Daphne Peralta

Daphne Peralta (Lisa LoCicero) is an American con artist who prior to "Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner" was Sarah and Chuck's wedding planner, in charge of putting Chuck and Sarah's Wedding together.

She is first seen in "Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner", where she is sitting in Chuck's Apartment discussing the wedding plans with Chuck and Sarah. Unable to decide if the color theme for the wedding is too communist, Sarah tries to phone Daphne but find out the phone number is no longer in service. Worried Sarah and Chuck go down to the address they had been given by Daphne only to find out it's fake and that Daphne has run away with the money they give her, they've been conned.

Sarah tries to use the computers in Castle to track Daphne down but is unable to find out anything about her with the current access level Sarah has in the CIA. After visiting her dad, who advises them to think more like con men, Sarah convinces Chuck to fake a flash. Chuck's "flash" on Daphne, linking her to a known terrorist and causing General Beckman to redirect government resources to finding Daphne, is a one-time thing, and he undertakes never to 'divert' resources for a private project in such a manner again.

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