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Chuck Versus the Subway
Season 03, Episode 18
Air Date May 24, 2010
Writer Allison Adler, Matt Miller & Phil Klemmer
Director Matt Shakman
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"You're special, son. Always remember, you're special."
―Stephen Bartowski

Chuck Versus the Subway is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Chuck, which aired on May 24th, 2010.


Chuck spots Shaw in a Los Angeles subway train, and the team works to find out where he was going and what he was doing. While following Shaw's tracks, they enter what appears to be the Ring's headquarters, a facility which actually belongs to the CIA. Ellie has been meeting with Justin regarding her father there, and the team walks in on a Joint Chiefs conference, during which General Beckman testifies on Team Bartowski's effectiveness.

Ellie becomes aware of Chuck and Sarah's lives as spies, and the Ring moves to take control of the CIA and NSA, and General Beckman is apprehended. Casey reveals who he is to his long-lost daughter, Alex.

Full Story[]

As Stephen works on Chuck’s Governor at Castle, Sarah takes Chuck out to distract him. Chuck flashes on a voice at a farmer's market, prompting Chuck to chase a man into a subway where he sees it is Shaw, who then escapes. Stephen assists the team by hacking into security cameras and locating the subway station where Shaw exited. Team Bartowski goes to the station and locates a secret entrance to a Ring facility.


He's alive

They split up and each cover one floor. Chuck stumbles upon the room where Justin Sullivan is holding Ellie. He flashes to disarm and incapacitate Justin. Casey and Sarah discover that they are actually in a CIA facility, corrupted by Ring double agents. Meanwhile, General Beckman defends Operation Bartowski in front of a board of National Security directors. They argue that the operation is too expensive and dangerous; she retorts they have been a successful spy team, albeit unorthodox. Chuck stumbles into the room while chasing Justin Sullivan, making matters worse for the future of the operation. Shaw walks in, explaining that he acted as a double agent within the Ring to gain intel. He claims that Chuck is “a true American hero” but is damaged and getting worse, he advocates that the Intersect Project be shut down, and Team Bartowski disbanded. As General Beckman shows a slideshow of the team’s successful missions, Shaw flashes on Alexis White. Chuck recognizes the flash face and tries to prove that Shaw has the Ring Intersect by throwing a knife at him, but this backfires when Shaw allows the knife to impale his shoulder.


Discovering the base

Chuck is taken into custody and placed in a holding cell. Stephen hacks into the security system, unlocking the door and shows Chuck the way out. As he pulls up outside the building, Sarah pleads Chuck to stay, to avoid giving Shaw anymore ammunition. Stephen argues that if Chuck stays then everyone they know will be endangered. Chuck chooses to leave, and they drive away. Sarah tries to force Shaw to admit his affiliation with the Ring, but this results in her being arrested, but not before she punches Shaw out. Ring agents arrest General Beckman as well. When Morgan tells Chuck that Casey, Sarah, and Beckman have all been arrested, Chuck convinces Stephen to rescue the other members of Team Bartowski and expose Shaw.

Meanwhile, Alex was working at her job as a waitress when Casey returns and attempts to retrieve her before the Ring can get to her. Justin, however, holds him at gunpoint while he taunts Casey about Alex. Casey knocks Justin unconscious and kidnaps Alex for her protection. Casey agrees to release Alex from his car so she won't feel endangered, but she takes the opportunity to evade him with her self-defense training and runs away. Casey stops her by telling her that he is her father. Alex does not believe him, even when he admits his real name is Alexander Coburn and that she was named after him. Although still uncertain of his story, she listens as he gives her the key to his Buy More locker. She runs at Casey's orders, and he is captured by Ring agents. Alex goes to the Buy More and explains to Morgan that she is Casey's daughter. He takes her to Casey's locker, where they find a secret compartment containing a large stack of cash. Morgan helps make arrangements for Alex to disappear as Casey instructed.


Stephen reminds Chuck he is special

Chuck and Stephen go to Ellie for help, questioning her about her meets with Justin. Ellie leads her family to the entrance of the Ring base where she met Justin. They tell Ellie to wait outside, Stephen promises to tell her everything, answer all her question, and that it's the last time he'll ever walk away from her. Inside, he and Chuck discover the Ring Intersect and the operating room where Shaw recovered. Shaw is informed of the break in and shows angry frustration at the breech, much to the delight of Casey and Sarah. He moves to intercept the Bartowskis inside the base and when Chuck suggests a battle of their Intersects, Shaw then coldly murders Stephen to break Chuck’s calm. Ellie witnesses the murder, but avoids capture, and goes to Devon and Morgan. Team Bartowski is placed into an armored truck, supervised by Shaw, who tells them that they are going to die. Ellie is shown to be trailing behind the truck, while Morgan and Devon are in Casey's Crown Victoria, planning a rescue.

Guest Stars[]


  • When Morgan and Devon are talking to General Beckman, the video signal breaks up and repeats, with Beckman saying, "You're our only hope", a clear Star Wars reference.
  • Sarah takes Chuck to the Quail Springs Farmers Market to relax, across the street from the North Hollywood Metro station, not too far from Burbank.
  • Stephen tracks Shaw from the North Hollywood to the Hollywood/Western station on the Metro Red Line. The building above the Hollywood/Western station is the Haas Building (which we later learn is a CIA facility).


Casey: Our mission is to grab Shaw or kill him. Whichever is quicker.


Sarah: We have to call Washington and tell them what's really going on.
Casey: Most of Washington is in that room. Shaw and the Ring have taken over the CIA. He's got the whole chain of command eating out of his hand. God only knows how many Ring agents are on the inside. It's only a matter of time before they burn us too.
Sarah: So what? You're just going to run?
Casey: It's not just us they're gonna to come after. They're gonna come after the people we care about. You coming?
Sarah: No. Everything I care about is inside this building.


Casey: Don't know when it happened, but our boy became a man. Bartowski's a spy. Picked a good one Walker...finally.


Ellie: Morgan Grimes. The boy that took my pillow as his date to junior prom knows more about my family being spies than I do.


  • Timmy T - "One More Try"
  • Roger Miller - "England Swings"
  • Broken Bells - "The High Road"
  • Nico Stai - "One October Song"
  • Band Of Horses - "Neighbor"
  • Band of Horses - "On my way back home"
  • MGMT - "Congratulations"
  • Menew - "Don't Give Up on Us Now"