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Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible
Season 04, Episode 14
Chuck 314
Air Date February 7, 2011
Writer Chris Fedak & Kristin Newman
Director Patrick R. Norris
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"What is going on with the General? She's a hot mess!"
― Chuck

Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible is the fourteenth episode in the fourth season of Chuck, which aired on February 7, 2011. It was the first pickup episode after the scheduled finale.


Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are sent to Morocco to rescue Roan Montgomery by an oddly distracted General Beckman. While at the same time, Chuck and Sarah are at odds over their future plans.

Back at home, Morgan prepares to meet Alex's mom, Kathleen McHugh (Clare Carey), as Mary bonds with her family.

Full Story[]

Seduction specialist Roan Montgomery is on a rogue mission at Marrakesh, Morocco to find the distributor of flawless counterfeit bills, the super notes. Roan is at a bar on the phone, when he is interrupted by three women. He is then kidnapped by them, and is tranquilized - before falling unconscious, smiles at his lovely captors and says, "What a way to go."

Meanwhile, at the Woodcomb apartment, the entire Bartowski extended clan gathers around Ellie and Devon's daughter, Clara. She begins to cry, as Mary refers to a complete baby 'sit rep' she has on her computer. She lifts up her granddaughter and begins calming her down, mentions that this was also the same method she used to carry live explosives. Devon, interested in Chuck and Sarah's future wedding, tells them that he is interested in seeing Clara as their flower girl. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey get a bit wild eyed as the wedding talk swirls around them. Mary also tells Sarah that she still has her veil, and would let Sarah use it. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey want a new mission - preferably far away from Burbank.

At Castle, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey contact General Beckman, telling her that they are in need of a new mission. The team notices Beckman has a drink before her. Beckman gives them an assignment to Morocco, to rescue agent Roan Montgomery where he had been investigating Fatima Tazi's counterfeiting ring. Beckman warns them that the mission would be off the radar. There will be no backup, completely unsupported, and Fatima is leading an elite group of female mercenaries. The team desperately grasps at the assignment. While packing for their mission, Chuck and Sarah discuss the stresses of their wedding, so Sarah suggests that an easier way would be for them to elope. A stunned Chuck attempts to hide his horror at the thought. Chuck consults with Morgan on how bothered he is with Sarah's suggestion to elope. Morgan advises that Chuck has to, for once, say no to a woman.


Confab at the Buy More

Morgan then tells Chuck that Alex wants to introduce him to her mom, Kathleen McHugh. This bothers Morgan because of the Casey still being alive secret he holds and thinks Casey should meet with Alex's mother as well. Morgan then finds Alex at the Buy More, where he tells her that he cannot meet with her mother as long as Casey is not going with him. Alex reacts angrily and Morgan remarks that she is starting to look like her father. She tells him that she had been keeping Casey a secret from her mother because, for once in her mother's life, she is finally happy after meeting someone else. Morgan agrees to go and meet her mother.

After arriving in Morocco, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey enter the palace to find Fatima. Sarah, while watching the belly dancers, states flatly that she would not be wearing such an outfit at any point on the mission. The team then make their way through and find Roan tied up to a bed, blindfolded. Roan, hearing their footsteps believes them to be Fatima's guards, as he asks them if they had brought the oil. He then assumes the footsteps were of two women, and a large man. An exasperated Chuck takes off Roan's blindfold and responds that he meant two large men. They attempt to rescue Roan, but he refuses their efforts as he is about to "seal the deal" as head of distributor for Fatima in an attempt to get close to her counterfeiting partners. Chuck and Sarah hide behind a curtain while Casey is under the bed as Fatima enters the room. Roan and Fatima continue their flirtation as Chuck tries his best not to sneeze. He sneezes anyway, and he and Sarah are compromised, as well as Roan's mission.

Chuck, Sarah, and Roan are taken to the dungeon, Casey is still underneath Fatima's bed. As Casey makes his way to the dungeon to rescue them, Roan sees that both Sarah and Chuck are giving each other the silent treatment. Roan asks what happened with their relationship, and Chuck tells him that Sarah is interested in eloping and that he is not. Casey then arrives at the door of the dungeon, being guarded by one of the female mercenaries.


