Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler
Season 03, Episode 06
Air Date February 1, 2010
Writer Matt Miller & Scott Rosenbaum
Director Allan Kroeker
Previous "Chuck Versus First Class"
Next "Chuck Versus the Mask"
"Great, two geeks in a pod."
― Casey

Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler is the sixth episode of season three, which aired on February 1, 2010. It is the forty-first episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Chuck trains a new Nerd Herd employee named Hannah, and on his spy assignment, he needs to handle an asset who works for the Ring, without arousing suspicion.

Full Story Edit

While training Hannah on Nerd Herd procedures, Chuck is called away by Casey to attend a briefing in Castle, under the cover of "yogurt time". When they enter, Chuck notices the absence of Shaw, which Sarah answers that he's off grid on a covert mission.

When Beckman calls him "Mr. Bartowski", Chuck insists that it's "Agent Bartowski", due to the completion of his first solo mission last week. Her expression tells him that she was already briefed. Beckman announces to the team that The Ring has transferred a sizeable amount of money to a computer engineer named Manoosh Depark (Fahim Anwar) and orders Chuck to gain his confidence to determine the nature of his work with The Ring; in short, develop him as an asset. She has made arrangements that will force Manoosh to come to the Burbank Buy More, where Chuck is to make contact.

Chuck overplays his effort when Manoosh attempts to leave the store, and botches the contact. The team makes a second attempt later that night at a local Mexican restaurant, where Chuck arranges an "accidental" meeting at the bar, passing the earlier incident off as a bet to see who could get a customer to steal from the store. After being coached through how to ingratiate himself with the asset by Sarah and Casey, Chuck manages to get Manoosh to divulge that he is working on a weapon. During the conversation Manoosh is contacted on a Ring Communicator by his Ring handlers, who are closing in. Realizing Chuck is working too slowly, Sarah enters with a leather jacket and removes it only to take over to accelerate things and begins to seduce Manoosh, before tranquilizing him and allowing Chuck to remove him from the restaurant just as the Ring agents enter. As they speed away, Casey congratulates Sarah; "Another geek bites the dust."

Manoosh wakes up in what is supposedly Sarah's room (in reality is a section of Castle). Casey and Chuck observe through a two-way mirror, and Casey tranquilizes Manoosh through a hole in the wall when he asks Sarah for another go at intercourse. Sarah heads round to the other side of the one way wall, and Chuck, Sarah and Casey examine Manoosh's briefcase, and find a suspicious object within. While Casey examines it, Chuck returns the briefcase to Manoosh--who was earlier carefully released by the team to hide his actual whereabouts and is now waiting at the Buy More--so he can be on his way. Manoosh says that he is going on a business trip and when he gets back, he'll start a company and include Chuck in its development. He then gets a call on his Ring phone, with his Ring handler yelling at him. Fearing that the Ring will track down and kill Manoosh, Chuck asks his partners for help. Casey reminds him that Manoosh is working for the Ring and as an asset, is only fit for information. When he successfully break into the device, it sprays out a white substance. Touching it determines that it is a decoy, filled with shaving cream. Meanwhile, several Ring agents corner Manoosh near the Buy More's loading dock. Chuck and the team watch the CCTV footage in surprise as Manoosh takes out a pair of sunglasses and flashes on advanced kung-fu. He quickly defeats his assailants and flees. The team realizes the Ring is attempting to rebuild the Intersect. Chuck is more perplexed that Manoosh could reverse engineer the Intersect, as his father was suppose to be the only one who could. Casey answers that the Ring hauled the remains of the Intersect 2.0 from a CIA warehouse.

Manoosh is tracked to Weap-Con - a weapons show that Casey enjoys - in Dubai and the team follows him. They watch as Manoosh demonstrates his Intersect device for several dignitaries and high-ranking military officers, then observe him backstage. Casey moves to take Manoosh out, but Chuck prevents him from doing so, saying that Manoosh is his asset and that he will deal with him. Chuck warns Manoosh not to proceed, revealing his identity, but before Manoosh can flee or the team can take action, several Ring agents intervene and capture the four. Chuck, Sarah and Casey are imprisoned, and Manoosh is threatened to turn over the device, who destroys his prototype thinking they will have to keep him alive.
Chuck uses his teeth to pull Casey's Japanese laser pen from his pocket and burns through the lock on Casey's handcuffs, and the team free themselves before Manoosh can be killed, and a fight begins. The Ring agents are defeated and Manoosh is secured by Chuck. Chuck initially allows him to leave, but as his asset is walking out, tranquilizes him. To protect him, Chuck remands Manoosh over to the custody of the government once back at Burbank. Manoosh says his attempt to make money is not illegal and pleads to Chuck as his friend. Chuck sorrowfully says he's not his friend, but a spy, and can only watch as Manoosh is taken away by government agents. Casey acknowledges Chuck is becoming a spy, but Sarah wonders aloud whether it's truly a good thing, thinking back to the day she was tasked with developing Chuck as an asset. Back at home Chuck takes Casey's advice and opens the Johnny Walker.

