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Daphne Peralta

Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Lisa LoCicero
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Con artist
Relationships: Sarah Walker (victim)
Chuck Bartowski (victim)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner

Daphne Peralta is a con artist who appeared in Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner where she ran a con on Sarah and Chuck.

She is first seen sitting in Chuck's Apartment discussing wedding plans with Chuck and Sarah. Sarah finalizes their plans and writes the woman a check for $26,000. When Morgan later suggests the color scheme for the wedding reminds him of socialism, Sarah tries to phone Daphne but finds the number is no longer in service. Worried, Sarah and Chuck go down to the address they had been given by Daphne, only to find it is a vacant lot and that Daphne has run off with their money. To Sarah's fury, she realizes they've been conned.

Sarah tries to use the data base in Castle to track Daphne down but is unable to find out anything about her with the current access level Sarah has in the CIA. After visiting her dad, to see if he knows her from the grift, he advises them to think more like con men to find her.

Sarah then convinces Chuck to fake a flash. Chuck's "flash" on Daphne, links her to a known terrorist and causes General Beckman to redirect all government resources to finding Daphne. Chuck spots her boarding a transport to the airport, and then arranges a pickup as well, hoping to get to her before the entirety of the CIA comes down on them. When Chuck slaps handcuffs on her and informs her she's under arrest, she pretends to freak out, telling everyone in the van Chuck is her ex and that he's been stalking her for months, and that he just exposed himself to another woman. Chuck, taken aback, tries to identify himself as a government agent. Meanwhile Casey leads a tactical team to intercept, unaware who Peralta really is.

Chuck manages to get her out of the van and on to the side of the road where Peralta is defiant, "Your little government con? It failed. I'm calling your bluff." At that moment she is hit by a stun net and taken down by Casey's team.

Chuck and Sarah admit to Beckman they went too far, but that the woman was a thief, "...this is Daphne's client book, okay? It has all the people she's conned in it. Look, the Bartholomews, they were promised a horse-drawn carriage for their wedding! Over here, oh, look at that, the Gerlichs! Look at all the family they have flying in from Hungary. I mean, the airfare alone...." And it was then Chuck had a legitimate flash and realized the Gerlichs had all of Iran's nuclear research on a portable device called the Zephyr.