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Chuck Versus the Webisodes, Part 1
Buy More #15: Employee Health
Series Chuck Versus the Webisodes
Air Date October 06, 2008
Length 1:22
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Chuck Versus the Webisodes, Part 1 is the first episode of Chuck Versus the Webisodes and originally aired on October 6, 2008.

This webisode part of a series of videos which are presented as Buy More instruction videos featuring the employees of the Burbank branch of Buy More shops.


John Casey explains to the director how to rid the Buy More of unwanted pests.

Full Summary[]

(Buy More #15: Employee Health)

After the Webisode's theme tune, the webisode opens on the Burbank Buy More where the director of the Buy More promotional adverts has finished filming and is nervously interviewing John Casey, who is eating an apple. The director, shown to be a bit nervous, thanks Casey for the interview and says that he's heard that he has an interest in law enforcement. Casey says yes, he does.

The director ask Casey if it's true that he has nearly eliminated shop lifting from the Burbank branch. Casey says he isn’t one to brag, but he has instituted a three-strike policy just like the state has: steal once, you get a warning; steal twice, you get written up. Casey, after pointing out a customer 'at his seven,' shows the director what he does to people when they get up to their third strike.

Casey targets the shoplifter, who has DVDs under his coat, and throws the apple he's been eating at the shoplifter's head, knocking him out. The shoplifter drops to the ground; several shocked screams from nearby customers are heard whilst Casey walks off camera smiling.

A stunned directer turns to face the camera and says, "Oh, please tell me you got that?" The camera nods and the video ends.

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