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Clara Woodcomb


Seasons: 4,5
Portrayed by: Unknown
Status: Active
Occupation: child
Relatives: Ellie Bartowski (mother)
Devon Woodcomb (father)
Stephen Bartowski (maternal grandfather, deceased)
Mary Bartowski (maternal grandmother)
Chuck Bartowski (uncle)
Sarah Bartowski (aunt)
Woody and Honey Woodcomb (paternal grandparents)
Residence: Echo Park (former)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Push Mix
Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible
Chuck Versus the Masquerade
Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Clara Woodcomb is the daughter of Devon and Ellie Woodcomb. She was born a little early, but with no problems indicated, she was apparently very healthy. She came into the world in January 2011 at Westside Medical, the same hospital where Devon and Ellie work.

Clara was born the day that Alexei Volkoff was arrested and Volkoff Industries was officially shut down, freeing Mary Bartowski from her long mission. Ellie and Devon were given a CIA escort to the hospital when Ellie went into labor, and Devon panicked. Mary Bartowski, was able to visit during her birth and reunite with Ellie. Her uncle Chuck, proposed to and was accepted by Sarah as they waited for her in the corridor outside the birthing room.

Clara can be soothed to sleep by playing her Jeffster!'s version of Rusted Root's "Send Me on My Way." Clara's initial lack of regular sleeping patterns and chronic crying placed severe strain on her parents in her first few months.


Clara was the catalyst for Ellie taking some time off, since, despite her expressed opinions, she wanted and needed to take maternity leave. This was discerned and mentioned to Devon by Jeff, whose clarity, once he was no longer inhaling exhaust fumes, led him to this insight. Devon then faked dissatisfaction at being a 'stay-at-home dad' and persuaded his wife to rescue him.

By season five, Clara seemed to be a quiet, well behaved baby, who seemed unfazed by odd happenings around her such as her grandmother showing up wielding a weapon, or by anything the Buy Morons managed to do.


Baby Clara was named after Chris Fedak's daughter, Clara Fedak.