of Florida flow through him. Verbanski tells them the FBI hired her to find St. Germaine, and Falcone "kindly" gave up his location in the Everglades. Sarah tells her they're in, and they'll be there by nightfall. Chuck tells her to hold on; they should perhaps discuss it before jumping back in. He starts to ramble about changing their lifestyle, and Verbanski hangs up on them. Again, Sarah tells him to stop spiraling.

Back at the Buy More, Casey is in the locker room changing, but not before ditching the cashmere sweater in the trash. Morgan walks in and sees the sweater and asks Casey if he can take it because he has a tailor that can make two sweaters for him out of it. Morgan then asks Casey if it was a tough mission. Casey doesn't want to talk about it... then immediately starts to complain about how he's a spy and not a "kept man." Morgan understands and tells Casey he has some spy work for him. Casey is skeptical. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester continue trailing Awesome. They watch him make a "drop-off" which turns out to be a business card detailing the delivery of the U-238 at 10:00 p.m. in the Buy More theater room.

Back in the Everglades, Verbanski arrives with her assault team to take down Pedro St. Germaine. Almost as soon as they arrive, however, St. Germaine's men ambush her team. Everyone except for Verbanski is taken out. St. Germaine emerges, pointing a shotgun at her, and tells her he figured it was only a matter of time before that "rat" Falcone sold him out.

Back home, Casey is in bed when his phone rings, and while the caller ID says it's Verbanski, it's St. Germaine calling to demand a 10-million-dollar ransom for her return. At first, Casey doesn't believe she's really in trouble. Verbanski shout out at Casey and tells him not to pay a dime, she can take care of herself, and St. Germaine slaps her. Casey hears and knows it's the real deal. St. Germaine repeats that if he doesn't bring 10 million that evening, she will die.

Casey, Chuck, and Sarah arrive outside of St. Germaine's compound in the Everglades. Casey brought a suitcase with 10 million dollars of counterfeit money. The suitcase also has a secret compartment with a hidden gun Casey will use during the exchange. Casey tells Sarah when she hears the code word "care" to start picking off the guards. He tells Chuck he's the getaway driver, because Casey expects it to be a bloodbath, and Chuck will want no part of that. Chuck walks away, but before Sarah can leave, Casey asks Sarah if she's pregnant because this is going to be a dangerous mission. She assures him that she's not, and she knows how dangerous it is.

Casey walks up to the compound holding the suitcase of money over his head. The compound guards frisk Casey and lead him to St. Germaine.

Chuck and Sarah make their way to their positions outside the compound. Sarah suddenly wonders aloud what would happen if they had children back home relying on their return. What if something happened and they didn't return? Who would take care of the kids? Chuck reminds her that they don't have children, and Sarah wonders what happens later when they do. In a role reversal, Chuck is the one who tells Sarah that she's spiraling. She calms down, and while taking out a guard, Sarah accidentally sets off a flash grenade that temporarily blinds her. Chuck arrives to save her, but for the moment, she's blind and he has to take her role.

At the compound, Verbanski tells Casey she could have handled the situation herself. Casey responds by telling her he couldn't leave her out in the swamp because "I care." "Care" is the code word for Chuck and Sarah, but she's still blinded; so, Chuck goes in alone. While Casey is waiting for guards to start dropping, he repeats the code word by waxing poetic with Verbanski, telling her how much he cares for her in order to buy more time. Then, Chuck armed with an Aegis, arrives and a firefight begins. Casey and Chuck untie Verbanski and try to get away. Chuck's coded Aegis serving as their cover. St. Germaine shows up pointing a shotgun which he reminds them has no safety code. Just when he's about to pull the trigger, Sarah crashes in driving a Humvee and runs over St. Germaine. The team gets into the Humvee and makes a getaway.

Back at Chuck and Sarah's place, Sarah admits to Chuck that she was almost sort of hoping she was pregnant. She'd even started to look at baby names. Chuck admits he thought about it too. She also admits she'd never thought she'd be talking about having a family, a house, and a whole new life. Especially not with such a big nerd. Chuck appreciates the joke. At Castle, Casey is greeted by Verbanski who apologizes for making him go to Miami. She only wanted to spend more time with him. He accepts the apology and admits he wants to spend more time with her. She tells him her next mission is in Dresden where she'll be for two months. Casey tells her he can't go, and Verbanski tells him when he's ready, he's welcome. Unless he has another woman on the side. Cut to Casey and Alex enjoying their movie night. He tells Alex he has a "friend" he wants her to meet.


Jeff and Lester playing undercover spy

Jeff and Lester explain to Mike their suspicions about Awesome being a spy and building a nuclear bomb. Mike is skeptical as they lead him to the supposed location in the basement of the Buy More. They enter through a trap door in the theater room. When they arrive in the basement, they find Awesome pumping iron on an exercise machine.

Jeff and Lester are confused, and Awesome explains he bought the exercise equipment because he wanted his biceps to go nuclear. Plus, Ellie wasn't keen on having the equipment in the house, so he moved it down here.

Unbeknownst to Jeff and Lester, Chuck, Sarah and Morgan are watching them on a monitor inside Castle on the other side of a new false wall. Just when it looks like their suspicions have been squashed Lester pulls away from the wall he's leaning against. Jeff sees paint spots on his shirt and says the wall in the basement has wet paint on it. Guessing the wall is fake, Jeff picks up a barbell and smashes through it, revealing Castle and confirming his suspicions. Before Jeff and Lester can react, though, Morgan shoots them both with tranqs


  • Among the list of boys' names Sarah is looking at on the computer is "Levi", presumably a nod to Zachary Levi.


Villain: Ah, Mr. Carmichael, tell me, how do you feel like dying today?
Chuck: [in chains] Honestly? You're going to make me decide?
Villain: I find it says a lot about a man.
Chuck: You know, I don't know, can't you just pick something? I've got a lot on my plate right now.


  • Ice Cream - New Young Pony Club
  • Take My Hand and Lead Me Home - Simian Ghost
  • Pucho’s Descarga - Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
  • He Regresado - En La Palma Orchestra
  • The Honest Truth - Typhoon
  • I Don't Wanna Care Right Now - Lupe Fiasco