Buy More and Family Edit

Chuck is attempting to train Hannah for her new job with the Nerd Herd, but finds it difficult as Casey keeps calling him away for "yogurt time" (briefings on new intel). Jeff and Lester immediately take a liking to her and begin making advances, until first Chuck and later Morgan, who has his own interest in Hannah, warn them off. Morgan later bribes Jeff and Lester into stalking her to learn as much about her as they can so he can make himself look better to her. He learns that she is into foreign films and classical music, and as such outfits his "office" (a converted storage room) to suit Hannah's tastes in an effort to win her over. Hannah is initially impressed, but Morgan is crushed when Hannah mentions Chuck's trip to Paris, which she believes was an install and is unaware that no one else knows about it, including Morgan who did not think Chuck would keep such a secret from him.

Meanwhile, Devon is still recovering from his experience as a prisoner of the Ring. He is jumpy and has lost interest in exercise, and his own relationship with Ellie is suffering because of his difficulties lying to her, especially when Ellie finds a luggage claim ticket from Chuck's mission in Paris. Devon confronts Chuck about the situation, but hides when Ellie arrives as well to ask Chuck why he didn't tell her about his trip. Devon is shocked at the ease with which Chuck lies to her - Chuck claims the trip was a surprise because he secured the apartment in Paris for Devon and Ellie's use for a week as a proper honeymoon. Casey, watching with Sarah from Castle, is impressed with Chuck's new found adeptness at lying, remarking that Chuck is becoming a real spy. Sarah questions how good a thing that really is.

At episode's end, Chuck clearly doesn't like what he's had to do, and takes Casey's advice as to the only way to deal with burning and asset; Johnny Walker. When Chuck later has tickets to Paris delivered to Ellie as if to confirm the story, Devon gets angry and demands Ellie refuse them before storming out again, as he can't stand lying to her. Ellie runs into Morgan on the way out, and both lament about the strange behavior of Chuck and Devon. Morgan promises to find out what's going on, and taps Jeff and Lester to spy on Chuck.

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Trivia Edit

  • The graphic novel Chuck is reading when he meets Manoosh is Y: The Last Man a post-apocalyptic science fiction series originally by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra published by Vertigo from 2002 through 2008. Zachary Levi claims it as a favorite of his.
  • When the team visits the "Weap-Con" arms show, there are bikini-clad girls posing with guns and an announcer says "The Peacemaker demonstration has been postponed". These are references to the 1983 cold-war movie "Deal of the Century".
  • The "EM-50" is a reference to the Urban Assault vehicle in the movie "Stripes". It is also the name of the bugs Casey installed in the Buy More, as Sarah says in "Chuck Versus the Marlin".
  • The 'Frak Off' T-shirt worn by Sarah while seducing Manoosh is a reference to Battlestar Galactica a show said to be a favorite of both Chuck and Manoosh.
  • The flash sequence for Manoosh's Intersect is similar originally used for the Intersect 2.0 in "Chuck Versus the Ring".


Chuck: All right, why don't we give Jeff an opportunity to realize that he's in public?


Morgan: Are you suggesting that Chuck is caught in a big, giant web of conspiracy and - and deception?
Ellie: I know. I know when you put it like that, it sounds ridiculous.
Morgan: Because I couldn't agree more! All right, I've been thinking about this for months. Finally, someone with some common sense.
Ellie: Morgan, we have to figure out what's going on.
Morgan: Don't worry about it. I've got my best men on it.


Manoosh: I just want to go home, forget this ever happened.
Chuck: You can't go home, Manoosh. We are sending you to a secured isolation facility. Somewhere that you will be safe.
Manoosh: But I didn't do anything wrong! I mean, I tried to make a few bucks, but that's not illegal! Chuck, You have to help me! I thought you were my friend.
Chuck [visibly upset]: I'm not. I'm a spy.
Casey: Mmm. Only one way to deal with burning an asset. Johnny Walker.

Music Edit

  • Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “40 Day Dream”
  • The Clash – “Rock The Casbah”
  • Tchaikovsky – “Swan Lake”
  • Calvin Harris – “Merrymaking At My Place”
  • Datarock – “Amarillion”
  • La Tropicana Orchestra – “Tropicana”
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