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Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon
Season 02, Episode 16
Air Date March 9, 2009
Writer Phil Klemmer
Director Jay Chandrasekhar
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"I mean, honestly, buddy, you know that I love ya, but you're lucky to have a girl in your life who loves you for you, even though you are, in"

Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon is the sixteenth episode of the season two, which aired on March 9, 2009. It is the twenty-ninth episode overall.


Sarah and Casey secure Chuck and MI6 agent Cole Barker in Castle and go hunting for the Fulcrum scientist behind the plan to recreate the Intersect.

Meanwhile, Morgan tries to get out of moving in with Anna so he can move in with Chuck, unaware that Chuck is supposed to be moving in with Sarah.

Full Story[]

Cole is tortured by a group of Fulcrum agents for information on who the Intersect is.

Chuck lies awake as the alarm sounds, after an obviously sleepless night, with Sarah lying next to him. Sarah tells Chuck that when they get an apartment, they can have separate rooms. Chuck asks if she is worried about Cole. Sarah says that she is worried, but thinks that he can take care of himself. Chuck says that he saw a connection between her and Cole, but she replies that it is purely professional. At breakfast, Ellie tells Sarah that she is excited that she and Chuck are moving in together. Chuck says that he didn't tell Morgan yet.

At the Buy More, the employees make fun of Morgan because his mom is dating Big Mike. Morgan says that he is going to move in with Chuck soon. Casey grabs Chuck and brings him to Castle. He tells Chuck that they need to take him to a secure location. An alarm sounds as someone infiltrates their base. The door opens and Cole, who is bloody and exhausted, half-collapses at their feet. Cole tells them that he didn't say anything to the Fulcrum agents before he escaped, Chuck's secret is safe. Casey tells Chuck that he doesn't have to go into hiding. Cole patches himself up and tells Sarah how he escaped and tells her that he came back to make sure that she is okay.

Meanwhile, Anna tells Morgan that she has a new apartment for them. Lester and Jeff say that they thought he was supposed to move in with Chuck; Morgan says that was the plan. Jeff and Lester tell Morgan that he should make himself seem annoying so Anna doesn't want to move in with him. Later, Morgan, Jeff, and Lester play Wii tennis, and Morgan tells Anna that he can't hang out with her because he is playing with the boys.

Beckman calls the team assigning their next mission; to capture a Fulcrum agent, code named Perseus. Cole says that Perseus is the lead scientist in charge of rebuilding the Intersect for Fulcrum, and Beckman says that Perseus will attend an event at a Swiss consul. She tells the team that only Sarah and Casey will attend the event while Cole and Chuck monitor them. Casey and Sarah go to the party, while Cole and Chuck watch on their video feed. Cole tells Sarah that a flirtatious Italian ambassador is approaching and tells her to ask him about his kids in order to send him away. Chuck flashes on another attendee, a DOD scientist named Howard Busgang, who he thinks must be Perseus. Cole recognizes one of the party goers as one of the Fulcrum agents who tortured him. The agent activates a device that disables Sarah and Casey's surveillance cameras. Cole tells Chuck that he thinks Sarah and Casey are in trouble, and gives him a gun, telling him that they need to help them, despite Chuck's insistence that they need to call Beckman.

The Fulcrum agent, Duncan, pulls a gun on Sarah, Casey and Howard and tell them to follow. Chuck and Cole see that Sarah and Casey are being led upstairs through the window. Cole starts to climb the balcony, but Chuck stops him after he sees that he is bleeding. Inside, Howard tells Casey and Sarah that he is just a scientist. Chuck climbs to window and sees Casey and Sarah. Cole tells Chuck to attack the agents, and Chuck replies that he never fired a gun. Chuck tries to surprise the agents but drops the gun which fires and hits Busgang. Casey and Sarah use the distraction to break free. Sarah grabs a gun and chases after Duncan. Just as Sarah is about to be shot, Cole dives in front of her, saving Sarah and takings the bullet. Cole asks Sarah if she is okay, and she sees that he is bleeding. Busgang leaves the party. Chuck walks out to the hallway and tells Casey that he hurt his ankle. He then sees that Cole just saved Sarah's life.


