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Chuck Versus the Webisodes, Part 3
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Series Chuck Versus the Webisodes
Air Date October 20, 2008
Length 2:17
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Chuck Versus the Webisodes, Part 3 is the third video in the Webisodes series.


At the Nerd Herd service desk, not all occupational hazards are unwelcome.

Full Story[]

Jeff and Lester are watching cartoons when they hear the service bell ring. An attractive woman is standing at the Nerd Herd desk, waiting for assistance. Lester calls dibs, but Jeff enforces the Roshambo rule-their version of Rock, Paper, Scissors - Lester cheats and gets to the woman first.

Although he attempts to flirt with her, the woman is all business. Her laptop died, she said, as she was uploading “personal” photos. Lester thinks he recognizes the woman, but she brushes him off by saying she works in the “entertainment industry.” When Lester recovers her photos, however, he realizes where he may have seen her before. When Big Mike catches Lester, Jeff, and Anna, whose “expert opinion” they’ve enlisted, looking at the recovered porn, he busts them. The woman, furious, takes her laptop and leaves.