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Chuck Versus the Push Mix
Season 04, Episode 13
Air Date January 31, 2011
Writer Rafe Judkins & Lauren LeFranc
Director Peter Lauer
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"I don't want you to become me. And I will not allow my son to become his father, so tonight, it ends."
―Mary Bartowski

Chuck Versus the Push Mix is the thirteenth episode in the fourth season of Chuck, which aired on January 31, 2011. It was originally slated as the series finale until the network ordered another 11 episodes to fill out the season.


As Sarah works to bring down Volkoff and free Mary Bartowski, Chuck and Morgan embark on their own mission to take down Alexei Volkoff. Meanwhile, Casey recovers and bonds with his daughter, Alex McHugh.

Ellie tries to ease Devon's anxieties over fatherhood before going into labor.

Full Story[]

While visiting him in the hospital, Chuck, Morgan, and Alex hear Casey try to speak, he says "pants", leading them to search his pants from the night of the fall and find the piece of Yuri the Gobbler's glass eye in his pocket, which had been used to store the Hydra database. Chuck flashes on the device, where he picks up the name lead of engineer, Roni Eimacher, who helped built the Hydra network for Volkoff. When Chuck asks where it came from, Casey responds, "Sarah," proving to Chuck that Sarah has not actually gone rogue and restoring his somewhat shaken faith.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Mary infiltrate Volkoff's office to learn where he stored the Hydra network. Mary then receives a call from Volkoff, so she takes to the side to distract him while Sarah finishes her work. They soon leave after learning that Volkoff has hidden it with "The Contessa".

At Castle, Chuck asks General Beckman about Sarah and Mary's progress in bringing down Volkoff, Beckman tells him that they will be meeting a woman named "The Contessa." Beckman then forbids Chuck and Morgan from further involving themselves in the operation, she tells Chuck he's just too close to it and he must wait. Refusing to let Sarah be forced to do any more extreme actions in taking down Volkoff, Chuck and Morgan decide to embark on their own mission to save Sarah and Mary, to complete Stephen's life's work, and to take down Volkoff Industries. Chuck and Morgan then devise an ingenious plan. Mary and Sarah are also on a mission to find the Hydra, but Mary has given herself a deadline, she wants to get Sarah out of there, so she will see an end to things by the end of the night.

At the Volkoff Industries Headquarters, Volkoff is alone in the building, as he approaches his office, he is met with staggered power failures. At his office, his monitor screen is hacked, and he reads the message in it that says, "Hello, Volkoff. I want my wife back." The message is signed, "Orion" and Volkoff, is stunned, "My God, still alive!" Volkoff calls Sarah and Mary, and brings them aboard his ship, The Contessa, where the Hydra is secured.

Chuck and Morgan, meanwhile, track down and apprehended Eimacher. But since they could not interrogate him in Castle without Beckman knowing about it, they instead bring him to Chuck's poorly disguised bathroom. Unfortunately, they grabbed the wrong person, a man named Barry Greenfield, who looks quite similar to Eimacher. They then find the real Eimacher. Eimacher quickly spills all he knows, saying that he was kidnapped and held under duress by Volkoff, who had threatened the lives of everyone he knew, to force him to build the Hydra Network. Eimacher had to construct the Hydra Network aboard The Contessa, revealing it to be a ship rather than a person.

Aboard The Contessa, Chuck and Morgan join with Sarah and Mary as they all search out the server room. Morgan enters the access to the Hydra database, before everyone else, and is trapped in the companionway, where lasers are activated to guard the database. Morgan uses his recent yoga classes to pass through the lasers, where he deactivates them and opens the door for the others. Chuck quietly busies himself with one of the computers in the room. As Mary desperately tries to upload the information from the Hydra to the CIA server, she discovers that in order to access the network, a voice print pass code from Volkoff is required. Volkoff then discovers them. He smugly walks up and recites his pass code is "Death is the solution to all problems," a quote from Stalin.

Sarah, Chuck, and Morgan then escape when Mary sacrifices herself to stay aboard the ship so they can leave safely. Volkoff keeps her prisoner and shows her the messages they discovered from Orion. The message tells her to meet with Orion at the Pine Cabin. Volkoff says that there are messages covering years where she talked to Stephen, but Mary insists she has no idea what he's talking about, but that "every moment I was with you I was thinking of him." He is still in love with Mary though and kills one of his own men after he hits her, "No one touches my Frost." He says he is going to visit Stephen and come back with his body.

