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A map of Costa Gravas

Costa Gravas is a Latin American country ruled by a communist regime headed by Premier Alejandro Goya, who has governed the nation since a coup in the 1970s. As of Chuck Versus the Angel of Death, Goya put his country up for democratic elections, something the CIA wants to happen, hence the protection detail. By Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat his politics have moved decidedly more to center.

The Premier had announced he would allow democratic elections, but his wife, Hortencia Goya initiated a coup d'etat against Goya when she felt left out. Team Bartowski, Ellie, and Devon who were there on invitation managed to escape with Goya onto his private jet, returning to the United States, where he says he cannot trust his embassy. He suggests that he should be staying with Casey as he is the only man he could trust, since they share the blood Casey 'donated' to his survival in Chuck Versus the Angel of Death.


John Casey had made three unsuccessful attempts to assassinate the Premier in the 1980s, despite living within his walls for weeks. During these attempts, he accidentally killed the premier's dog. He earned the nickname, "Ángel de la Muerte" or "The Angel of Death", among the Costa Gravans.

After Goya announced he would be opening his country to democratic elections in 2009, the Ring wished to maintain the status quo in Costa Gravas and dispatched an assassin to poison Goya. He was saved twice by Dr. Devon Woodcomb, however, and the second time, Devon used Casey's blood to save him, and so Casey is then re-nicknamed by Goya as "The Angel of Life".


Costa Gravas consists of one main island, one smaller island to the south-west, and six other smaller islets surrounding the main island. The climate is tropical.


  • The name of the country is a play on the name of film director, Constanine Costa-Gavras, who helmed the 1969 movie "Z" which revolves around the murder of a prominent leftist, and an investigator who tries to uncover the truth while government officials attempt to cover up their roles.