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The bar at Club Aries; as seen in "Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami"

Club Ares is a nightclub owned and operated by Stavros Demetrios, a local businessman with ties to arms and drug smuggling. The club appears in "Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami" .

Relevance to Plot[]

Chuck is ordered to get close to Lou Palone's ex boyfriend; Stavros Demetrios who owns Club Ares in order to find out more about a "time volatile" package that has been shipped in by his father; Yari Demetrios. In order to do this, he and Lou attend Club Ares, with Chuck wearing a guitar shaped RK7 mini mic to pick up any clues. With Lou having left, annoyed that Chuck spent the whole night with Stavros and Sarah (who entered after believing Chuck to be in trouble), Chuck soon flashes on Stavros' father; Yari, a Greek national and has to leave his mic with their drinks to try and get information; no longer allowed into the VIP section. The team then leaves

Later in "Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami" , the back of Club Ares is the site of the scene where Chuck believes Lou to be assisting Stavros in smuggling weapons, when acutally she is smuggling salami that would normally take "10 days to pass customs, and by then its gone bad". Sarah and Chuck are then kidnapped by Stavros.