Volkoff goes to Orion's Twin Pines Cabin, only to find Chuck waiting for him. Chuck proceeds to knock Volkoff out and ties him up. When Volkoff comes to, Chuck brings up a gun, but Volkoff says he won't kill him because he has access to everyone Chuck cares about. He is able to get out of his bonds and knocks Chuck down. It appears that Volkoff has won and he reveals that all of Chuck's family will die, from Casey, to Ellie, who is about to give birth, and Mary, who's under guard by Volkoff's men. Chuck says he can't believe Volkoff hadn't figured out the solution yet, which prompts him to ask what solution. Chuck reveals that this was all a set up to get Volkoff's voice code to download the Hydra to Orion's computer server, which activates as soon as Morgan splices the correct sentence together from what Chuck has gotten Alexei to say. Volkoff tries to kill Chuck with his own gun, but it wasn't loaded, "I was never going to kill you, Alexei." Sarah, meanwhile, rescues Mary, taking down Volkoff's men together, while Casey knocks out Volkoff's henchman at the hospital, who had gone to kill both Casey and Ellie.

Volkoff believes he has Chuck cornered at the cabin, with his seven SUVs full of operatives guarding the perimeter to ensure Chuck never makes out alive, laughingly telling Chuck that he'll need an army to escape. Chuck opens the door to reveal Beckman and the US Marines, "Will they suffice?" They arrest Volkoff and then Beckman issues Chuck a helicopter to get to the hospital in time for Ellie's birth. As Volkoff is being hauled off, he tells Chuck to have his mother to come visit him.

Meanwhile, at Westside Medical, Alex worries over Casey. With Morgan beside her, she tells Casey that she does not want to lose her dad again, as she spent her life thinking her father was dead. Later on, when the Bartowski family arrive at the hospital for Ellie's childbirth, Casey assumed Alex had gone back home. But she returns, telling him that she was actually away to buy coffee, and whether he likes it or not, she will always stick by him.

When Ellie is ready to give birth, Jeffster! shows up in the maternity ward and perform "Push" by Salt N Pepa through the PA system. The moment Ellie hears it, she utters "Oh, God, no", followed by Casey, who also hears this too and groans, "Jeffster." Jeffster! are then escorted from the building by security guards.

Devon is fretting over Ellie's impending labor and is deeply frightened over becoming a father. Although Ellie is cheerful and calm, Devon is unable to control his anxiety until he talks to Casey, who tells him of regrets about missing out on Alex's birth, as well as the rest of her childhood. Devon gets a hold of himself and is with Ellie for the birth.

Chuck, Sarah, and Mary arrive just in time for Clara's birth, bringing joy to Ellie as she expected Mary to be there for her. Mary and Devon now accompany Ellie as she gives birth to Clara Woodcomb. After Ellie had a long look at her daughter, she passes Clara on to Devon, who smiles tearfully and says, "Awesome."

While waiting word in the corridor, Chuck realizes he can't wait any longer for his life, and spontaneously proposes to Sarah, without moonlight or balconies, just his love. Chuck's proposal in the hospital mirrored Casey's story about his proposal to Kathleen McHugh at a bus station in Buffalo.

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  • "Eimacher" is German for "Egg maker".
  • This episode was originally meant to be the season finale, until NBC renewed the season for an additional eleven more episodes.
  • Twin Pines, the location of Stephen Bartowski's cabin, is yet another reference to the Back to the Future franchise. Twin Pines was initially the name of the mall where Doc Brown conducted his time travel experiments.
  • This episode reiterates the fact that Morgan is getting more proficient at spy work. Between the self-defense classes he's taking and the yoga, he's putting a true effort into improving himself for the work. He's been proving more adept at helping the team out in several situations.

Deleted scenes[]

The Season 4 DVD contains the following deleted scenes from this episode:

  • Devon and Ellie entering the hospital with their CIA escort as Devon continues to freak out.


Devon: I got to find someone to make Ellie's placenta into vitamin pills.
Chuck: Ah! I have to un-hear that! How do I un-hear that? I don't know how to un-hear!


Alexei Volkoff: 'Death is the solution to all problems.' It's a quote from my favorite poet and humanitarian: Joseph Stalin.


  • "Rad Anthem" by Rad Omen
  • "Got A Nerve" by Grand Vanity
  • "Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous
  • "Push" (by Salt-n-Peppa) covered by Jeffster!