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Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Ana Gasteyer
Status: Unknown
Occupation: Volkoff Enforcer
Residence: Russia
Appearances: Chuck Versus the First Fight

Dasha is an operative of Volkoff Industries who kidnaps Chuck and apparently Gregory Tuttle during Chuck's rogue attempt to prove to the CIA that his mother, Mary Bartowski, is not a traitor.

Tuttle attempted to sweet talk her in hopes of "sparing him" while on a Volkoff Industries private plane. Chuck and Tuttle escape her custody by parachuting out of an airplane on which they were being boarded on. She later reappeared leading a supposed bank robbery to cover for their attempt to recover the data on Mary that Chuck was attempting to find. After the gunfight in the bank, she shoots "Tuttle" as part of Volkoff's plans to gain access to Orion's hidden base.

Dasha has several scars, and is portrayed by actress Ana Gasteyer in a stolid manner, compared by reviewer Alan Sepinwall to Rosa Klebb.

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