In Castle, Sarah removes the bullet from Cole's arm. Cole tells Sarah that it is nice to be treated by someone who cares. Sarah thanks Cole for saving her life. Chuck walks in the room, coughs loudly and asks them if he can get them anything. Casey walks in the room and tells them that they will have a briefing in five minutes. Beckman tells the team that Howard was responsible for creating the Intersect. Chuck realizes that Busgang can give him the answers he need about removing the Intersect from his head and tells the team that they have to find him. Later, Chuck looks over the surveillance footage from the party. Cole walks in and Chuck thanks him for saving Sarah. Sarah tells Cole that they need to meet to plan their next mission.

At the Buy More, Morgan gives Anna a set of rules that she needs to agree to before they move in together. He gives Anna a document entitled Morganuptials, and is full of ridiculous strictures. Anna tells Morgan that she loves him and says that she will sign the agreement. Chuck meets with Morgan and tells him that they need to talk. Lester and Jeff tell Chuck that they are trying to repulse Anna. Chuck asks Morgan why he is trying to repulse Anna and Morgan says that he is just testing her. Chuck tells him that he is lucky to have Anna.

Chuck returns home, where Ellie spots his limp and insists on x-rays for his injured ankle. Meanwhile, Sarah tends to Cole's wounds. Cole tells Sarah that he is hurt that she is not responding to him, that it doesn't seem fair that they can't just take off together. At the hospital, Chuck sees Howard Busgang is being treated for his gunshot wound. He calls Casey and tells him that he wants to capture Busgang because he might be able to get the Intersect out of his head. As Chuck follows, a Fulcrum agent spots them and calls his team.

Chuck follows Busgang into an office, and tells security that he is there to help with a computer problem. Fulcrum agents arrive and shoot the security man. Upstairs, Busgang gets into his safe and takes some cash. Chuck enters the lab, but Busgang spots him and holds a gun on him, recognizing Chuck as the one who shot him. Sarah, Casey, and Cole arrive and see the dead man at reception. Meanwhile, Chuck tells Busgang that he knows about the Intersect, and then sees a folder labeled Orion and flashes. Busgang then realizes that Chuck is the human Intersect, the one Fulcrum has been looking for. Chuck asks if he can remove the Intersect. He tells Chuck that a man named Orion, the main architect of the Intersect, would know how to remove it. Duncan then arrives and Busgang tries pleading that he didn't tell Chuck anything, Duncan kills him. Cole arrives and is shot in turn. Sarah arrives and shoots Duncan.

Later, Chuck asks Beckman about Orion. She says that they have no leads on Orion, but they are working on it. Cole tells the team that he will be on his way. He offers Chuck good luck in getting the Intersect out of his head, and suggests he start carrying a gun.

In the Buy More break room, Chuck tells Morgan that they need to talk, but Morgan tells Chuck to sit down - he says that he can't move in with him. He says that he wants to move in with Anna. Chuck says that he is making the right decision.

At Castle, Cole tells Sarah that he was ordered to have medical attention 24 hours a day, and he wants her to take care of him. Sarah tells Cole that she can't go with him because she can't cheat on her cover boyfriend. Cole says that he has seen how she looks at Chuck and he knows there's more. Sarah tells him that meeting someone you care about makes it hard to walk away.


Back of Chuck's Tron poster

Later, Chuck meets with Sarah in front of his apartment and tells her that he understands what she sees in Cole. He tells her that he can't move in with her because he is crazy about her, and that he could not stand being around her all day every day for just a cover. Sarah says she understands. He tells her that he will get the Intersect out of his head one day and he will live the life that he wants with the girl that he loves. Chuck then walks into the apartment and tells Ellie that he is not moving out and will explain later.

In his room, he takes down his Intersect organizational board hidden behind his Tron Poster and writes in Orion on top of the chart.


Cole: Who'd have thought it? Cole Barker loses the girl to Chuck Bartowski.
Sarah: When you meet someone you care about it's just hard to walk away.
Cole: I couldn't have said it better myself.


Chuck: This is it! I'm gonna die underneath a yogurt shop!


Chuck: Look, I don't want to be a hero, but sometimes you need to be.


Howard Busgang: A human Intersect. Extraordinary!
Chuck: Maybe for you. But you have to understand, for me, for me it's a nightmare.


  • God and Suicide by Blitzen Trapper
  • Walk Like an Egyptian by The Puppini Sisters
  • Signs by Bloc Party

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