Casey tells Chuck and Sarah that he is going to attempt to seduce her. Casey walks slowly towards her as she has him at gunpoint, Casey then states his interest for her rifle. Roan remarks that Casey has failed twice on seduction training, and that is he better off with tranqs and explosives. He almost succeeds, but a comment about weight offends her, so Casey tranquilizes her and uses an explosive to destroy the door. After escaping, Roan views the rescue as a debacle and intends to go back, until Casey tranqs him so the team can bring him back to Castle. Casey stays in Morocco to further investigate the counterfeiting operation.

Back at Castle, Chuck and Sarah are seated next to Roan and Beckman, who angrily stares at Roan. Chuck and Sarah try to leave the briefing room, but Beckman orders them to sit down. Beckman finally speaks, dressing down Roan for going on a rogue mission and that his acts had caused her to leave Casey in place, who she states is one of her best agents. Roan tries to calm the situation, but Beckman has him benched, giving him the job at the Buy More as Green shirt, as punishment.

At the Buy More, Chuck goes to Roan for a relationship advice. Roan gives his story about how he and Beckman were a thing in the 80's. A flashback from Berlin in '89, ensues. Beckman and he share a kiss, as the Berlin Wall comes down, where a younger Beckman is seen with dark blonde hair. Beckman asks about the future of their relationship. As the flashback ends, Chuck was most astonished at the fact that Beckman was a "dirty blonde," Roan simply responds that back in the 80's, everyone was a dirty blonde. Roan advises Chuck to create an "erotic atmosphere" to convince Sarah of his point of view, in an erotic atmosphere, "the yeses come out more as the nos disappear."

Meanwhile, Morgan sneaks into Castle just after a frustrated Beckman, who was spying on Chuck and Roan's conversation, leaves the briefing room. Morgan gets onto the computer and contacts Casey, who is hiding behind a wall in Fatima's palace at Morocco to transmit any secrets to be heard. Morgan interrupts him, to tell Casey that he does not have to meet with Alex's mom. Casey quickly becomes quiet and hurt. Morgan attempts to comfort him through, telling him that he would always be there for him, but Casey immediately disconnects from Castle.

Chuck arrives at home, dressed in a fashionable suit and topcoat, calling to Sarah that he's made dinner reservations. He is then surprised by Sarah dressed in a red Moroccan belly dancer costume. She tries to seduce Chuck long enough to make him agree to her elopement idea. He is almost putty in her hands, but Sarah's plot to seduce Chuck works only to a point, but was ultimately foiled when he realizes what she's doing.

After returning to Castle, Chuck, Sarah, and Beckman receive a transmission from Casey who is hidden behind a wall. Casey manages to record Fatima's meeting with her counterfeiting ring. The counterfeiting ring disagrees with Fatima's creation of super notes, as they are more relying of a strong dollar instead. She refuses to handle their request for a normal counterfeiting bill, and immediate has her mercenaries gun down every single man in the room. The bullets are fired against the wall where Casey is hiding, causing the wall to fall slightly downward, almost crushing him. Casey offers to cut his arm, but Beckman refuses his notion, and has Chuck and Sarah return to Morocco to get him. While at it, she also angrily sends Roan with them as well, despite Chuck's objection to it. For Roan, it would practically be a suicide mission, because he has to seduce Fatima yet again, which Chuck states to be a Seduction Impossible.

After returning to Morocco, Roan climbs up to the palace, and tells them if he does die, the two could at least try to always stick to each other, and to never go on a mission in anger. When Roan reaches Fatima's bedroom, he calms her down and convinces her not to alert her guards. He convinces her that he came back for her only. Roan plays a hunch and manages to have Fatima give the location where she creates her super notes after he asks her about her motives. After she tells him that she does it to bring down America's economy because they had destroyed her village. Beckman, monitoring his progress herself, assigns an air strike on the operation located at the village site.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah search for Casey. Chuck discusses his issue with Sarah's idea to elope, says he doesn't want to fight. Sarah simply asks who will walk her down the aisle if they do a family wedding. Chuck immediately realizes it was never about his family but hers. A frustrated Casey, however, tells Chuck to hurry up and cut the wall. While doing so, Chuck and Sarah are caught by guards, who alert Fatima. Casey then shoots them through a bullet hole in the wall. Chuck and Sarah proceed to cut the wall open.

