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Craig and Laura Turner

Seasons: 3
Portrayed by: Fred Willard & Swoosie Kurtz
Status: Retired
Occupation: CIA operatives
Aliases: George and Bitsy Witherspoon
John and Suzee Smythe
Relationships: Married
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Role Models

Craig and Laura Turner are a legendary team of CIA agents who have been active under numerous aliases for 30 years, and have been married - off and on - for that time.

Chuck and Sarah are ordered by Beckman to observe and shadow the Turners during a mission to recover a software package capable of neutralizing CIA security systems as examples of how to work together while maintaining a relationship.

Unfortunately, the Turners turn out to be poor role models. They have divorced and remarried several times, Craig is a womanizer, and Laura has developed a drinking problem. The two incessantly argue and bicker, to the point where they seem to be blowing the mission.

After Chuck and Sarah step in to complete the operation themselves, the Turners reveal that they intend to steal the software to sell on the black market for their retirement fund, "Don't feel bad, Charles, we're the best at this."  They are, however, out-maneuvered by Chuck and Sarah who track them down at their hotel and taken into custody, when they insist on selling each other out to Chuck and Sarah, until Chuck has to shout them down.

Chuck and Sarah consider handing the couple over to Otto when he tracks them down, but decide that to do so would make them no better than the Turners, and instead defend them. The Turners, meanwhile, escaped from the cuffs, and once Otto is subdued, Laura turns her gun on Sarah. Craig however, disarms her and resignedly tells her it is over.

Sarah decides not to turn them in, however, and tells Beckman that they had performed a daring triple cross to obtain the software and bring Otto down. Beckman says she would have expected nothing less. The Turners then inform Beckman that they are going to retire and indicated their successors were obvious.


Their file includes the aliases George and Bitsy Witherspoon and John and Suzee Smythe.