Portrayed by:Mousa Kraish
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation:CIA operative
Relationships: Lewis (fellow candidate)
Brody (fellow candidate)
Josie (fellow candidate)
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Muuurder"

Damien was one of the four human Intersect candidates who fit Chuck's psychological profile for the perfect candidate.

A Greek American, Damien is a former Navy SEAL who won an award for marksmanship. He was recruited by the CIA, but, his "swarthy, bearded" aspect led the agency embedding him in one terror cell after another for ten years. Despite excelling at both physical and "cultural" testing, Damien is not chosen for the Intersect.

When Chuck's first choice, Brody, is found murdered, Damien immediately makes a lot of noise saying that he is everyone's primary suspect because of his appearance and storms away. As he opens the door to exit Castle, an explosive is triggered, injuring him and tidily ruling him out as a murder suspect. However, Chuck later realizes that Damien really was shielding behind the door, that he knew the explosive was there, and was therefore the murderer, having strategically detonated the explosive and murdered Lewis in order to hide his body and deflect suspicion toward him when Lewis turns up missing.

Damien threatens to detonate a boombox full of explosives if they do not get him to a doctor, but Director Bentley shoots him and retrieves the boombox. It is safely exploded in the Castle secure room without further injury. After Damien is interrogated, it is revealed that he was paid $10 million by Vivian Volkoff to kill Chuck.

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