Back in Fatima's room, Roan's cover is compromised when her guards alerted her about Chuck and Sarah. Once again, she has him at gun point. Roan receives a call from Beckman, and Fatima snatches it from him. As Fatima tells Beckman that she has her agent at gun point, Beckman says good, surprising Fatima. Fatima sarcastically remarks to Roan that she is another one of his fans. Beckman then tells Fatima that she would like a final word with Roan, and Fatima hands the phone over to Roan, Beckman yells, "duck!" At a location just kilometers away from the palace, Beckman holds a missile launcher and fires it into Fatima's room. As Chuck, Sarah, and Casey enter the room in ruins, they grab Roan who quickly regains consciousness. They retrieve Roan's phone from the floor, as a concerned Beckman asks if he is still alive.

After the mission, Roan is with Beckman at the same bar he was kidnapped from. Beckman tells him that she is now fine with whatever direction their relationship takes, and that settling down was not meant for him as he is a spy. Roan asks why she had previously placed a tracking device on Roan's watch.


Beckman simply answers that an agent should never run from a general, implying her reason to track his whereabouts to be strictly professional only.

Casey arrives at Alex's home, as Morgan, Alex and Kathleen are walking out of the house. Casey notices that Kathleen is with a new man, as the two couples are having an enjoyable time. Casey, while sad, appreciates and accepts that Kathleen has finally moved on.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah go to bed where Chuck acknowledges his fiancée is the world's most mysterious woman but, "As the future Mr. Sarah Walker, can't I get to know you better?"

Guest Stars[]


  • Diane Beckman, was once a "dirty blonde".
  • This was the first episode to explore Beckman's past and personal life. This was also the first episode where she involves herself in a mission.
  • Roan still references Casey's failures at seduction, despite the fact that, in his previous appearance, he said it was more due to having a female student who was too pretty to fail.
  • The title of the episode is a homage to Mission: Impossible.
  • General Beckman fired what appeared to be either an FGM-148 Javelin missile or a SMAW to rescue Roan Montgomery. Needless to say, an actual Javelin or SMAW would have killed everybody in the room.
  • Casey's threats to cut his arm off when the wall falls on him are a reference to the film 127 Hours, where the main character gets his arm trapped between rocks while hiking in the mountains and cuts it off to escape.
  • This episode is another homage to the classic film Casablanca, which also takes place in Morocco, the male protagonist wears a white suit with a black tie during those scenes, and he reunites with his true love in a bar there.

Deleted scenes[]

The Season 4 DVD contains the following deleted scenes from this episode:

  • An extended version of the scene in which Chuck and Sarah complain about Beckman and Roan's handling of their personal relationship.


[As the family all talks wedding plans around them but not to them]
Chuck: Wow. Family. Intense.
Sarah: I'm actually sweating. The last time I sweat, there was gunfire involved.
Casey: [wild eyed] I hear ya. We need a bad guy.
Chuck: So badly.
Sarah: Guys, we need a mission.


Morgan: Is she trying to kill me?
Chuck: [horrified] I know. Elope? I can't elope!
Morgan: Of course you can't! Who's going to be the best man?


Chuck: [about Sarah's belly dancer's costume] I'm not saying I want you to change, I want...I want you to stay in red. Always. Always be in whatever you're wearing right now.


Chuck: No, no, no! What are you doing? I can't believe you're doing this!
Sarah: What?
Chuck: You're using Roan's method. Sexy situations, erotic atmospheres - you're trying to seduce me.
Sarah: Why are you wearing that outfit?
Chuck: Trying to seduce you, too, just not, clearly, as well!


  • "Sixteen Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford
  • "Black-Red" by Dr. Dog
  • "Breeze" by Alex Silverman
  • "65 Bars & A Taste of Soul" by The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
  • "Wind of Change" by Scorpions

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